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ASP .NET Security Issues     
Total Hits: 111  |  Today: 0Author: Keith Brown      Rating:  
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There are lots of different types of Web sites with varying security needs. Some Web sites (search engines, for example) collect no information about their users, and publish data that is widely available. These sites don't have much to lose by having a rather open security policy, and they try to make their sites as easy to use as possible. Other sites (online banking sites, for example) may collect demographics, credit card numbers, and other personal information from their customers in order ...

The Security Support Provider Interface Revisited     
Total Hits: 94  |  Today: 0Author: Keith Brown      Rating:  
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This is a follow-up to an earlier column on the Security Support Provider Interface (SSPI), the Windows® equivalent of the GSSAPI interface. It's extremely unfortunate for developers trying to write platform-neutral code that they are not equivalent, but back when SSPI was developed, platform neutrality was not a priority. Way back in August 2000, I explained the need for the SSPI interface; namely, it abstracts the differences between various authentication protocols....

Secret Server     
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Secret Server is a web-based application to store all your passwords and other sensitive information. You can easily manage and share passwords with your colleagues and family members. Secret Server uses US Government recommended encryption to protect your passwords inside your own database. Being web-based means you can securely access your passwords from anywhere....

Security in ASP.Net Sites     
Total Hits: 370  |  Today: 0Author: PIYALI SENGUPTA      Rating:  
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For mainstream web applications, the basic tasks for implementing security involve:

· Authentication: It is the process of discovering a user’s identity and ensuring the authenticity of this identity. It determines who is working with your application. In ASP.Net application authentication is implemented through one of the four authentication system—...

Declarative WCF Security     
Total Hits: 165  |  Today: 0Author: Juval Lowy      Rating:  
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Security is by far the most intricate area of the Windows® Communication Foundation (WCF). In every WCF operation call on the service side, security is governed by the service contract, the operation contract, the fault contract (if present), the service behavior, the operation behavior, the host configuration, and the method configuration and its code. Each of these items may have as many as a dozen or more security-related properties, as illustrated in Figure 1, depicting the security properti...

Html Protector   Price: $99.00  
Total Hits: 292  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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Html Protector will help you to protect your web documents and source code using various techniques including content encryption, browser features disabling.It is designed to work with dynamic content including ASP.NET web forms. It will also stop spam robots from extracting email addresses from your pages, site rippers and content filters!...

XHEO|Licensing - Protect your .NET  Version: 2.1     Price: $259.99 / Free Trial  
Total Hits: 282  |  Today: 0Author: XHEO      Rating:  
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Protect your .NET Components, Classes and Controls. Using RSA public-key encryption the license files stay secure and unaltered by the end user. Dynamic limits enable developers to define the execution environment in which their components can run. Get a full suite of license support including On-The-Fly Licensing for websites and POS integration, GUI License Management, a License Server, RSA Serial Numbers and more....

Visual Input Security™  Version: 1.0     Price: $250.00 / Free Trial  
Total Hits: 203  |  Today: 0Author: Peter Blum      Rating:  
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Visual Input Security™ is a formidable defense against hackers who use SQL Injection, Script Injection (Cross Site Scripting), Input Tampering, and Brute Force attacks on your ASP.NET web sites. It detects, logs, blocks, impedes, and audits....

Writing ASP Chat using JavaScript and XML (Part 4)  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 68  |  Today: 0Author: Alexander Fedorenko      Rating:  
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This type of chat is most difficult to implement. Extra attention should be applied to each detail. We need to decide how to divide users and messages by rooms. The first approach comes from relational theory - to each message and each session, we add a new field, which uniquely identifies a room. Or simply provide one-to-many relationships between the Rooms table and Messages table, Rooms table and Sessions table....

Foiling Session Hijacking Attempts     
Total Hits: 155  |  Today: 0Author: Jeff Prosise      Rating:  
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Let's face it: every minute of every day, someone, somewhere, is patrolling the Web looking for sites to hack. ASP.NET developers must constantly be on their guard to ensure attempted hacks can't be successful. That means constraining and validating user input, accessing databases securely, storing sensitive data securely, and generally writing secure code that repels rather than accommodates these malevolent hackers. A classic form of hack attack that ASP.NET sites must defend against is sessio...

Drag and Drop Products to the Shopping Basket Using JavaScript  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 32  |  Today: 0Author: azamsharp      Rating:  
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Sometime back I visited a website that had the drag and drop shopping cart feature. Users can simply drag and drop the items they wish to buy in the basket and the basket is updated with the new results. I was extremely impressed with this feature and decided to create a small application that does the same....

The "World's Fastest Server" Tracking (Application Challenge Submission)  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 30  |  Today: 0Author: phparray      Rating:  
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This web application is an entry in the joint challenge put out by The Code Project and As an avid Motorcycle enthusiast and web application developer, this contest is right up my alley. The application I have developed is also somewhat inspired by a Baja race tracking application I wrote in the summer of 2008. Throughout the article, terms like OOP, SOAP, and SJAX will be explained as they relate to the application. For more general information regarding these terms, see PHP.NET...

Getting Started With The SDL Threat Modeling Tool     
Total Hits: 126  |  Today: 0Author: Adam Shostack      Rating:  
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In November 2008, Microsoft announced the general availability of the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) threat modeling tool as a free download from MSDN. This column follows a team through the process of getting started with the SDL threat modeling approach and shows you how to use the new tool to develop great threat models as a backbone of your security process. This column isn't a primer on SDL threat modeling. For that, see the article I co-authored in the November 2006 issue of MSDN Mag...

Web Security: Putting a Secure Front End on Your COM+ Distributed Applications     
Total Hits: 99  |  Today: 0Author: Keith Brown      Rating:  
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The Internet requires that developers provide a different security model for clients than is used on a closed network. Because it would be too resource-intensive for both the client and server to prove their identity to each other, you need to look at other ways to ensure secure communications. This article covers the options, from digital certificates to public and private key encryption to Secure Sockets Layer and Web certificates. The discussion covers the installation of certificates in Micr...

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