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Support WebCast: Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit: How to Use It to Develop Mobile ASP.NET Pages     
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December 20, 2001

During this WebCast you will learn how the Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit makes it easy to target Web-enabled cell phones, pagers, and PDAs (like the Pocket PC) from a single mobile Web application. We will discuss how the adaptive rendering technology can automatically generate WML, HTML, and CHTML for the different mobile devices. The session will also include an overview of mobile controls and integration with the Visual Studio .NET IDE, and introduce custom...

Access Your Pocket PC Over the Internet     
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DynDNS is one of many services that can associate a domain name with an IP Address. A domain name is just a user friendly alias for an IP address. In situations where the IP addresses given out by ISPs (know as the WAN IP) are not always the same (dynamic versus static), it is not possible to find the device over the Internet without knowing the latest address given to it. A DynDNS client is a software that identifies changes to a WAN IP, and re-associates a pre-determined domain name with the n...

GPS and Web Service using C++ ATL/WTL (Windows Mobile 6, Standard)     
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There are a lot of examples on how to use a Web Service from the managed world, but sometimes, having the whole runtime installed is an unneeded luxury. If you want something light, this article will give you a taste of how this can be done. For the past few years, Web Service development has been one of my main areas of interest. I have been designing and developing all kinds of Web Services as well as client applications that consume Web Services. I have used different environments/languages t...

Windows Mobile Telnet Client     
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In the present day, I see telnet primarily used as a diagnostic tool for HTTP, SMTP, and other protocols. I often use it myself in diagnosing server problems. Lately, I've found my phone to be an ideal device for using telnet for these purposes because it can easily connect to the local network for test as well as using its only Internet connection to connect to a server from a point outside the local network....

Power up the TCP/IP capability in your PocketPC application.     
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Everyone should have an idea on accessing Winsock in eMbedded Visual Basic 3.0. Its 100% easy and straight forward as what I did in Visual Basic. But how about eMbedded Visual C++ 3.0? The Winsock for MS Windows CE does not support WSAAsyncSelect. Hence, we need to write a chunk of code as well as the synchronization thread to handle the incoming and outgoing data ourselves....

MSDN Webcast: Fundamentals of ASP.NET Mobile Controls (Level 200)     
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Learn how your mobile web applications can benefit from the adaptive rendering and rich customization and extensibility models of the latest ASP.NET Mobile Controls. This webcast will demonstrate how the control model and drag and drop designer make it easy to target nearly 200 devices (cell phones, PDAs and pagers) from a single mobile web form....

Compact Framework Process class that supports fully specified file paths     
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I needed to be able to terminate all the processes in a specific folder.

The Process class in the .NET Compact Framework is limited in its functionality. You cannot even enumerate processes. You can find code to do this on the Internet, but all the samples I found only return the name of the EXE file of a process. What I needed was the full path to the EXE file....

Sending an SMS using CEMAPI     
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If you have not got a Pocket PC Phone Edition or Windows CE SmartPhone device, sorry this article will not be useful.

Now having got that out of the way, this article will show how to send an SMS to another SMS capable device, using the Windows CE MAPI API (A.K.A. CEMAPI) instead of the supplied SMS APIs....

Track your position using a Windows Mobile 6 device     
Total Hits: 253  |  Today: 0Author: Perry Bruins      Rating:  
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One of my hobbies besides programming for fun and my work is long-distance hiking. The favourite event of the year is the "Four Days Marches" in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. I have participated five times now, and it is really great fun to do. One of the problems for the "supporting" people staying behind is to know where you are. You get called several times a day with the questions "where are you?" and "how long until the finish?". Well, having a mobile phone carrying a GPS and an Internet conne...

Pocket PC and Smartphone 99% .NET MAPI     
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My introduction to MAPI was to make what I thought would be a simple application to sort through the Inbox and Sent items folder on my PocketPC phone. I also wanted to display messages that had a common sender and recipient, a similar concept to Gmail conversations, MSN conversations, etc. C# was the obvious language of choice, as it makes coding on the PocketPC (well, all platforms in general, really) a piece of cake. This article is the first in a series documenting several projects that compl...

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