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Introducing "HailStorm" - MSDN Show     
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As a technology, "HailStorm" is so new that it is still only known by its code name. There are no SDK’s, no programming docs, and no sample applications. This makes it a little different than any of the other topics we have covered so far on the .NET Show.
In this episode of the .NET Show, I’ve invited Mark Lucovsky and Shaun Pierce to join us and share some of the issues that they have been dealing with while they work on developing the "HailStorm" technologies. Mark is one of Microsoft’s Distinguished Engineers, and is in charge of "HailStorm" design. Shaun is an Architect on the HailSto..Read More..

Process and Thread Identity in ASP.NET     
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Erik Olson discusses the configuration options in ASP.NET that control process and thread identity....

Active Directory in Windows 2000     
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You've probably heard about Active Directory -- it's one of the most pervasive technologies in Windows 2000. But you may be confused about what it is and how to use it properly. In this Webcast we talk with Senior Vice President Brian Valentine and General Manager Dave Thompson about the Active Directory architecture and how it can be used by a broad range of applications. We also meet with Mike Mueller, from Visio Corporation, and find out about his experiences in developing an Active Directory...

The .NET Framework MSDN Show     
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The .NET Framework represents the infrastructure components for the overall .NET Architecture. The Common Language Runtime, .NET Class Libraries, and the Microsoft Intermediate Language, combine together to provide services and solutions that can be easily integrated within and across a variety of systems. In today's episode of the MSDN Show, we will be talking with Anders Hejlsberg and Brian Harry about how the .NET Framework allows applications to easily take advantage of the overall .NET Arch...

Using SOAP - MSDN Show     
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SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol, and represents the underlying structure of how applications can expose their interfaces across the Internet. Microsoft's .NET Platform relies on SOAP to provide application connectivity to virtually any type of computer system and be able to easily allow solutions to be built upon a distributed heterogeneous network.
In this episode, we will be talking with Dave Reed and Andrew Layman about how SOAP is incorporated within the .NET Platform, and how it was designed to be an efficient solution for distributed and discoverable interfaces and serv..Read More..

Visual Studio .NET - MSDN Show     
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Visual Studio has long been one of the premier development tools for Windows. With the advent of .NET, Visual Studio has evolved to deeply embrace this new programming model. Not only does it provide a great way to develop .NET applications, but it also contains integrated support for the CLR (Common Language Runtime), which allows third parties to develop language compilers and tools which will allow these additional languages to be equally integrated into the environment.
In this episode w...

Special Edition of the READY Launch Tour 2005!     
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We interrupt this regularly scheduled program to bring you… a Special Edition of the READY Launch Tour 2005! Join us for a free, live plunge into Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, delivered by your local MSDN Events team. The regular MSDN Event series resumes in January 2006 with live presentations and Q&A sessions that will take your skills to the next level. MSDN Events are the perfect opportunity to brush up on the tools and advanced technologies you’ll need to develop innovative new applications... - MSDN Show     
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It's one thing to simply talk about how great some technology might be, and why people should think about implementing it, but it is another thing entirely to talk with somebody that is using that technology and to hear from them exactly what they think of it.
In this episode of the .NET Show, we talk with Tim Sinclair, Mike Moore, and Jay Nanduri about why they are so excited about the benefits that .NET provides them on the Web site. They have already added some .NET function...

Your First .NET Application - MSDN Show     
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We've spent a lot of time talking about what .NET is, and what some of the various .NET technologies can do, but we haven't yet shown you what it really takes to develop a .NET application.
In this episode of the .NET Show, we meet with Jason Roos and Ean Hernandez. They are both developers from Saltmine, and they've brought with them a simplified example of what it takes to both write a Web service, as well as use it within a Web application....

ADO.NET - MSDN Show     
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Databases have always been important to high-end programs, and therefore they have also been important to programmers. As a wide variety of databases came into use, it became important for a unified programming model to be available so that programmers wouldn't have to learn new interfaces and new access methodologies for each new project they started. ADO has become Microsoft's strategic, high-level interface to all kinds of data. ADO provides consistent, high-performance access to data, whether you're creating a front-end database client or middle-tier business object using an application, t..Read More..

The Mobile Internet Toolkit - MSDN Show     
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With the proliferation of Web-enabled phones, and the increase in the availability of wireless PDAs, we are seeing more people interested in providing content for this mobile audience. The problem of course is that each of these different devices can potentially have their own display issues and capabilities, as well as using a variety of different markup languages. The Mobile Internet Toolkit, an add-on for Visual Studio .NET and ASP.NET, provides a solution that can allow developers to greatly streamline their approach to targeting the variety of mobile devices currently on the market, as we..Read More..

.NET Architecture Overview - MSDN Show     
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The recently announced .NET architecture represents a lot of information that affects a lot of different areas of application development. With a scope that is far too big to cover in a single episode, we will be devoting the next several installments of the MSDN Show to uncovering the various features of .NET that are important for you to understand as you move your application development efforts forward.
In this episode, we will be talking with John Shewchuk and Mark Anders about the basics of .NET. Hopefully when you finish watching this episode you will understand a little more about ..Read More..

ASP.NET - MSDN Show     
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Active Server Pages (ASP) has long been the foundation for creating rich and dynamic Web sites using server-side scripting. With the Beta release of the .NET Framework, ASP has evolved into ASP.NET, and it now embodies many of the important key concepts behind the .NET Framework. In addition to being able to access any of the programatic interfaces exposed by the .NET Framework, you can now construct server-side code using any of the languages that are compatible with the .NET Framework.
In this episode of the MSDN Show, we will be talking with Mark Anders and Scott Guthrie about the archi..Read More..

COM+ MSDN Show     
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COM+ builds on COM's integrated services and features, making it easier for developers to create and use software components in any language, using any tool. In today's episode, we will be talking with Paul Flessner, Vice President of SQL Server and Middleware, and Joe Long, Group Manager of COM+ in order to better understand the overall architecture of COM+ Services, and then we will spend some time with Frank Redmond, Program Manager for COM+, to hear what he feels is important for programmers...

Getting Ready For Win64     
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Windows 2000 is 64-bit ready, and the Windows 2000 SDK includes the tools you need to start getting your application 64-bit ready as well. In this special episode, filmed live at Tech·Ed 2000, we will be talking with Kyle Marsh and Stan Murawski about the upcoming release of a 64-bit version of Windows 2000, and what this means to application developers....

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