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100 Percent CPU Utilization and Event ID 8 Warnings After MC_ALLOCATE Request (Q320010)     
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An APPC transaction program may cause Host Integration Server 2000 to log multiple Event ID 8 messages and cause CPU utilization to reach 100 percent.

Details of the Event ID 8

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: SNA Server
Event Category: None
Event ID: 8
(1174) Internal Protocol Violation

A protocol violation has occurred at the interface between the SNA
Service and another SNA component (for example, the emulator or link

X'1105' Insufficient space to copy data into node buf..Read More..

How SQL Server Determines an Execution Plan Using Available Indexes and Statistics     
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As a SQL Server DBA, one of my tasks is to monitor the performance of our databases. Our primary database holds the data of over 18 million people. A web-based application queries the database with a variety of search options. When examining the performance of these queries, most performed very well. But on the other hand, a few queries have resulted in a time-out. One of the first steps in analyzing the time out problem was to find the search pattern used in the slow running queries. I found th...

INF: Rebuilding the Pubs Database     
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The rebuilding of the Pubs database requires Instpubs.sql to be executed. This script file rebuilds the database and the objects in the database. However, the data loading is not complete until Pubimage.bat and Pubtext.bat files are executed. These two files complete the text and image data load into the Pub_info table (which is new in SQL Server 6.0). All the files are located in the \Install directory. The rebuilding of the Pubs database requires Instpubs.sql to be executed. This s...

FIX: Rebuildm and Setup Do Not Expose All the SQL Collations (Q312990)     
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You cannot change the SQL Collation in SQL Server 2000 with the Rebuild Master Utility or the SQL Server 2000 Setup from the current SQL Collation to any of the following SQL Collations:
  • SQL_Estonian_CP1257_CI_AS

  • SQL_Estonian_CP1257_CS_AS

  • SQL_Latin1_General_CP1257_CI_AS

  • SQL_Latvian_CP1257_CI_AS

  • SQL_Latvian_CP1257_CS_AS

  • SQL_Lithuanian_CP1257_CI_AS

  • SQL_Lithuanian_CP1257_CS_AS

  • SQL_Danish_Pref_CP1_CI_AS

How to Identify Non-Active SQL Server Indexes     
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As a DBA, it is our regular task to review our databases and see if there is any way we can boost their performance. While adding new or better indexes to a database is one of the primary ways we can boost performance, an often forgotten way to help boost database performance is to remove indexes that are no longer being used, or to identify overly large indexes that take a lot of SQL Server's resources. Unused indexes hurt INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE performance, and add unnecessary disk I/O. So...

HOW TO: Move Databases Between Computers that are Running SQL Server (Q314546)     
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This step-by-step article describes how to move SQL Server user databases and most common SQL Server components between computers that are running SQL Server....

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