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SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Overview     
Total Hits: 105  |  Today: 0Author: Rajesh George      Rating:  
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SQL Server Express is a free and easy-to-use database product that is based on SQL Server 2005 technology. It is designed to provide a database platform that offers superior ease of use, enabling fast deployments for its target scenarios. The ease of use starts with a simple and robust graphical user interface (GUI) setup that guides the user through the installation process. The GUI tools that come for free with SQL Server Express include SQL Server Management Studio Express Edition (Technical ...

SQL Server 2005 Express Edition User Instances     
Total Hits: 98  |  Today: 0Author: Roger Wolter      Rating:  
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A design goal for the new Express Edition of SQL Server 2005 was to implement much tighter integration with Visual Studio database design features. The Visual Studio project system is very good at managing the set of files that make up the project. To fit smoothly into this toolset, SQL Server databases must be manipulated as files. Fortunately, a SQL Server database is a collection of files, so managing the file collection as part of your Visual Studio project is not complicated. Unfortunately,...

SQL Server 2005 Report Packs     
Total Hits: 289  |  Today: 0Author: Microsoft      Rating:  
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SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services is a comprehensive, server-based reporting solution designed to help you author, manage, and deliver both paper-based, ad hoc, and interactive Web-based reports. Each report pack consists of a set of predefined reports, a sample database, a readme file, and an End User License Agreement (EULA). You can use these sample reports as templates to quickly author and distribute new interactive reports....

Managing a Music Collection Using Visual Basic Express and SQL Server Express     
Total Hits: 112  |  Today: 0Author: Brian A. Randell      Rating:  
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A problem that afflicts me (and I've noticed many of my brethren) is the need to create a program to solve a task when there are already many perfectly suitable programs on the market for free or for very little cash. The standard justification in my mind is that there isn't a program that does things the exact way I want them to. Now realistically, I tend to pick on programs that are within reach. After all, even if Word didn't suit my needs, I have no intention of writing my own word processin...

Embedding SQL Server Express into Custom Applications     
Total Hits: 139  |  Today: 0Author: Robert Walters      Rating:  
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As today's computer applications continue to grow in complexity and in the amount of information they must store and manage, a stable and efficient database engine is a key ingredient for the overall success of any project. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition (SQL Server Express) is a lightweight and "free" database engine. It replaces Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000). SQL Server Express is similar to SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition, but with some limitations on the m...

Securing Your SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Server     
Total Hits: 115  |  Today: 0Author: William Vaughn      Rating:  
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The SQL Server 2005 Express edition is the replacement for the Microsoft Desktop Engine (MSDE) edition of Microsoft SQL Server. Its architecture has been completely redesigned to enable you to install and use it as you would Microsoft Access/JET databases—but without the problems associated with that approach. SQL Server 2005 Express Edition goes a long way toward building a better solution for applications that need:
* A replacement for JET databases. That is, a DBMS that can be taken over b...

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