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Assertions and Tracing in .NET  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 4  |  Today: 0Author: John Robbins      Rating:  
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Now that Microsoft has released Visual Studio .NET Beta 1, many of you have started to take a closer look at .NET. Make no mistakeâ?".NET is a completely new platform. There's been quite a bit of noise about key features such as ASP .NET and ADO .NET. But as far as I'm concerned, one of the best things about .NET is that it solves the nastiest programming problem of allâ?"memory corruption and leaks....

Group Determination In Software Testing  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 4  |  Today: 0Author: Dr. James McCaffrey      Rating:  
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Consider the general problem of determining a best option from a list of choices, where the decision-making process is performed by a group of people rather than by a single person or by a purely quantitative technique. Examples of this type of activity include the residents of a state voting for the state's governor from a list of candidates and the board of directors of a large company determining which of several smaller companies to target for acquisition. In essence, the group must rank its...

What Makes A Good Software Tester?  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 4  |  Today: 0Author: Dr. James McCaffrey      Rating:  
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Recently, in conversations with software engineers and managers at Microsoft and other software companies, I have heard the same message repeatedly: finding really good software testers has always been difficult, but it seems to have become much more difficult in the past few years....

Bug when using the classes to write zip files     
Total Hits: 66  |  Today: 0Author: Nishant Sivakumar      Rating:  
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I was writing a little .NET app in C# and was looking for a small library that would let me read and write zip files. That's when my first Google search gave me a link to Using the Zip Classes in the J# Class Libraries to Compress Files and Data with C#. Great! - that was my first reaction, but it didn't last too long. You can read zip files alright, but when you write zip files, if you have binary files (as you most often will), the generated zip file will be corrupt and you can't read it back....

Writing to System Event Log     
Total Hits: 122  |  Today: 0Author: Hari Narayanan R.      Rating:  
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In many cases, it's best not only to detect and catch errors, but to log them as well. For example, some problems may occur only when your application is dealing with a particularly large load. Other problems may occur, with no obvious reasons as expected, only in certain remote situations. To diagnose these errors and build a larger picture of the application problems, you need to log errors automatically so they can be reviewed at a later time....

Debugging Tips and Tricks     
Total Hits: 145  |  Today: 0Author: AzamSharp      Rating:  
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Debugging is one of the most important aspects of any application. In this article I will explain some neat tips and tricks about debugging using Visual Studio.NET....

Log JavaScript Errors     
Total Hits: 39  |  Today: 0Author: Kumar Sundaram      Rating:  
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Recently in one of my projects, I'm informed by my QA team that, in some pages they're experiencing crashes, or some pages are not functioning properly after some time.

Our team looked for options where there can be code generating errors. And the feedback I got from the QA team was not helpful to reproduce the error. But there is no doubt that we need to look for areas only in JavaScript coding, and not other than JavaScript coding.

Normally while releasing a project, what I would...

Username logging for ASP.NET & ASP using an ISAPI Filter     
Total Hits: 50  |  Today: 0Author: Shawn Cicoria      Rating:  
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This ISAPI filter provides a simple means of logging user names within the IIS logging mechanism of sites, that implement authentication schemes entirely within ASP.NET or ASP, or any framework that is not integrated with the ISAPI filter system. This includes ASP.NET authentication methods Forms & Passport and any home-grown code that provides username authentication. This doesn't apply to authentication methods that use an ISAPI filter -- such as those within MS Site Server, AuthentiX and simi...

An Introduction to Pantheios Back-ends, Part 1: The Back-end API     
Total Hits: 38  |  Today: 0Author: Matt (D) Wilson      Rating:  
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If your logging needs are simple, then the stock transports, known-as back-ends, that come with the Pantheios logging API library may serve your needs. But if you're developing programs with high-uptimes, remote control, and other aspects of non-trivial systems that usually require logging, then you will probably need to write custom back-ends. In that case, a detailed understanding of the Pantheios back-end architecture will be essential. This article, the first of a series on Pantheios back-en...

Generic Lookaside List Class     
Total Hits: 71  |  Today: 0Author: Jim Johnson      Rating:  
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I recently had a need to maintain a 'warm' list of objects. In my case, these were ADO RecordsetPtr and CommandPtr objects. The code I was working on had a large number of routines that created a RecordsetPtr, executed an SQL command, looked at the results, and deleted the RecordsetPtr. These routines were called again and again, but in no simple pattern. In looking at the performance traces, I found that a surprising amount of time was spent creating the COM object instances, then tearing them ...

Using the maps     
Total Hits: 59  |  Today: 0Author: Tesic Goran      Rating:  
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The goal of this article is to demonstrate using one of the STL�s associative containers � the map. The associative containers link a key with a value, allowing the value to be found given its key. The most powerful of the associative containers are map and multimap. These allow both the key and value to be of differing and arbitrary data types. The difference between map and multimap is that map requires unique keys and multimap does not....

CStopWatch - Stopwatch style code execution speed tests     
Total Hits: 64  |  Today: 0Author: dzzxyz      Rating:  
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A very simple and easy to use stopwatch class for code execution speed tests. Simply paste the code for enumCStopWatchStateMachine and CStopWatch into your project and call reset() to reset the stopwatch to 0. Call start() to start the stopwatch. Call stop() to stop the stop watch. Call getTimeEllapsedInMilliseconds() to get the current milliseconds in the stop watch....

A Simple Customizable Windows Event Logger Application     
Total Hits: 65  |  Today: 0Author: Pankaj A. Chitriv      Rating:  
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Effective logging in a production environment whether it is a Client-Server application, backend application (such as windows Services), or e-commerce web site, is becoming a common business requirement. Event logging is the heart of any application for debugging, tracing and monitoring the application. Once any application goes into production environment, Event Log is the most effective and the only way to monitor the application and to find out the application failure reasons. It is the faste...

Debugging NUnit Test Scripts     
Total Hits: 53  |  Today: 0Author: Tomaž Štih, Reto Tschudi      Rating:  
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NUnit is cool. But if not properly used - it can be expensive. Some developers dislike it because they say it doubles their work. Typically they will develop a short segment of code and step through it with the debugger. After it has been stabilized they will write NUnit compliant test scripts. Hence they will either write tests twice or migrate existing ones to NUnit - both actions will require additional effort!...

NetTrace - A simple, lightweight, fast debugging tracer     
Total Hits: 61  |  Today: 0Author: darrellp      Rating:  
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NetTrace is a fast, lightweight, easy to use tracing package which allows the developer to make decisions at runtime so far as what is printed out, how it's printed, and where it's printed to. It also provides assertion handling, trigger support, object dumping, and very fast speed tracing (on my machine I can get about 1200 WriteLines out in a second, but around 14K to 15K traces out in a second). It came about as a result of my dissatisfaction with other tracing packages and the facilities in...

JavaScript Debugger and Tracer Tool     
Total Hits: 127  |  Today: 0Author: serkanyersen      Rating:  
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JavaScript Tracer Tool simply covers the the function of alert(); but I took it one step forward and added some other functions to make it more useful. This application gives you the opportunity of continuously debugging and seeing each and every steps of your application, without even adding any irrelevant code to your own application....

Tracing in ASP.NET 2.0     
Total Hits: 52  |  Today: 0Author: Bean Software      Rating:  
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Tracing is a way to monitor the execution of your ASP.NET application. You can record exception details and program flow in a way that doesn't affect the program's output. In ASP.NET 2.0, there is rich support for tracing. The destination for trace output can be configured with TraceListeners like the EventLogTraceListener....

Design Smarter Tracing for ASP.NET Pages     
Total Hits: 35  |  Today: 0Author: Dino Esposito      Rating:  
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Tracing is important to the success of your ASP.NET applications. When tracing is enabled for an ASP.NET page, a large chunk of runtime information is appended to the page's output for your perusal. This information includes request details, the page's control tree, and the contents of commonly used collections like Session, Application, and Form displayed in HTML for you to consume. Figure 1 shows a typical ASP.NET page with tracing enabled. As you can see, the trace information is part of the ...

ThreadPoolWait and HandleLeakTracker     
Total Hits: 32  |  Today: 0Author: Stephen Toub      Rating:  
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Q I have a few tasks that I want to run asynchronously and simultaneously, and I want to wait for them all to finish before continuing. I've seen samples showing how to do this using Thread.Join, but those seem to conflict with the general recommendation to use the ThreadPool whenever possible rather than spinning up new threads. Is there a way to wait for operations queued to the ThreadPool to finish execution?...

Understanding Tracing in ASP.NET 2.0     
Total Hits: 104  |  Today: 0Author: SANJIT SIL      Rating:  
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This article describes the concept of Tracing in ASP.NET 2.0.
In Microsoft .NET Framework we find a "Debugging and Tracing" feature for sorting and fixing errors, which we find in the course of developing our web application and even sometime after the deployment of the application. When the application are in the development stage, using debugging feature developers can set break points in their code and can observe the values of variables using watch window....

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