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Transsubstantiate  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 13  |  Today: 0Author: PIEBALDconsult      Rating:  
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In the immortal words of Tom Lehrer, "2, 4, 6, 8, time to transsubstantiate!" This article describes my technique for avoiding writing a lot of boiler-plate code to have a derived class implement constructors that simply call the base class' constructors....

Access a Form Control in Code Behind  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 14  |  Today: 0Author: Chandra Vedantham      Rating:  
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This is a small article which describes small code snippet which can be used to get access to the Html Form Control of an Aspx Page....

Generic Method for Parsing Value Type in C#  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 9  |  Today: 0Author: Jean Paul      Rating:  
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In this article I am going to explain how to create a generic method named GetValue() that can parse int, float, long, double data types. The method would parse any value objects passed through it and prevents throwing errors in case of invalid data. When invalid data is passed the method will return the default value of type passed....

Introduction to BootFX's Object Relational Mapping Functionality  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 9  |  Today: 0Author: Matthew Baxter-Reynolds      Rating:  
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BootFX is an Open Source .NET application framework that has been in development since 2000. It originated from work to support a book that myself and Karli Watson wrote for Wrox Press, called .NET Enterprise Development. It has been used in commercial products such as Topaz Filer, Web-based services such as Twitter Ad Box and .NET 247, and a decent collection of private and public sector organisations. It is equally well-suited for developing Web and desktop applications....

NAnt Task to Capture Out of Bounds Source Monitor Metrics  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 5  |  Today: 0Author: Franck Paquier      Rating:  
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In order to improve the quality of our produced code, I decided to investigate on the shelf code metrics tools. I finally retained Source Monitor tool from Campwood Software....

XML-based Model-Driven Engineering  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 8  |  Today: 0Author: Serghei Sarafudinov      Rating:  
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The following article introduces an XML based approach to Model Driven Engineering, and discusses the benefits of modeling and code generation, and the advantages of using XML technologies for that, such as the wide adoption of XML technologies, cost-effectiveness, flexibility and extensibility, ease of collaboration, and compatibility with the OMG standards....

Introduction to Model Driven Development with AndroMDA (Part 2)  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 7  |  Today: 0Author: Chris Micali      Rating:  
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The AndroMDA tutorial uses a sample application to explain how to use AndroMDA. This application is called TimeTracker. Before we dive into the design and implementation of TimeTracker, we need to understand the business problem it is trying to solve....

Inversion of Control with nHydrate  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 10  |  Today: 0Author: Christopher R Davis, Michael S Knight      Rating:  
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The nHydrate generator is a general purpose code generator that allows you to build quite robust API frameworks. It is based on a model driven methodology. The model defines all aspects of your API. You can control your Data Access Layer (DAL), Data Transfer Layer (DTO), and other aspects of your application framework. A new addition is the de-coupling of the persistence framework from the client API. This implementation follows the common Inversion of Control (IoC) pattern. The full nHydrate in...

Visual C++ Express, Custom Wizard  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 9  |  Today: 0Author: Richard MacCutchan      Rating:  
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Visual C++ Express, like all the Express versions, offers a free, almost full function implementation IDE for developing C++ applications on Microsoft Windows. While the Express Edition provides a number of skeleton projects, it does not include the ability to create custom wizards; a serious deficiency in my opinion. However, all is not lost, as it is still possible to create a custom wizard by hand which should provide for the needs of the most demanding developer....

SharpTemplate - A strongly typed HTML templating solution for Script#  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 6  |  Today: 0Author: shivashankarp      Rating:  
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Script# is a free tool that enables developers to author C# source code and compile it to JavaScript. In doing so, it helps to fully leverage the productivity of .NET tools and the Visual Studio IDE. While Script# delivers on what it promises, one thing that it lacks though is HTML templating that can fully leverage its power. SharpTemplate is a templating engine meant to fill this gap. This article is meant to be a tutorial for using the SharpTemplate HTML templating engine....

Write your own Code Generator or Template Engine in .NET  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 9  |  Today: 0Author: Shahed.Khan      Rating:  
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This paper demonstrates building a code generator, template engine, template parser, or template processor in .NET. The demo implementation uses cutting edge .NET technologies available today such as C# .NET 2.0, MS Provider Pattern, Enterprise Library January 2006, CodeDom etc....

Code Generator - Data access layer generator for .NET SQL data Client  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 51  |  Today: 0Author: Yahia Alhami      Rating:  
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Its now general for any code generator that will start from DB and built based on it,yes that good things but here i built my generator with bit different way it just generate code and file that related for certain class, this version also generate class by class i have developed more general edition that can contains whole solution, any way its very very simple free source code generator, and it can make the development faster...

A simple C++ code generator (Sample Usage of my XML Wrapper class)  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 38  |  Today: 0Author: Johnson Zhou      Rating:  
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This is a small code generator. The user of this program is a programmer who writes his class in a similar structure time after time. This program is also an example for how to use the code of my article Wrapper class for DOM interface of windows SDK the title of which may be updated later, for its an ambiguous title....

Wrapper Code Generator for MS SQL Server Databases  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 25  |  Today: 0Author: Nirosh      Rating:  
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Today, application development paradigm has expanded into many areas. Developers/ architects use many different approaches to keep their phase with the fast moving industry by developing applications rapidly. In all cases, the bottom lines are speed, accuracy, scalability and performance of the system they develop. When considering this, writing of database manipulation (model) class for a fairly big database can be both tedious and potentially error prone with many developers using a cut and pa...

Application DataBlock Extender Code Generator using SQLDMO  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 31  |  Today: 0Author: dshalimov      Rating:  
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One common problem which arises when using SQL in Microsoft Application Data Block as well as in ADO and ADO.NET, is the absence of syntax checking. For example, if you pass a mistyped name of the stored procedure to the compiler - the error will be generated not at compile time but at run-time, thus making code developing more tiresome....

dbObject - Database code generation using attributes  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 48  |  Today: 0Author: wduros1      Rating:  
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This is a sample framework that I wrote. It works basically like a poor man's OR tool, generating VB.NET code from a database table, and using attributes to control updates and inserts.

When I design a system, I often like to start with the database design. Using a data model helps me imagine the objects that the system will be comprised of. During the "Object Mining" process, the easiest bit of information to glean about the new system is the data that will be pushed around....

Profiting from the WebForm designer generated code  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 31  |  Today: 0Author: rmortega77      Rating:  
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Visual Studio IDE auto-generated code helps us see the way we could program with objects to create more complicated stuff and increase productivity, profiting from it. Here is a simple example to read from the database, just as when a Web Form is loaded in to the IDE, and all the code is still generated by the Visual Studio IDE....

Dynamic Code Generation using CodeDOM  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 65  |  Today: 0Author: Piyush S Bhatnagar      Rating:  
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As the name suggests, dynamic code generation is the technique to generate code at run-time. We write code which would generate code when run. As simplistic the definition seems, it is indeed one of the most powerful techniques in repertoire of software developers. It is widely used in ORM - Object Relational Mapping - in fact if you try googling for samples on dynamic code generation, quite a few of the articles you would find would have ORM as sample. Besides dynamically mapping objects to sca...

Dynamic Code Generation vs Reflection  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 24  |  Today: 0Author: Herbrandson      Rating:  
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This is an example of how to use the new DynamicMethod class in .NET 2.0 as an alternative to Reflection. Specifically, this example shows how to instantiate an object and get/set properties and fields on an object. As an added bonus, this code sample also allows getting and setting private fields and properties as well as instantiating objects with private constructors....

NArrange - .NET Code Organizer     
Total Hits: 32  |  Today: 0Author: James Nies      Rating:  
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NArrange is a stand-alone, configurable .NET code beautification tool that automatically organizes code members and elements within .NET classes. It allows developers to easily sort class contents according to their style and layout conventions. NArrange works by parsing source code files into a document object model, arranging the elements then rewriting the arranged source code. NArrange helps reduce the amount of time developers spend arranging members within source code files and when used a...

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