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Total Hits: 448  |  Today: 0Author: gwoo      Rating:  
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The AutocompleteComponent originally submitted by Nate to CakeForge. With a nice intro at
The full component and some sample controller and view code is here....

Ajax autosuggest/autocomplete from database     
Total Hits: 976  |  Today: 0Author:      Rating:  
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Since google introduced the autosuggest or autocomplete search form on their toolbar everyone started looking for this piece of code to put on their websites. It's not new in the Ajax world but it's not seen as often as it should if you ask me. Why? It's hard to find good examples or examples that match everyone's needs. An Ajax autosuggest script is supposed to help the visitor and present in real time (as they type) some possible results based on their entered words/characters. In my opinion, ...

Cross-browser ASP.NET AJAX Control Extender support - trickier than I thought     
Total Hits: 195  |  Today: 0Author: Damian Mehers      Rating:  
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Porting a control extender that I am working to contribute to the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit turned out to far more involved than I initially thought it would be. If you are a hardcore JavaScript developer then a lot of this may be familiar. But if you are like me, and JavaScript is just one of many technologies you are using, read on to learn from my mistakes....

ASP.NET AJAX Control Development     
Total Hits: 190  |  Today: 0Author: Kazi Manzur Rashid      Rating:  
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In my previous article, I have presented the AJAX Grid and a Generic Pager, which mimics the built-in GridView control on the client side. In this part, I will provide details about developing Ajax Controls with the ASP.NET AJAX Framework. Although the main goal of this article is to show you how to develop ASP.NET AJAX Controls with the ASP.NET AJAX Framework, it's really worth to read this, even if you are only interested in ASP.NET AJAX Framework instead of developing controls....

Creating an AJAX-Enabled Grid using ICallbackEventHandler (Part 2)     
Total Hits: 224  |  Today: 0Author: Ashish Sarda      Rating:  
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In my previous article of Ajax enabled grid using ICallbackEventHandler I outline the creation of a grid with the following operations.
* Sort the grid in ascending or in descending order by clicking on the arrows next to a column name.
* Change pages of the grid.
* Change page length of the grid.
In this article we will discuss editing the grid with the principal goal of doubleclicking on a grid cell to enable editing of that cell then edit the content of the cell and f...

Drag and Drop Ajax Programming with Atlas     
Total Hits: 327  |  Today: 0Author: Developer Network      Rating:  
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Just about every book or article I've read about Atlas has given me a headache. They seem to have two messages in common: (1) all my server-side ASP.NET applications are now obsolete, and (2) the only way to fix them is to add really complicated JavaScript. Woe is me.These books and articles (which shall remain nameless because lawyers are so expensive these days) all seem to imply that to be a real Atlas programmer, I should stop hiding behind black-box controls and understand Ajax and JavaScri...

More Enhancements for the ASP.NET Panel Control Courtesy of the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit     
Total Hits: 130  |  Today: 0Author: Steve C. Orr      Rating:  
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In part 1 we examined several extenders in the AJAX Control Toolkit that are useful for enhancing the standard ASP.NET Panel control. Our exploration of the AJAX Control Toolkit now continues as we examine several more extenders that can bring new life to the boring old ASP.NET Panel control; we continue the journey by examining the AlwaysVisibleControl and ResizableControl extenders and the Accordion control....

Drag and Drop Ajax Programming with Atlas     
Total Hits: 1785  |  Today: 0Author: O'Reilly Media      Rating:  
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we've accomplished asynchronous updates, and we could stop there and feel pretty good about Atlas, but let's take a peek at control extenders. You get quite a few with the Atlas Toolkit (and more are on the way all the time). One I really like already is the AlwaysVisible extender. This allows you to take any control and say, "I want this to stay visible on my page as the user scrolls through it." Not only is this impressive as all get-out, it is actually quite useful. It gives you the power of ...

TextBoxCounter Atlas Extender     
Total Hits: 209  |  Today: 0Author: scott cate      Rating:  
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At my User Group meeting last night, I presented on Atlas, and more specifically the control extenders.Here is a control extender that I wrote for the example, and I think it's a nice little simple control, that is worthy of learning from. First I wrote the sample extender "Disabled Button" that is shown on the Atlas site. From that code, I wrote this control extender. The extender uses a label and a textbox, we watch the TextBox onkeyup event, and then write the length of the text entered in th...

Atlas ScriptManager Control     
Total Hits: 114  |  Today: 0Author: nikhilk      Rating:  
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The new ScriptManager is in some sense the brains of an Atlas-enabled ASP.NET page. It provides functionality to both the page developer and the control developer (for those writing Atlas-enabled controls), and it orchestrates partial refreshes, incremental updates, and will do even more in the future. I've seen a couple of questions already around some changes we made in the December build by consolidating functionality into the ScriptManager (the build is up btw at

ASP.NET AJAX - Ajax Server Extensions sample     
Total Hits: 103  |  Today: 0Author: davidbarkol      Rating:  
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In ASP.NET AJAX, the Ajax Server Extensions consists of a powerful set of server controls that simulate Ajax behavior on the client. In other words, these controls do not perform Ajax in its traditional sense (JavaScript calls to a server and dynamic updates with dhtml) but rather in a different way that gives the same illusion to the end user.To demonstrate the power of these controls, I've taken an existing ASP.NET application that suffered from normal, pre-ajax symptoms like page refreshes, s...

UpdateControls: UpdateHistory and AnimatedUpdatePanel     
Total Hits: 370  |  Today: 0Author: nikhilk      Rating:  
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Finally, I've updated the UpdateHistory control, so it works against ASP.NET AJAX 1.0. I've gotten numerous emails asking about when I'll be doing this. Thanks for the interest! The package contains the following controls, which includes the initial release of a couple of new controls....

Master Details using AJAX and the UpdatePanelPopupExtender     
Total Hits: 674  |  Today: 0Author: rajbk      Rating:  
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The UpdatePanelPopupExtender is a simple ASP.Net AJAX extender that can be attached to any UpdatePanel control. This extender allows you to postion the attached UpdatePanel beside any control you specify. Here are a couple screen shots of what you can do with it.This shows an UpdatePanel positioned next to a "Details Icon". The UpdatePanel contains a DetailsView which displays details of the record selected....

ASP.NET Ajax Extender for multi-column widget drag & drop     
Total Hits: 621  |  Today: 0Author: omar      Rating:  
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My open source Ajax Start Page has an ASP.NET Ajax Extender which provides multi-column drag & drop for widgets. It allows reordering of widgets on the same column and also drag & drop between column. It also supports client side notification so that you can call web service and store the position of the widgets behind the scene without (async) postback....

ASP.NET AJAX Tabs Control     
Total Hits: 780  |  Today: 0Author: azamsharp      Rating:  
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The Tabs control allows you to create the Tabs very quickly. The tabs can be changed without causing a postback. I recently created tabs based on the data from the Categories and Products table in the Northwind database.Check out the code below which creates the TabPanel dynamically and then add to the TabsContainer control....

Dynamic content made easy [How to: Use the new dynamic population support for Toolkit controls]     
Total Hits: 201  |  Today: 0Author: Shawn Burke      Rating:  
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One of the more frequent requests we've gotten for the "Atlas" Control Toolkit is some way to easily alter the content of a popup before displaying it to the user. Typically, page authors want to have a single popup element on their page that is used from multiple locations (often the rows of a data-bound server control) and they want the popup to display information specific to each location that displays it. For example, a page displaying multiple products might want a popup associated with ea...

The Toolkit in action: Hooking up the CasdcadingDropDown     
Total Hits: 407  |  Today: 0Author: sburke      Rating:  
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One of the things people regularly want to do is to create a "cascading" set of DropDownLists, where the value of each populates the values below. The "Atlas" Control Toolkit contains a great extender to make this super easy to set up. It does all of the population of the lists using an async call to a web service, which allows you to filter and cache the data on the server side and easily integrate it into your page. Go here to download and install the toolkit, and the Atlas April CTP if you ...

Designing with Code: Converting Forms to Ajax, Part 2     
Total Hits: 215  |  Today: 0Author: Pearson Education      Rating:  
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n the last Designing with Code article, Converting Forms to Ajax, I showed you how to convert your standard web forms to Ajax by including a simple JavaScript object. In this article, I'll show you how to handle the request on the server-side and then the response on the client-side.The example project in this article can be downloaded here and viewed live here. We will learn how to create a login form, reroute the response through Ajax using the same technique learned in the previous article, h...

How To Create Form Posts with Ajax     
Total Hits: 334  |  Today: 0Author: Kris Hadlock      Rating:  
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A standard form includes a set of form tags with custom form fields, such as a name, city, state and so on. In order to successfully submit a form these form elements must have a unique name, so we can retrieve the value with a server-side language when the form is submitted. How we gather this information on the server-side is based on the method in which the form is sent, either a get or a post. Where we send it to is based on the action defined in the opening form tag and if it's left empty t...

Create Your Own Custom Ajax-Enabled Accordion Component     
Total Hits: 699  |  Today: 0Author: Kris Hadlock      Rating:  
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Adding massive amounts of data to one web page is not a recommended design approach because it can be completely disorienting to the user, and might cause him to go to another site. There are always exceptions, though, which is the case when using an accordion component to display data. Using an accordion component enables a single web page to display much more content without disorienting the user in the process. In this chapter, Kris Hadlock shows you how to create a custom Ajax-enabled accord...

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