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ASP-DHTML MDI Framework for Site Administration     
Total Hits: 299  |  Today: 0Author: Davy Mitchell.      Rating:  
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Almost every site I build has some sort of administration site built onto it and I wanted something to make the task of using these much easier by improving the interface. It was also required to be:
1. Quick to reuse
2. ASP centered and
3. Easy to add to existing sites....

ASP.NET Tip: Place Cursor in the First Input Box Automatically     
Total Hits: 314  |  Today: 0Author: Eric Smith      Rating:  
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Some web sites implement a handy JavaScript function by putting the cursor into the first input text box on a form. This saves the user the step of clicking into the box, speeding up data entry just a bit. Instead of hard-coding JavaScript on every page, I've created a handy function that does this for you, based on the controls visible on the page. This solution uses the new ASP.NET 2.0 ClientScript manager object in place of the RegisterClientScriptBlock methods that have been deprecated on th...

WorldOfASP.NET  Version: 0     Price: $0.00 / Free Trial  
Total Hits: 269  |  Today: 0Author: Aaron      Rating:  
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This site is provided for listing all the ASP.NET related resources. Our mission is to provide all the latest resources to help, share and promote ASP.NET Technology. We cover All ASP.NET related Scripts, Controls, Components, Hosting , Tutorials and etc...

Web File Manager     
Total Hits: 555  |  Today: 0Author: wumpus1      Rating:  
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I often deploy ASP.NET websites to servers that I don't control. In these situations, I can't get to the underlying file system to do any file maintenance, because I don't have direct access to the server. So I have to access the file system indirectly, through the website that I am deploying. Rather than writing a bunch of special purpose pages to deal with file management, I developed a generic WebFileManager page than can be dropped into any ASP.NET website. This page performs the most common...

Extending Your Page Names With ASP.NET     
Total Hits: 410  |  Today: 0Author: Wayne Berry      Rating:  
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Dynamically generated pages are the only way to have a truly big site; however dynamic page names are not very user friendly, nor search engine friendly. For example, having a page called:
is not as memorable as:
This article shows how you can get a static-looking page name and dynamic pages at the same time....

Nevron Chart for .NET  Version: 3.0     Price: $569.00 / Free Trial  
Total Hits: 185  |  Today: 0Author: Nevron LLC      Rating:  
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Nevron Chart for .NET is the leading data visualization component for .NET. In terms of image and presentation quality this component simply has no competition. The component supports numerous charting types, VS design time support, empty data points, UI editors, data grid, build in toolbar, flexible axes, financial functions, HTML image maps, server side events, browser detection, direct stream to browser, custom client side scripts and more....

PolkadotNet ASP.NET Directory     
Total Hits: 994  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
Read Reviews | Write Review |  Your Rating: your home for everything Dot Net, with thousands of resources, and more being added daily! Whether you're looking for .NET applications, server and user controls, free source code, tutorials, development articles, or web hosting, you've come to the right!....

Developing 3 tier web sites in ASP.NET 2.0     
Total Hits: 433  |  Today: 0Author:      Rating:  
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Then came .NET 2.0. Many things changed especially for ASP.NET. So I decided to write a sequel to the earlier series specifically for ASP.NET 2.0. This article will explain how a typical 3-tier architecture can be used in ASP.NET 2.0 with the help of Generics based collections and Data Source Controls. Note that the article aims at showing a simple 3 tier architecture and not at teaching you generics, data bound controls and data source controls....

MCMS Web Based Site Manager     
Total Hits: 390  |  Today: 0Author: Ken C. Len      Rating:  
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MCMS Site Manager desktop application requires a network connected workstation to execute and manage your content management system site. But many of times when a MCMS web site is deployed there is no access to the production server to luanch Site Manager and manage your site. In this case we need a web based site manager, one that would allow you to manage your contents right where your site is host on the internet. This sample shows you how to write a web based site manager using C# and ASP.Ne...

Making sense of ASP.Net Paths     
Total Hits: 375  |  Today: 0Author:      Rating:  
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ASP.Net a plethora of properties to retrieve path information about the current request, control and application. To keep things straight I thought it'd be a good idea to summarize those options briefly along with describing some common scenarios of how they might be used.
Here's a list of the Path related properties on the Request object...

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