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Creating and Deleting Folders with VB.NET     
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Use a Simple Code To Delete And Create Folders With System.IO Namespace....

ArrayList Tutorial in VB.NET     
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Adding objects is simple just use the add method...

HOW TO: Use Enterprise Services Object Pooling in Visual Basic .NET (Q317336)     
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This article demonstrates how to create a console application that uses object pooling in Visual Basic .NET. You can turn on and turn off object pooling to see how object pooling affects an application that creates many expensive objects....

Control Tree Recursion     
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"How do I loop through the controls on my web page?" It's not hard to do, but the logic isn't entirely intuitive unless you know a few details.
A question I frequently hear from developers is “How do I loop through the controls on my web page?”...

How to create a VB Script Object and call methods on it     
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Well you will be surprised to know that it is very easy to create a VB Script object in C# and call methods on it....

VB .NET Hashtable - Part Two Of A Series     
Total Hits: 255  |  Today: 0Author: Dan Mabbutt      Rating:  
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What are called, ADT's or Abstract Data Types have been evolving for years starting with Collections in VB and Dictionary Objects in VBScript. VB .NET's Hashtable object is now the state of the art. Part One of this series discusses Arrays, the Collection object and the Dictionary object. This article concludes with a detailed look at the VB .NET Hashtable object....

Everyone Into the Pool     
Total Hits: 275  |  Today: 0Author: Rockford Lhotka      Rating:  
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Rocky Lhotka delves into object pooling, a .NET Framework feature that allows you to pre-create a group of objects on the server that are shared by all clients. The .NET Framework makes many features available to the Visual Basic® developer that were not available in earlier versions of Visual Basic. We've discussed several of these features in previous articles, but there are many more new capabilities to uncover. One of these is Enterprise Services object pooling. Object pooling allows the cre...

Performing an HTTP Post in VB.NET     
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The code sends a search string to's search page and the page will accept it and return the results. The results are returned as a byte array, and then we simply using the Encoding object to convert it to an ASCII readable string....

Opening a file with it's associated executable     
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a Simple File Processing From WebSite....

Serializing Objects to SOAP     
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When we serialize an object to SOAP we are copying the object state into an XML structure with a SOAP envelope. This provides us an efficient way to transfer this information in a standard way that anyone can read....

Find the Average Mean, Median or Mode     
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Here is the code to perform Mean, Median and Mode. There is also a generalized function called Average that lets you call any of the three though a common interface. Look below to see how to implement this code....

Download HTML Pages     
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Just create a new WebClient and then request the page you want. Since the page comes down as a byte array we use the Encoding class to translate it to ASCII for us....

"My" Objects of VB.NET     
Total Hits: 120  |  Today: 0Author: Bipin Joshi      Rating:  
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The VB.NET Version 2.0 as well as C# version 2.0 contains many new enhancements to the core language. One of the new cool feature added to VB.NET is "My" objects. My objects is a set of objects that are implicitly available to your application which provide short cut to many tasks otherwise seem tedious. For example, to know details about the computer on which the application is running such as name, memory, clock and network you have My.Computer object. No need to look anywhere else. All the ne...

Persisting Your Visual Basic .NET Objects with .NET Serialization     
Total Hits: 261  |  Today: 0Author: Jeff Cogswell.      Rating:  
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If you're developing a standalone .NET application, more than likely you'll need to provide your users with the ability to save and later load data. There are many ways to approach such a task. The wrong way to do it is to open a binary file and write the individual data strings and numbers out to the stream, passing each data item in a particular order, and rebuilding everything on the way back in. The correct — and much easier — way is to use the .NET Framework's set of classes that make savin...

Writing GIS and Mapping Software for .NET     
Total Hits: 182  |  Today: 0Author: Jon Person      Rating:  
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In part one of this series, I described how to write an interpreter for raw GPS NMEA data. Part two described how to monitor and enforce GPS precision data to develop commercial-quality software. The articles included source code in C# and VB.NET which harnessed the power of GPS satellites to determine the current location, synchronize the computer clock to atomic time, and point to a satellite on a cloudy day. Yet, even with all of this code, most developers still need a way to display GPS info...

Dumping an Object's State with Reflection and Extension Methods     
Total Hits: 152  |  Today: 0Author: Paul Kimmel      Rating:  
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Programmers have a lot of problems to manage. Programmers have to manage their time by getting the most out of the least amount of code. Programmers also have to write code that appeals to users in terms of its responsiveness, correctness, and utility. Balancing writing reusable general-purpose code to meet deadlines and budgets with the end users' needs is part of what makes software development challenging. Knowing how to balance competing tasks is an important skill. Having many tools in your...

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