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How to make a password strength meter for your register form     
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A small tutorial on how to build a password strength meter like the one on Google's new account form.
I will start by telling you what makes a password strong.
* It has more than 6 characters. The longer the password is, the harder to crack it using brute force attack.
* It contains both small case and upper case characters. This doubles brute force attack time, because it needs to check both cases.
* It contains also numerical characters. This adds another 10 possibiliti...

How to Make a Password Strength Meter Like Google     
Total Hits: 572  |  Today: 0Author: codeandcoffee      Rating:  
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Password strength meters are becoming more and more popular amongst web services. Google uses one when creating a Google account. One can argue how useful these meters really are, but non-the-less they are fairly cool for users. So how does one go about making one of these meters? Well it’s fairly straight forward....

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