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Exception Handling In Micro Focus Managed COBOL  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 87  |  Today: 0Author: alex turner      Rating:  
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Sometimes things don't work out the waywe expect!Micro Focus Managed COBOL has a powerful and flexible exception handling system evolved from similar systems in Java, VB and C#. Here is a quick introduction.The 2002 standard for COBOL did introduce an exception handling mechanism....

Not All Exceptions Are Errors  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 54  |  Today: 0Author: Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu      Rating:  
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Not all exceptions are errors. Many developers have incorrectly been taught or assume that all exceptions are errors. In fact, a key clue is that they are called exceptions and not errors. defines an exception as something excepted; an instance or case not conforming to the general rule. Exceptions in code are used to modify standard program flow (i.e. the general rule) and communicate information to a higher calling level where they are trapped....

Handling BLL- and DAL-Level Exceptions  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 17  |  Today: 0Author: Scott Mitchell      Rating:  
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In the Overview of Editing and Deleting Data in the DataList tutorial, we created a DataList that offered simple editing and deleting capabilities. While fully functional, it was hardly user-friendly, as any error that occurred during the editing or deleting process resulted in an unhandled exception. For example, omitting the product s name or, when editing a product, entering a price value of Very affordable! , throws an exception. Since this exception is not caught in code, it bubbles up to t...

Exception Handling in ASP.NET Applications  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 16  |  Today: 0Author: Rakheesh      Rating:  
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Exception handling is one of the core areas where a software architect needs to concentrate during SDLC cycle. The importance of exception handling comes in the entire cycle of SDLC. During design time, designers should be able to forecast the type of the errors that can occur in a particular component. During development, developers need to know the errors that are thrown due to a particular action that has been performed and should know how to rectify them. A tester is responsible for finding ...

Handling Data Concurrency Using ADO.NET  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 23  |  Today: 0Author: John Papa      Rating:  
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One of the key features of the ADO.NET DataSet is that it can be a self-contained and disconnected data store. It can contain the schema and data from several rowsets in DataTable objects as well as information about how to relate the DataTable objects—all in memory. The DataSet neither knows nor cares where the data came from, nor does it need a link to an underlying data source. Because it is data source agnostic you can pass the DataSet around networks or even serialize it to XML and pass it ...

Aggregating Exceptions     
Total Hits: 33  |  Today: 0Author: Stephen Toub      Rating:  
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Exceptions in .NET are the fundamental mechanism by which errors and other exceptional conditions are communicated. Exceptions are used not only to store information about such issues but also to propagate that information in object-instance form through a call stack. Based on the Windows structured exception handling (SEH) model, only one .NET exception can be "in flight" at any particular time on any particular thread, a restriction that is usually nary a thought in developers' minds. After al...

An Exception to the Rule, Part 1     
Total Hits: 138  |  Today: 0Author: Rob Howard      Rating:  
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Let's face it, when we write Web applications we occasionally have bugs (or in our more politically correct world, issues) within our code. Unfortunately, it always seems that the more senior the tester, that is CEO, CIO, board members, VC, and so on, the more frequent or serious these issues tend to be....

Getting the Most Out of SecurityException     
Total Hits: 154  |  Today: 0Author: Don Kiely      Rating:  
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Have you ever written a partial trust ASP.NET application and gotten a SecurityException? SecurityException is the exception thrown by the .NET Framework whenever any kind of security problem arises — most commonly when the code attempts to do something for which it doesn’t have the code access security permissions. But SecurityException is a bit odd compared to other exception classes. For example, it doesn’t directly expose the InnerException property, even though you can still get at it throu...

Exception Handling     
Total Hits: 391  |  Today: 0Author: Faraz      Rating:  
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This article will describes you, about the Exception handling in .Net Framework. In this, I’ll discuss the basic syntax and properties that can be used. Read on to learn more! Exceptions are caught using the Try, Catch, Finally constructs. In all .Net languages the construct of Exception and its work is same....

Exception handling using Enterprise application block  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 14  |  Today: 0Author: Shivprasad koirala      Rating:  
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Exception handling is one of the most important tasks in any application. Many applications either do not handle applications or they handle it in an adhoc manner. In this section we will see how we can use the readymade exception handling block so that we do not need to code and build error handling routines from scratch....

Logging Errors and Exceptions in ASP.NET  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 22  |  Today: 0Author: Sunil Yadav      Rating:  
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Below i have created a class Common in which there is function WriteToEventLog which accepts Exception as parameter....

Guidelines for consistent exception handling  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 15  |  Today: 0Author: Samir Bellouti      Rating:  
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Exception handling is an essential concept in object oriented programming. It permits us to indicate program or method failure in way that it does not affect the method signature and thus, not affecting the overall design of our methods and classes....

Enterprise Library 4.1 :: Exception Handling Application Block  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 24  |  Today: 0Author: sukumarraju      Rating:  
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The Exception Handling application block is designed to handle most common exception handling tasks. It allows to change exception handling after the application is deployed by using exception policies that are defined in the application configuration file. It offers the best practices for handling exceptions in .NET applications....

ASP.NET MVC Framework (Part 4): Handling Form Edit and Post Scenarios  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 21  |  Today: 0Author: Scott Guthrie      Rating:  
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In this fourth part of the series, Scott provides a comprehensive overview of different ways of performing data entry operations using forms with the help of ASP.NET MVC Framework. He initially discusses the basic scenario behind form input and then delves deep into the implementation of database insert and edit functionalities with the help of relevant screenshots, source codes, and complete project file in ZIP format.... Ajax Exception Logging     
Total Hits: 127  |  Today: 0Author: Kazi Manzur Rashid      Rating:  
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In this article I will show you how to create an effective error logging system to log all kinds of JavaScript errors. Prior the release of ASP.NET AJAX we used some wonderful components like Microsoft Enterprise Library and Log4net to log all our application exceptions. Since the release of ASP.NET AJAX, a fair amount of code has been transferred to the browser, from the web server. We need a powerful logging system to catch all kinds of errors in the browser as well as record them in the serve...

Global Exception Handling in ASP.NET     
Total Hits: 337  |  Today: 0Author: xicoloko.      Rating:  
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This text was based on the article "Global Exception Handling with ASP.NET" found at

So, you've just finished your Web Application using ASP.NET. Everythings seems to be working fine. But how to be notified if an error happens while the site is running? A solution to this problem is shown in this article....

FIRST CHANCE exceptions     
Total Hits: 164  |  Today: 0Author: Altaf Al-Amin.      Rating:  
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Today while answering few questions on MSDN Newsgroup I came across one very interesting question and that made me to write a brief article about it. The Question was " Are there any sort of exceptions that cannot be caught by the Runtime," While answering I came across another interesting query in which sender presented scenario in which he is using Web Service and at some point Web Service is raising an exception of type System.Net.WebException. Although he has placed proper Try Catch block bu...

Regular Expressions in .NET     
Total Hits: 194  |  Today: 0Author: Ovais Ahmad Khan.      Rating:  
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Regular expressions have been widely popular in languages such as PERL and AWK and have been utilized for pattern matching, text manipulation and text searching. These languages are specifically is known for its advanced pattern matching features. Dot Net regular expressions are based on that of Perl and are compatible with Perl 5 regular expressions....

The Back Side of Exceptions     
Total Hits: 82  |  Today: 0Author: Sergei Kitaev.      Rating:  
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Error handling is a general topic. This article is concerned with strategy based on exceptions (which is a universal mechanism for raising and reporting an error) in relation to .NET. Here, you will learn about two problems of exception handling (which are not covered enough in existing documentation), and will see how to prevent some insidious situations, such as misidentification of an exception leaving the program in an inconsistent state, or loss of exception information. The article has som...

.NET Anatomy - Structured Exception Handling in .NET     
Total Hits: 115  |  Today: 0Author: Barton Friedland      Rating:  
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This article discusses structured exception handling (SEH), a service built into the core of .NET and available to all languages supported by it. Since the infrastructure for this service is built-in, there is very little code required to take full advantage of these features....

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