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Dealing With Spam Bots and Attacks While Running YAF     
Total Hits: 368  |  Today: 0Author: Jaben Cargman      Rating:  
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So I've been running multiple boards with YAF for about nine months now and I feel that I have something to contribute in regards to spam bots and, hopefully, you will share some of your knowledge about how you deal with spam bots so that we can both be better equipped to deal with this problem. If you're just getting started with your first forum/implementation of a board, then this is probably not the thread for you. I'll ask upfront that you please
not thread jack with unrelated questions ...

The Ajax Control Toolkit NoBot control and session state     
Total Hits: 510  |  Today: 0Author: Jacques L      Rating:  
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You need to prevent hackers using robots to run dictionaries of user names and passwords against your login pages. The most common way to achieve that is the use of Captchas ("Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart"), which display an image with a code which you need to type in a text box. Captchas are often difficult to read and push away genuine users with disabilities. More elaborated Captchas include sound but they are not mainstream....

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