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Control Extenders in ASP.NET AJAX     
Total Hits: 165  |  Today: 0Author: kedarnadhsharma      Rating:  
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ScottGu has written a wonderful article here on the functionality of extender controls which are shipped with the ASP.NET AJAX framework in VS 2008. Also you can build a new extender control from scratch here. So the foremost question is why do you go for an extendercontrol any way? First and foremost, an extender control is a server control itself. It represents a logical behavior that can be attached to one or more control types to extend their base capabilities. Suppose lets assume you have ...

AJAX FilteredTextBoxExtender     
Total Hits: 254  |  Today: 0Author: Purushottam Rathore      Rating:  
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There are the following easy steps to understand how to use Ajax FilteredTextBoxExtender control in Asp.Net.

Step 1: Create new Ajax enabled web site.

Step 2: Now go to solution explorer and right click on root directory and click on Add reference then add AjaxControlTollkit.dll.

Step 3: Copy the following code and paste on to your page....

Modal Dialog Boxes with AJAX     
Total Hits: 186  |  Today: 0Author: Dino Esposito      Rating:  
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Dialog boxes have been around in Windows® for a long time, and they do have their advantages. But if you want your Web application to have dialog boxes, you're basically stuck with popups, and, as you know, most users disable them with popup blockers. So what are you to do if you need a popup dialog? With Microsoft® ASP.NET AJAX, dialog boxes are especially important for displaying context-sensitive information without a page reload or new page. It is therefore important to devise a different im...

Review: Validation and More Controls     
Total Hits: 247  |  Today: 0Author: Steven Smith      Rating:  
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I want to demonstrate the effectiveness of this suite of controls with at least one concrete example. In this case, I'm going to mock up a Human Resources form that might be used within a company to track information about employees. Some of the fields included are Age, Gender, Date Began With Company, Salary, etc. Some will be a bit contrived just to exercise the validators a bit....

Using the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit > Using the FilteredTextBox Control     
Total Hits: 281  |  Today: 0Author: Safari Books      Rating:  
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The FilteredTextBox extender control enables you to prevent users from entering the wrong type of content into a TextBox. You can use the FilteredTextBox extender control, for example, to create a TextBox that only accepts numbers. The page in Listing 32.6 illustrates how to use the FilteredTextBox control. The page contains two TextBox controls. The first TextBox accepts only numbers. The second TextBox accepts lowercase letters, underscores, and exclamation marks....

Introduction to the ATLAS FilteredTextBox Extender     
Total Hits: 190  |  Today: 0Author: Brian Mains      Rating:  
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The new AJAX.NET Extensions and the AJAX Control Toolkit provide powerful additions to the ASP.NET developer. By providing client-side capabilities all controlled within these "extenders," you have the means to provide more powerful input into how the application interacts, giving your application a richer UI. In this article, we'll be looking at the FilteredTextBox extender to see how this works....

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