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Total Hits: 121  |  Today: 0Author: Ken Getz      Rating:  
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I've been writing quite a bit of courseware lately, and many of the demos for the courses require the presenter to step through a number of simple procedures, demonstrating various features of Visual Studio® or the Microsoft® .NET Framework. For example, I recently worked on a course in which the demos ran as console applications. The students saw a menu with lettered prompts, and by pressing a letter (A through Z), the demo ran the appropriate sample procedure....

Explore The Web Server For Windows Vista And Beyond     
Total Hits: 137  |  Today: 0Author: Mike Volodarsky      Rating:  
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I often hear people-both inside and outside of Microsoft-refer to the new IIS 7.0 Web server as one of the most important developments coming out of Microsoft over the past several years. This is a rather significant statement, given the impressive lineup of technologies released by Microsoft recently, including Windows Vista™! The release of IIS 7.0 coincides with the ten-year anniversary of the release of the first version of IIS, in Windows NT® 4.0. In 2001, four versions later, IIS 5.0 becam...

Weaving Your Photos with Photosynth     
Total Hits: 99  |  Today: 0Author: Richard Szeliski      Rating:  
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The explosion of digital photography in the past several years has led to a dramatic increase in the number of photos that are shared on the Web. The Interactive Visual Media Group at Microsoft Research has responded to this digital photography phenomenon by developing innovative photo-editing and photo-viewing products. Microsoft Research was among the first to produce fully automated image-stitching software and to develop 360-degree video-based walkthroughs as well as generate 3D videos that...

Query Comprehensions     
Total Hits: 129  |  Today: 0Author: Scott Wisniewski      Rating:  
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In the June 2007 issue of MSDN® Magazine, Kit George and Ting Liang provided an introduction to some of the new features being introduced in Visual Basic® 9.0 to support Language Integrated Query, or LINQ. In particular, they showed how LINQ is a universal data platform designed to revolutionize the way data-intensive applications are written. In this column I am going to expand on what Kit and Ting wrote by providing some background on the key concepts that drove the design of LINQ....

Develop A Calculation Engine For Your Apps     
Total Hits: 131  |  Today: 0Author: Vishwas Lele and Pyush Kumar      Rating:  
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Organizations use Microsoft® Excel® to perform complex calculations and to visualize information using charts, pivot tables, and the like, and to perform many other custom tasks. But in the past, if you wanted to implement a calculation engine, you needed to enlist the services of a developer who would use algorithms provided by your business analysts to design the code. Now, with the Excel Services technology in Office SharePoint® Server 2007, business analysts themselves can implement the calc...

Workflow Services     
Total Hits: 109  |  Today: 0Author: Matt Milner      Rating:  
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When a new version of Visual Studio® is released, the first thing developers typically want to know is what new features they will find in their favorite programming tool. Although Windows® Workflow Foundation (WF) and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) were released in November 2006 as part of the Microsoft® .NET Framework version 3.0, it is only with the release of Visual Studio 2008 and the .NET Framework 3.5 that people are becoming aware of the great features these technologies provide....

MSDN Webcast: ASP.NET & Web Services Security (Level 200)     
Total Hits: 385  |  Today: 0Author: MSDN      Rating:  
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Security in this day and age is vital, especially on the web. In this webcast, we will cover topics related to ASP.NET security including forms, windows & passport authentication as well as running a .NET process within IIS through impersonation. We'll discuss differences between how ASP.NET security is handled on Windows 2003, 2000 and XP along with authentication vs. authorization issues. A brief overview of differences in ASP.NET 2.0 security will be covered. Alex will also attempt to answe...

MSDN Webcast: Extending ASP.NET with HTTP modules, handlers and SOAP extensions (Level 200)     
Total Hits: 1017  |  Today: 0Author: MSDN      Rating:  
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ASP.NET provides an extensible framework for intercepting raw HTTP requests as they arrive at your Web server's door, so that you can alter how requested resources are handled or redirect traffic. This webcast demonstrates how to employ HTTP modules, HTTP handlers and handler factories, and SOAP extensions for Web services, to "butt-into" the round-trip and provide a rich, reusable set of components for your Web applications and services. You'll learn how each component fits into the pipeline an...

MSDN Webcast: Programming the PayPal Web Service from ASP.NET (Level 200)     
Total Hits: 328  |  Today: 0Author: MSDN      Rating:  
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With millions of registered user accounts, PayPal has grown to become one of the leading online payment systems enabling consumer purchase over the Internet. In this webcast, we will take a look at the Web Services provided by PayPal allowing you to program custom Microsoft ASP.NET customer service and order processing applications which integrate with payment information kept on PayPal's end....

MSDN Architecture Webcast: MSDN geekSpeak: Web Services with Kirk Evans (Level 200)     
Total Hits: 222  |  Today: 0Author: MSDN      Rating:  
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Join Jacob Cynamon and Glen Gordon from the MSDN Events team as they introduce a new set of webcasts called geekSpeak. Dispensing of slide decks and scripted demos, geekSpeak webcasts bring you industry experts in a "talk-radio" format where the experts share their knowledge and experience around a particular developer technology. In this installment of geekSpeak, Kirk Evans also shares important tips about working with Web services and preparing for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). If yo...

MSDN Webcast: End-to-End Data Access: How to Use Web Services with SQL Server 2005 (Level 300)     
Total Hits: 264  |  Today: 0Author: Rob Jackson      Rating:  
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The ability to easily expose your data as a Web service from Microsoft SQL Server 2005 gives you great flexibility in letting a variety of clients consume the data. In this webcast, you will learn how to create and consume HTTP endpoints in SQL Server 2005. We will also cover how to view the WSDL exposed by these endpoints....

MSDN Webcast: Securing ASP.NET Web Services (Level 300)     
Total Hits: 609  |  Today: 0Author: Joe Stagner      Rating:  
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Microsoft ASP.NET Web services employs flexible open standards, making Web services an excellent mechanism for exposing functionality to clients and hosting middle tier business logic. However, Web services can be difficult to secure because of the limitations of standards and the need to support a wide variety of client types. This webcast describes how to develop and apply authentication, authorization, and secure communication techniques to improve the security of Web services in Microsoft AS...

MSDN Webcast: Building Secure and Interoperable Web Services with WSE (Level 300)     
Total Hits: 236  |  Today: 0Author: Michele Leroux Bustamante      Rating:  
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Web Services Enhancements (WSE) is an extension of the Microsoft .NET Framework that enables interoperable messaging with other platforms. Although tools like WSE promise to eventually remove the need to know any of the WS* Extensible Markup Language (XML) standards, implementing these standards today remains a challenge to developers who are less familiar with XML. This webcast explains how to secure Web services using WSE and work with the WSE wizard. You will also learn how to modify defaults...

MSDN Webcast: Workflow, Messaging, and Services: Developing Distributed Applications with Workflows (Part 4 of 7) (Level 300)     
Total Hits: 218  |  Today: 0Author: Microsoft Events      Rating:  
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Web service technologies have typically taken a "do-it-yourself" approach to maintaining the interoperation state of services. Using workflow, developers now have tools that allow them to describe the long-running state of their services and delegate much of the state management to the underlying platform. Managing this state correctly becomes even more challenging in applications that coordinate work across multiple services either within an organization or at an Internet scale. This session lo...

MSDN Webcast: Live from PDC: A Guided Tour of "Indigo"     
Total Hits: 195  |  Today: 0Author: Microsoft Events      Rating:  
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Live from the Microsoft Professionals Developers Conference Partner Pavilion: David Pallmann will describe the main features of Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation (Code-named "Indigo") and explain the significance of "Indigo" to developers of distributed solutions. David will demonstrate "Indigo" Beta 1 with a variety of sample applications....

MSDN Architecture Webcast: Web Services Security Patterns (Level 300)     
Total Hits: 239  |  Today: 0Author: Microsoft Events      Rating:  
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Making an architectural decision on securing Web services is not as simple as building the services themselves. Web service security presents many more challenges than securing a typical enterprise application because the reach and scope of the services is far larger and diverse. Your choice of Web service architecture, infrastructure and tools should accommodate diverse service consumers both inside and outside your enterprise. This webcast introduces the Microsoft Web Service Security Patterns...

Support WebCast: Implementing and Accessing Web Services Using Visual Basic 6.0 and the SOAP Toolkit for Visual Studio     
Total Hits: 442  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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December 21, 2000

In this session, we will discuss how to implement and access Web Services using VB 6.0 and the SOAP Toolkit for Visual Studio....

Support WebCast: Microsoft Internet Explorer: Networked Web Pages: Remote XML, Web Services, and More     
Total Hits: 204  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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May 28, 2002

Page navigation is an important paradigm in Web-based programs. Sometimes, however, your business requirements demand that data be updated in-place without refreshing or using a GET or POST command to obtain an updated copy of the current page. Internet Explorer versions 4.0 and later have acquired an increasingly rich set of capabilities for in-place retrieval of remote data. During this session, we will review the historical progress of Internet Explorer. We will als...

Support WebCast: Microsoft ASP.NET: Advanced XML Web Services Using ASP.NET     
Total Hits: 265  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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March 28, 2002

The objective of this session is to introduce Web developers to the advanced features of Microsoft ASP.NET Web Services. The key topics discussed in this session include:

  • Web Services Architecture
  • XML Web Services and SOAP (WSDL)
  • Calling Web Services Asynchronously
  • SOAP Headers
  • SOAP Exceptions and Error Handling
  • SOAP Extensions
  • XML Web Services Security
  • Transactions
  • XML Web Services Discovery - UDDI , DISCO
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Support WebCast: Microsoft .NET: Introduction to Web Services     
Total Hits: 851  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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January 29, 2002

During this session, we will discuss an introduction to Web Services using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. We will talk about how you can develop and consume Web Services specifically using Visual Studio .NET. We will not discuss advanced topics such as SOAP customization, security, troubleshooting, and interoperability, because this Support WebCast is an introductory session. We will reserve those topics for future sessions....

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