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A Scripting Engine for .NET  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 6  |  Today: 0Author: m@u      Rating:  
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The .NET Framework has great features to support compiling code at runtime and running it, to achieve some kinds of scripting functionalities. There are already some scripting engines available here on CodeProject, and Microsoft has its own library as well....

Versions of the .NET Framework and the IIS6 Application Pools  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 11  |  Today: 0Author: Ahmed Abd El Kader      Rating:  
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When a new version of any technology appears, there are always new rules to be considered.

As part of my job as a Web Administrator, I used to test the new web technologies on Testing Environment before applying it on the real one. Microsoft has made the .NET Framework starting with Version 1.0 followed by v1.1 and now there are new releases v2.0 and v3.0. Microsoft gave them the ability to run together on the same server at the same time....

Composition Vs Aggregation  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 17  |  Today: 0Author: Sudhakarj21      Rating:  
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Composition and Aggregation is most commonly used relations in class diagram. But many people gets confused with these 2 and some times even confused to implement the relations. The most simple thing about these is about the relations and life time of the object....

An Introduction to Microsoft .NET Remoting Framework  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 10  |  Today: 0Author: Paddy Srinivasan      Rating:  
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Microsoft® .NET Remoting provides a rich and extensible framework for objects living in different AppDomains, in different processes, and in different machines to communicate with each other seamlessly. .NET Remoting offers a powerful yet simple programming model and runtime support for making these interactions transparent. In this article we will take a look at the different building blocks of the Remoting architecture, as well as explore some of the common scenarios in which .NET Remoting can...

ComparerFactory - Compile-time Performance at Runtime  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 21  |  Today: 0Author: Stanislav Kniazev      Rating:  
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It became a sort of common knowledge that Reflection is slow. To demonstrate that fact, this article uses default sorting behavior of WPF ListCollectionView. It works fine until you have some thousands of items to sort. The technique described here shows how to use Reflection to generate classes at run time while avoiding the performance hit....

Connecting to Data in Visual Studio Overview  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 17  |  Today: 0Author: Microsoft Corporation      Rating:  
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Visual Studio provides tools to connect your application to data from many different sources, such as databases, Web services, and objects. If you are using data design tools in Visual Studio, you often do not need to explicitly create a connection object for your form or component. The connection object is typically created as a result of completing one of the data wizards or of dragging data objects onto your form. To connect your application to data in a database, Web service, or object, run ...

Accessing remote SQL server by remoting(TCP)     
Total Hits: 157  |  Today: 0Author: John.Jiang      Rating:  
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In this sample describes how to build a distribution application which accesses MS SqlServer2000 on remoting service. (Optional) Is there any background to this article that may be useful such as an introduction to the basic ideas presented?...

Image Class     
Total Hits: 25  |  Today: 0Author: Microsoft Corporation      Rating:  
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The Image class enables you to load the following image types: .bmp, .gif, .ico, .jpg, .png, .wdp, and .tiff. When displaying a multiframe image, only the first frame is displayed. The animation of multiframe images is not supported by the Image control. Until the image content is loaded, the ActualWidth and ActualHeight of the control will report as zero, because the image content is used to determine the final size and location of the control....

.NET Splash Screen Component     
Total Hits: 23  |  Today: 0Author: DGDev      Rating:  
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10.23.2008 4:42pm - Uploaded new files. There were a few bugs needed fixed. Code should now work with all .NET Framework versions. Also the SetFade is fixed.

10.13.2008 10:08pm - Sorry guys, After refactoring the code automatically with JetBrains, it took away some needed Assembly constructors in the designer code. Reshaper tends to think everything is redundant sometimes. I've updated the file to the fixed one....

Description of the Microsoft .NET Platform     
Total Hits: 21  |  Today: 0Author: paladn      Rating:  
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The Microsoft .NET platform is a multi-language, multi-technology platform which provides and defines standards of interconnectivity between those languages and technologies. It exists at the present time on the Windows operating system, and Linux and Unix systems. And it supports a variety of languages: VB, C++, C#, J#, Jscript, as well as Cobol and a number of other languages. It would be best described as a standard, or set of definitions built and defined by Microsoft which will support mult...

An Introduction to a Model-View-Controller implementation for MFC     
Total Hits: 22  |  Today: 0Author: SBJ      Rating:  
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In the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern the Model represents the application data, the View, the visual components that present the data to the user and the Controller manages the user's interactions with the various input devices and interprets how they should affect the Model. Once affected, the Model informs the View of the need to update its presentation to the user. That's a rather simplistic explanation, however if you want a more complete explanation there are many good article...

Babel Obfuscator     
Total Hits: 122  |  Today: 0Author: Alberto Ferrazzoli      Rating:  
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This article is an introduction to obfuscation with Babel, an obfuscator for .NET Framework that I wrote recently. At the moment it is a console based application.
Babel has the following features:
* Obfuscate Namespace, Type, Method, Events, Properties and Field
* Unicode normalization: Names are chosen in a set of Unicode not readable symbols
* Support generic types and virtual function obfuscation
* MSIL Control Flow Obfuscation
* String Encryption

Control Your Linux Server Remotely with GnuPG, procmail, and PHP     
Total Hits: 23  |  Today: 0Author: Roberto Giorgetti      Rating:  
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How many times has this happened to you: you want to access a remote server, but you can't because it is behind a firewall? I frequently found myself in such a situation when I needed to access my Internet-connected server running Linux, so I thought of a system where I could start controlling my server remotely via a simple email....

Access the Internet Through a .NET Application     
Total Hits: 56  |  Today: 0Author: Bean Software      Rating:  
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The main purpose of this tutorial is to provide you with a guide on how to give your .NET application the ability to access the internet world. Before that, we need to know what we mean by internet applications, what is required to build an internet application, and what Microsoft provides in this regard....

Discover Techniques for Safely Hosting Untrusted Add-Ins with the .NET Framework 2.0     
Total Hits: 36  |  Today: 0Author: Shawn Farkas      Rating:  
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Through the use of dynamic assembly loading and reflection, managed code provides a way for you to easily allow your application to be extended by add-ins. However, when you allow your application to run arbitrary code through an add-in model, you expose the user's computer to potentially unknown code, running the risk that malicious code will use your application as an entry point to the user's data. There are several techniques you can use to reduce the attack surface of your application and p...

Exploring New Speech Recognition And Synthesis APIs In Windows Vista     
Total Hits: 27  |  Today: 0Author: Robert Brown      Rating:  
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Microsoft has been researching and developing speech technologies for over a decade. In 1993, the company hired Xuedong (XD) Huang, Fil Alleva, and Mei-Yuh Hwang—three of the four people responsible for the Carnegie Mellon University Sphinx-II speech recognition system, which achieved fame in the speech world in 1992 due to its unprecedented accuracy. Right from the start, with the formation of the Speech API (SAPI) 1.0 team in 1994, Microsoft was driven to create a speech technology that was bo...

Write Profilers With Ease Using High-Level Wrapper Classes     
Total Hits: 20  |  Today: 0Author: Joachim H. Fröhlich and Reinhard Wolfinger      Rating:  
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The Profiling API of the common language runtime (CLR) provides services that exceed the needs of typical function and memory profilers. The latest extensions of the Profiling API for the Microsoft® .NET Framework 2.0 increase this functionality even further. These extensions enable tools to trace not only method calls at the class level, but also data flow across assembly boundaries without the need to instrument Common Intermediate Language (CIL) code for that purpose. However, the powerful fu...

The Programmable Web: Web Services Provides Building Blocks for the Microsoft .NET Framework     
Total Hits: 58  |  Today: 0Author: Mary Kirtland      Rating:  
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Web Services are building blocks for constructing distributed Web-based applications in a platform, object model, and multilanguage manner. Web Services are based on open Internet standards, such as HTTP and XML, and form the basis of Microsoft's vision of the programmable Web.
This article defines Web Services and the key enabling technologies that ensure services can be aggregated into applications. It then describes Microsoft's new Microsoft .NET Framework and its support for creating and ...

Displaying Metadata in .NET EXEs with MetaViewer     
Total Hits: 37  |  Today: 0Author: Matt Pietrek      Rating:  
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As I write this, the Microsoft® .NET initiative is still relatively new (Beta 1 is just out), and early adopters are still finding new nooks and crannies to explore. For myself, many facets of .NET metadata are particularly interesting, and metadata is a natural entry point to understanding many other areas of .NET. Metadata is the information used by the .NET common language runtime (CLR) to describe everything about classes, functions, properties, resources, and other items in an executable fi...

Use Reflection to Discover and Assess the Most Common Types in the .NET Framework     
Total Hits: 181  |  Today: 0Author: Panos Kougiouris      Rating:  
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The .NET Framework Class Library and the common language runtime (CLR) serve as the foundation for all .NET-based applications. But how much do you know about any of the thousands of CLR classes in the library and where do you begin to learn about them?

In this article, the author uses the number of relationships with other types to determine which types are going to affect your programming most frequently and how often you'll encounter them. He programmatically surveys the CLR library us...

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