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Save Coding Time, Manage Compressed Files, and More     
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While Visual Studio offers an abundance of built-in productivity tools, a number of third-party products can further increase your proficiency. CodeSMART G2 for Visual Studio by AxTools offers dozens of windows, tools, wizards, and dialogs that can dramatically reduce time spent on repetitive coding tasks. CodeSMART adds several Explorer windows to Visual Studio®, all of which can be docked, pinned, or floated like any other Visual Studio window....

ComponentOne Zip for .NET   Price: $314.00  
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ComponentOne Zip for .NET lets you create, open, and manage industry standard zip files. You can also add compression and encryption to any .NET stream (including memory, file, and network streams). ComponentOne Zip for .NET’s class library is architected to provide developers with three levels of programmatic control. At the most abstract level you take total control over zip files, but when you need more power and flexibility, you can work directly with the low level data compression engine. T...

devCompress.Net Zip Component  Version: 1.0     Price: $99.00 / Free Trial  
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devCompress.Net is a powerful Zip compression library for .NET developers.Compress and decompress files, folders and streams using an intuitive object model with devCompress.Net....

/n software IP*Works! Zip V6 .NET Edition  Version: 6.0     Price: $249.00 / Free Trial  
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Compress smaller & faster with IP*Works! Zip V6. IP*Works! Zip is a suite of easy, fast, and effective components enabling developers to integrate file or streaming compression. Supports major compression standards including Zip, Jar, Gzip and Tar. The easiest way to add robust compression support to your applications....

IP*Works! Zip   Price: $249.00  
Total Hits: 262  |  Today: 0Author: nsoftware      Rating:  
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Add advanced file and streaming compression to your applications. IP*Works! Zip is a suite of easy, fast, and effective components that enables developers to rapidly add compression and decompression functionality to any application.
.Fully-managed .NET components written in C#.
.Extensive demo applications written in VB.NET and C#.
.Comprehensive integrated product documentation.
.A full range of .NET Compact Framework components optimized for embedded development....

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