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Creating Oracle Adapter Metadata from Visual Studio in BizTalk 2006 – Points to consider in Enterprise     
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1- Build a separate project for Oracle adapter metadata which gives auto-generated schema types and port types because if any one else in the enterprise uses the same table it will be generated with the default target namespace “[OracleDb://{ServiceName}/{TableName}]#{Operation}” and if both the projects gets deployed on the same server you will get a routing failure. For e.g. the mostly used schema is the NativeSQL for generic SQL statements and of course used f...

Visual Source Safe and SQL Server Integration   Price: $289.00 / Free Trial  
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SQL Server database development team collaboration. Source code control for SQL Server with native SourceSafe integration. SQL editor with T-SQL Code Completion & Parameter Hinting. Enforce team collaboration by preventing a user from altering objects if they are checked out by another user in Visual Source Safe. Integrate SQL Server natively with Visual Source Safe 6.0c and 6.0d for optimal source code protection. Add stored procedures, triggers, and views to Visual Source Safe. Check in stored...

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