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CodeProject Forum Guidelines     
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CodeProject is an excellent resource for professional and hobbyist developers alike and has created a large and thriving on-line community to meet and exchange ideas. Just like a real community there are certain publicly stated rules[^] (generally called Terms of Service) that should be followed by the community and, because CodeProject is an on-line or virtual community, certain policies[^] that CodeProject follows to ensure the privacy and safety of the community. In addition to these stated r...

CLR Hosting APIs     
Total Hits: 454  |  Today: 0Author: Alessandro Catorcini and Piotr Puszkiewicz      Rating:  
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Suppose you are developing a large application in native C++ and you want to allow your customers to extend this app so they can mold it to their needs. Allowing your customers to write the extensions in managed code inside the Microsoft® .NET Framework would make their development experiences much smoother than if they had to work with native code, but loading the common language runtime (CLR) into your application's process can be worrisome. What if an uncaught CLR exception ends up killing th...

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