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ASP.NET Mobile Web Development     
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Developing ASP.NET pages for mobile device browsers does not differ substantially from developing pages for desktop browsers. To help you create applications for mobile devices, ASP.NET provides a System.Web.Mobile namespace devoted specifically to mobile Web development. You can create a Web page from the MobilePage base class and add controls from the System.Web.Mobile namespace. This namespace defines a suite of Web server controls and adapters that are especially useful when creating applica...

Automatically Generating Proxy Classes     
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QThe Web Services generator shown in the January 2003 Advanced Basics column left me wondering if I could create a tool that automatically generates proxy classes for an assembly. Is there any support in the Microsoft® .NET Framework for me to do this directly without using brute-force string concatenation for the entire process?...

WebDialog 1.0.4 released     
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The main new feature in this release is the state of the dialog (visibility, size and position) being remembered on post back. Also new is preliminary support for working within Atlas' UpdatePanel control. Note that this support won't effect regular ASP.NET 2.0...

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WebDialog is the second product I am working on. Essentially it is an ASP.NET control for displaying dialogs inside the browser window. It allows developers to display dialogs when, where and how they want to without all the current browser restrictions.WebDialog’s development is interesting because originally it was never indended to be a product in its own right. Most of the complex Javascript that is used to display the dialog window was originally written for SharpSession. When I saw how wel...

Add a Recycle Bin to Windows SharePoint Services for Easy Document Recovery     
Total Hits: 156  |  Today: 0Author: Maxim V. Karpov, Eric Schoonover      Rating:  
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Windows® SharePoint® Services (WSS), which is part of Microsoft® SharePoint Products and Services, provides a long list of features that help improve both collaboration and workflow while protecting documents and intellectual property. While WSS features continue to improve with each release, one feature that's conspicuously missing is an easy way to back up and restore deleted files from document libraries.

In this article, we'll take advantage of the extensibility of WSS and both its se...

Lightweight UI Test Automation for ASP.NET Web Apps     
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The release of ASP.NET revolutionized Web development and made it easy to create full-featured Web applications. Visual Studio® 2005 and ASP.NET 2.0 will let you add even more functionality to your applications, but the more features a Web application has, the more important testing becomes....

Logic Dictates That Project Management Should Be Easy  Version: 4.1     Price: $89.99 / Free Trial  
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Easy Projects .NET - the latest generation web-based project management and tracking system. It is called "Easy Projects" for a good reason - it was specifically designed to make software project management straightforward and hassle-free. Easy Projects .NET has exactly those tools and features that you need and without complicated setup. Easy Projects .NET has an intuitive interface and including contextual tips. Despite its simplicity of use, Easy Projects .NET is a powerful and sophisticated ...

Web-based Day Rental Calendar     
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I was asked to make an online calendar for summer cottage rentals, with the following feaures:
-month per page,
-if one or more units is rented for a certain day, show all units in the list for that day,
-ability to control the display order of rental units and add/subtract from the rental list,
-color-coded entries lining up across the page,
-MS Access database backend, and
password protected admin pages....

Efficient web applications with ASP     
Total Hits: 267  |  Today: 0Author: Arman Kamran      Rating:  
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When you use ASP code particles inside HTML tags, you have the least touched original look of the page with the dynamic data and functionality support of ASP. Here's a piece of code to show what I mean:...

Asbru HardCore Web Content Editor   Price: $45.00 / Free Trial  
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WYSIWYG HTML/XHTML web content editor component for web designers/programmers to integrate with their own and third-party web applications to give non-technical users access to create and update web content. From only £25 per website with any number of users.
Example usage: Replace simple TEXTAREA input fields in your own or third-party web applications such as contact forms, message boards, web email systems and web content management systems with the Asbru Web Content Editor....

Kentico CMS for ASP.NET - open content management system for every developer   Price: $499.00 / Free Trial  
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Kentico CMS for ASP.NET is a full-featured web content management system that allows you to create fully editable web sites.Whether you need a simple personal web site or a large corporate site with product catalog, Kentico CMS for ASP.NET will meet your needs:Efficient content management does not mean only a powerful WYSIWYG editor. You may also need to:...

WebDialog beta available for download     
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Newtonsoft WebDialog has gotten to the point where I feel it is ready to begin beta testing.Documentation is still largely work in progress but there are installation instructions and intellisense for all new objects, as well as a quickstart guide on this website. The WebDialog beta is fully functional when developing on your own computer...

Transferring Session State between ASP and ASP.NET     
Total Hits: 251  |  Today: 0Author: Sidney Forcier      Rating:  
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Despite all of Microsoft's best efforts to make ASP and ASP.NET coexist effortlessly, one area remains a stumbling block... session state. Fortunately the advantages of ASP.NET's upgraded session state management far outweigh the inconvenience of not being able to pass "Classic" session information to .NET. Unfortunately there is no simple solution; the most I can offer is an easy to implement workaround....

Online Quiz     
Total Hits: 697  |  Today: 0Author: Enrico Elizar Samuel      Rating:  
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The idea to write an online quiz came up when I was looking for an XML tutorial. I visited and found not only the tutorial I was looking for, but more interestingly was an online quiz. I took the 20-questions quiz once, and hey! I felt great about it. I wonder why there are just few web sites offering online quiz like that. A quiz is a great way to test your knowledge. An online quiz is a great addition to your web site that could keep your visitors glued for a few more minutes. Do...

A Look at the Latest Java Studio Creator     
Total Hits: 344  |  Today: 0Author: Terrence O'Donnell      Rating:  
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While attending the recent 2005 TopCoder Open event sponsored by Sun Microsystems I got a look at the early access release of Sun's Java Studio Creator, an IDE that provides a rapid, visual, drag-and-drop Web application building environment that is similar to the visual environment experience that developers who work with Visual Basic or ASP.NET are familiar with. It includes a set of JavaServer Faces (JSF) components, supports AJAX through a component library, and provides all Java standards-b...

wfspy is a tool that helps you to view properties of any window form control in the system. I originally needed a small utility that will give me the     
Total Hits: 206  |  Today: 0Author: Steve Ward UK.      Rating:  
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.Net 2.0 introduces significant changes to the System.Configuration namespace. There are plenty of articles out there that already deal with the new ways of using the configuration classes. This article will not try to steal their thunder by essentially copying their content here. Instead, this article will describe a utility that I have written which helps bridge a gap in the new configuration model: providing intellisense and validatation of the configuration file whilst actually editing it....

Offshore software Outsourcing - Software Development     
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Outsource to India -Offshore Development India - ecommerce Shopping cart Developing Software using VB.NET -VB - ASP.NET-ALASKA,ORACLE, SQL,ACCESS - like Accounting software inventory controll...

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