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Control HUA YI Electrnic Power Supply  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 38  |  Today: 0Author: Mahdi Mansouri      Rating:  
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Thanks to our Chinese brothers! Now, some of digital controlling devices which previously were hard to find or expensive, have been produced in mass scale and cheaper than European one. One of the most important parts of controlling system is being able to precise controlling over a wide range voltage.
In some projects, we’d used to implement Micro-Controller based power supply RS232 controlling which sometimes caused error due to environment inducing motors and something’s similar. Fortunate...

Minimize Form in System Tray  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 73  |  Today: 0Author: Pratik M Mahajan      Rating:  
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Note that you must select NotifyIcon1 from the ToolBox and set any icon to its icon property plus make 3 buttons or you can write minimize to tray code in the form closing event....

Using VB.NET to Encode SMS and EMS     
Total Hits: 94  |  Today: 0Author: hesicong      Rating:  
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Hi, we're back again to generate the PDU code while we have known how to decode PDU code. But at first, sorry for the late publishing of my PDU encoder as I was busy for a long time. These classes are written for my own program, but they can be easily implemented in your project. And this tiny demo program can be used to get the correct PDU code from your setting so as to convince your AT command test work. I'll show how to do this later in this article....

An app to see who has files open on a network server     
Total Hits: 189  |  Today: 0Author: kubben.      Rating:  
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This is the part 3 of a series. There is a problem with storing .NET applications on a network share. When you want to release a new version you need to make sure everyone is out of the application. This article presents a solution I came up with, to solve figuring out who is in the application so you can ask them to get out....

NTFS - MFT - deleted files  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 40  |  Today: 0Author: westor2003      Rating:  
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Some time ago I needed to write some code to scan NTFS File table to find which files had been deleted from the disk (marked as deleted) and list them.

Since there's little information available about the MFT structure, data runs and, on the other hand, no article (at least that i had found) about some .net code to get this, i decided to post this article....

Network DTS Scheduling     
Total Hits: 88  |  Today: 0Author: Himadrish Laha      Rating:  
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All of us are familiar of DTS packages that come with SQL Server. Here we will describe how to execute DTS packages from Network. The packages are built on any sql server / client. The Server IP/Name, sql server user-id, and password will be required to access the system. Next, clicking the view button we get all the DTS packages names listed on this server. On selecting any one and clicking on execute button the specified DTS packages are fired and executed on the server....

VB.NET SNTP Broadcast server     
Total Hits: 131  |  Today: 0Author: patrickbinnendijk      Rating:  
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I work a lot with industrial operator panels. These panels have a integrated Real Time Clock that sadly doesn't include Daylight Saving Time. So every time we gain or lose an hour, the RTC of the panels needs to be changed manually. The positive thing about these panels is that they support the SNTP protocol to synchronise their RTC with a server. For a panel to actually sync it's RTC it needs to receive a SNTP packet that is broadcasted over the network by a SNTP server....

Building Client/Server applications with VB.NET for secure private file sharing     
Total Hits: 125  |  Today: 0Author: Chichka      Rating:  
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Most encrypted file sharing solutions today use digital certificates, which are designed for applications where there is a large user base not known in advance. However, if someone wants to avoid the cost and the hassle of obtaining and maintaining certificates, there is another possible solution around. In this article, a simple client/server solution is presented for secure private file sharing. The security is provided through a symmetric encryption algorithm (AES 128) with shared secret keys...

Implement POP3 and SMTP in .NET     
Total Hits: 78  |  Today: 0Author: TonyTonyQ      Rating:  
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This article shows how to use VB.NET to implement POP3 and SMTP protocol. There is a DLL file included in the source files, this DLL contains two classes to implement POP3 and SMTP and an extra class for e-mail's codec (base 64 only, not included in the source code because it is being tested now).

Any questions? Please contract me immediately at

Using the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) and Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) COM Interfaces     
Total Hits: 115  |  Today: 0Author: Tony Selke      Rating:  
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With the release of Windows XP's Service Pack 2, Microsoft's Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) and Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) features quickly obtained a large degree of notoriety. Many developers have been actively looking for ways to easily "peek and poke" at the ICS & ICF configurations on a given machine. The good news is that Microsoft released the interfaces with a COM wrapper. The bad news is that it isn't well advertised and it's not very intuitive to use. Getting a full set of d...

Using VB.NET to Decode PDU string     
Total Hits: 76  |  Today: 0Author: hesicong      Rating:  
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Wish to develop SMS or EMS application? What do you read from your mobile? PDU code. PDU is a format which you send to a phone to send a SMS or an EMS. You can find more in GSM 03.40....

Building a CD Player in .NET     
Total Hits: 111  |  Today: 0Author: Steven Mandel      Rating:  
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When I first started working on this project, I thought that I would build a basic cd player. I reviewed the code of many wonderful cd players that had been written in VB6. As the work progressed, however, I realized that this article could be a great tutorial to show the power of VB.NET. I developed 4 goals for the project: 1. to demonstrate how to use the Windows API function mciSendString in VB.NET, 2. to build a library of CD audio functions that could be expanded to handle other media types...

Using My.Settings in Visual Basic 2005     
Total Hits: 93  |  Today: 0Author: Emad Ibrahim      Rating:  
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Windows Forms applications require data that is needed for running the application. Most of the time you don't want to include this data in the code or you will have to recompile your application each time you make a change. If your application uses a Web service or a database, you probably want to store the URL or the connection string in a separate file so that you can change them easily. If your application stores the window layout and other UI customization, then you want to store this infor...

ASP.NET Tutorial: Send HTML Email using ASP.NET and Visual Basic.NET     
Total Hits: 616  |  Today: 0Author: easerve      Rating:  
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The System.Text namespace contains the StringBuilder Class which we will use to build our HTML email message. The System.Web.Mail namespace contains the SmtpMail Class....

Synchronize up to 7 folders with System.IO.FileSystemWatcher NET     
Total Hits: 206  |  Today: 0Author: GC9N.      Rating:  
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With this app you can monitor 7 folders without any CPU loss .. add 1 to 7 folders to MIRROR in real time!

this application can also manage the directories and Subdirectories Add, Delete , Edit ect...

Peer Graph - Search Criteria Helper     
Total Hits: 175  |  Today: 0Author: Adrian_Moore.      Rating:  
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Microsoft's Peer-to-Peer Graphing technology provides a stable, reliable, and robust infrastructure for Windows peer-to-peer applications to communicate. Peers use Peer Name Resolution Protocol (PNRP - a serverless DNS) to register and discover other peers within the graph. Graphs are the foundation for connecting peers, services, and resources within a peer network. A peer can be a user-interactive application, service, or resource. Graphing allows data to be passed between peers efficiently an...

Simple Site Rating System     
Total Hits: 87  |  Today: 0Author: Tanwani Anyangwe      Rating:  
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This is a simple application to give users the opportunity to rate your site and displays results in the form of bar charts (no graphics included). The source code contains a flexible configurable database....

How to Get Host Name and IP Address in VB.Net     
Total Hits: 6890  |  Today: 0Author: DevASP      Rating:  
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This article is about how you can get the host name and its IP address. In some situations you want to get the IP address of your windows application user....

Socket Programming using Visual Basic.Net     
Total Hits: 8217  |  Today: 0Author: Faraz      Rating:  
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This article will shows you, how to create a client and a server application that communicates using sockets. This article also contains the sample program. Read on to learn more!
The classes and enumerations in the System.Net.Sockets namespace provide an implementation of the popular Windows Sockets (Winsock) interface for use with .Net languages.
The original sockets were developed as part of the UNIX operating system, and they have been widely used as a simple way to pass data between p...

Implementation of spamd client (spamc) in VB.NET     
Total Hits: 105  |  Today: 0Author: Michal Altair Valasek      Rating:  
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Let's start with SpamAssassin. SA is probably the world's best software for filtering of spam. But it is written in Perl and that means slow, especially on Win32 platform. So, there is a little help, called 'spamd'. It's a daemon (UN*X equivalent for 'service') allowing to communicate with SA over network and limiting cost of calling SA. And spamc is a client component for this daemon....

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