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Creating an Ajax Process Using PHP and Oracle     
Total Hits: 195  |  Today: 0Author: Larry Ullman      Rating:  
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For some time now, Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), has been all the rage in the Web development world. Coming to the forefront with some of Google's features (Suggest, Maps, Gmail, and so on), Ajax performs server requests without the user having to submit a form or click on a link. In other words, the Web browser can make the server request, and handle the response, without the user doing anything or even knowing that this is happening. The immediacy that Ajax brings is not only a great...

AJAX IN ACTION (Confirm Boxes)     
Total Hits: 541  |  Today: 0Author: AzamSharp      Rating:  
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We all know about confirm boxes right. Confirm boxes are very simple JavaScript popup like boxes that gives you the option to select either "ok" or "cancel". In this article we will see that how we can use AJAX to use control the server side methods based on the selection from the confirm box....

JavaScript 101 - Part 3     
Total Hits: 253  |  Today: 0Author: SitePoint Pty      Rating:  
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The first step in verifying form submissions with JavaScript is to be able to respond to the user submitting a form. Fortunately, there is an event handler that makes this very easy. Here is a form that can never be submitted! The trick is in the onSubmit attribute of the form tag. Like the onClick, onMouseOver, and onMouseOut attributes we saw in Part 2, this is a JavaScript event handler. It specifies JavaScript code to be run in response to the form being submitted....

Ajax newsletter form     
Total Hits: 211  |  Today: 0Author: roscripts      Rating:  
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It's almost crucial for a website to build it's audience using every method possible. A good way of keeping your visitors informed and, most of all, active on your site (don't let them forget you) is by using a newsletter software. Contacting your subscribers from time to time by sending them good newsletters can have a massive impact on your business and earnings as well....

Salajax: simple Ajax library solving back button and bookmarks for Ajax web applications     
Total Hits: 142  |  Today: 0Author: Nigel Liefrink 3      Rating:  
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Salajax is a simplified Ajax library that handles back buttons, bookmarks and is extremely simple to use. Yes, Ajax is great. It does have some minor issues though, like the back button not working and the inability to use bookmarks. This library provides a simple class that will handle all these issues and more, without you having to think about it too much....

Experts: Greg Murray, Mark Basler, Carla Mott     
Total Hits: 233  |  Today: 0Author: Sun Microsystems      Rating:  
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Asynchronous JavaScript with XML (AJAX) has emerged as a hot technology for delivering a rich and highly responsive experience to web application users. In this session, Greg Murray, Mark Basler, and Carla Mott answer a variety of questions about AJAX support in the Java platform. Greg is Sun's AJAX Architect and is the servlet specification lead. Mark is a senior software engineer who is currently part of the Java Blueprints team that worked on the Blueprints Solution Catalog and Java Pet Store...

The Three Faces of ASP.NET AJAX     
Total Hits: 2151  |  Today: 0Author: O'Reilly Media      Rating:  
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The AJAX controls are provided in two packages: the smaller set that is placed in the AJAX tab and the far larger set that you placed in the AJAX Control Toolkit tab that you created when you installed the toolkit. Many of the tools in the AJAX Control Toolkit are not standalone controls, they are extenders; that is, they extend the capabilities of existing AJAX controls . To see this at work, create a new website named ToolkitExtenders that is an exact copy of the previous website....

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