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Application Detection Details for Marketplace for Windows Mobile     
Total Hits: 117  |  Today: 0Author: Joel Ivory Johnson      Rating:  
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For the Standard protection level there's nothing that you need to do to your cab. When the application is purchased the phone downloads the cab, installs it, and deletes the cab to ensure it is not around to be copied. If the purchaser pays for their application on the Web the cab file is not transfered to his or her computer. Instead the purchaser is instructed to start up the Marketplace application on his or her phone so that the download can begin. If you'd like a stronger form of protecti...

Store and forward GPS data for smart phones     
Total Hits: 142  |  Today: 0Author: Slava Khristich      Rating:  
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Store and Forward file based delivery for GPS Data over internet for smart phones (Windows Mobile 5/6), without databases or Queues.
There are lots of good articles on how to receive and manipulate GPS data with a mobile device. In this article I want to share how I send the data from my smart phone to the server.
This article is about client site code for client - server application where mobile devise just a tool to record GPS data and pass it to the server via internet http protocol....

Gynoid : framework for mobile development     
Total Hits: 186  |  Today: 0Author: Vincent_RICHOMME      Rating:  
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Mobile developments are something very exciting because generally it implies to use
all domains of computing. Since you are developping for end user you need to create nice gui, handle data connections and databases, ...
The only thing I do not like is the fact for each platform you need to learn a new language, new apis and if you want to port it from one platform to another you almost always need to write it again....

Your first Palm app - covering GUI components, alerts and forms.     
Total Hits: 90  |  Today: 0Author: Christian Graus      Rating:  
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Welcome to this, my second article on Palm development. In the meantime I see Jason Henderson has submitted an article on Palm, and I'm certainly presuming to build off his article as well as my own. In particular, my previous article does not cover the vagaries of the Palm event loops, so this time I will presume that you're familiar with them from reading Jason's excellent article....

OwnerInfo ActiveX Control for Pocket PC     
Total Hits: 543  |  Today: 0Author: Microsoft      Rating:  
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This control allows applications (as well as scripts in Microsoft Internet Explorer for the Pocket PC) to retrieve user information such as owner Name, Company, Address, E-mail and Phone from the Pocket PC registry....

CCESocket: a general purpose TCP/UDP socket class for WinCE     
Total Hits: 148  |  Today: 0Author: Marco Zaratti      Rating:  
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This class is designed to replace the buggy MFC CCeSocket class for the WinCE (Pocket PC) platform. However, it works even on Win32 systems (tested on Win2K and WinXP).

It allows to create both TCP or UDP socket types operating in client or server configuration, integrates a dynamic buffer that stores all incoming data allowing delayed access, and provides async events notification....

Use Mobile Controls     
Total Hits: 522  |  Today: 0Author: Bill Wagner      Rating:  
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Microsoft's .NET vision enables you to develop and deploy your applications on an ever-wider array of platforms. For example, the ASP.NET mobile controls (known formerly as the Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit) let you deploy your Web applications on smartphones and other small-screen devices. In keeping with the .NET strategy, the ASP.NET mobile controls try to shield you from the differences among devices and let you concentrate on your business logic. I'll show you how to move a simple appli...

Microsoft's First Accelerometer API (for ZuneHD)     
Total Hits: 123  |  Today: 0Author: Joel Ivory Johnson      Rating:  
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As things stand now on Windows Mobile there exist devices with accelerometers, but the method for reading that accelerometeris dependent on the device OEM. Currently the only OEM that supports access to their accelerometers is Samsung through the Samsung Windows Mobile SDK; their solution for giving developers access to their device specific features. HTC doesn't officially provide accelerometer support but their implementation has been reverse engineered far enough to be usable. There are other...

OBEX Protocol for Samsung GSM devices specification     
Total Hits: 81  |  Today: 0Author: Khrystenko Artem, Apriorit Inc      Rating:  
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This article describes the protocol of data exchange that is the modification of the well-known OBEX protocol used in the GSM Samsung phones from the SHP family. The described modification of this protocol lets you write data to the phone and also get and save them. Samsung Corporation made the new line of phones from SHP family and implemented the support of OBEX protocol in them that had not been used in the phones of this company before. Tries to use the common OBEX protocol did not succeed. ...

A TreeView Based Options Component for Windows Mobile     
Total Hits: 117  |  Today: 0Author: Gong Liu      Rating:  
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Many Windows Mobile applications use an Options or a Settings dialog box to manage application level settings. The dialog box usually consists of a tab control with one or more regular controls on each tab such as labels, check boxes, radio buttons, dropdown lists, updowns, text boxes, etc. The following screenshots show some examples....

Location Aware Phone Book     
Total Hits: 111  |  Today: 0Author: Joel Ivory Johnson      Rating:  
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Microsoft made available to the public an API for tapping into Windows Live Search. The API allows for searching for web, news, and other types of information. For this project I am concentrating on the phone search for making a location aware phone book on my Windows Mobile communication devices....

Managed Wrapper to Connection Manager and How to Bypass the Connection Planner     
Total Hits: 94  |  Today: 0Author: Naynesh Shah      Rating:  
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This article explains how we can bypass the Connection Planner and establish a connection using the Connection Manager APIs on Windows Mobile devices. A new application block Connection Manager is created which contains a wrapper to the Connection Manager native APIs on Windows Mobile devices. Also, the ConnectionMonitor application block, provided by the Microsoft Patterns & Practices group, is enhanced to retrieve all the connections available on the device....

Secure Your Mobile Apps     
Total Hits: 407  |  Today: 0Author: Doug Thews      Rating:  
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An often-overlooked ASP.NET feature is its built-in security plumbing, which you can use to secure any application easily with a minimal amount of coding. Providing integrated security in your ASP.NET application is a crucial element in preventing unauthorized access to your corporate data, while building customer confidence in the security of your company's business systems. In this article, I'll guide you through different ways to use forms authentication to secure your mobile applications....

ASP.NET Mobile Barcode Professional  Version: 2.0     Price: $139.00 / Free Trial  
Total Hits: 245  |  Today: 0Author: Neodynamic      Rating:  
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Barcode Professional is a server control which can generate the most popular Linear and 2D Barcode Symbologies. After specifying a Value to encode, choosing a Barcode Symbology, and setting its properties, Barcode Professional will render the barcode image for each mobile device in the preferred image format by each of them. At design-time it shows you the barcode image with its WBMP conversion. It does not require that the ASP.NET account machinename-ASPNET have write permissions to the file sy...

Pocket PC 2002 Update Connection Wizard     
Total Hits: 507  |  Today: 0Author: Microsoft      Rating:  
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Get connected! In addition to being able to synchronize and connect directly to the desktop, your Pocket PC can be used to access e-mail, Web, and other content through wired and wireless connections. Options include wired and wireless modems and LAN cards among others....

AdvancedList .NET   Price: $149.95  
Total Hits: 302  |  Today: 0Author: Resco      Rating:  
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The main feature of the control is the RowTemplate object. Each RowTemplate defines a style, how data are displayed in a row. There can be several different templates specified for every AdvancedList in a project. This gives you an opportunity to display different data in a different way depending on their character. This way you can define e.g. more detailed look for a selected row, or use the component as a Master-Details control, where master rows have completely different look as detail rows...

Windows Mobile and Color Depth  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 96  |  Today: 0Author: Joel Ivory Johnson      Rating:  
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This question has come up three times in the various forums in which I participate, so I thought it would be appropriate for me to write a post about it.

Does Windows Mobile support 24-bit images?

It's been long rumored that the Windows Mobile operating system is not capable of working with images that use 24-bit pixel depth and that Microsoft should do something about this. The truth of the matter is that the Windows Mobile Operating system does support 24-bit colors. But most OE...

7 Usability Guidelines for Websites on Mobile Devices     
Total Hits: 162  |  Today: 0Author: Trenton Moss      Rating:  
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More and more mobile phone users are browsing and searching the Internet on their handsets. The UK, for example, has neared saturation for mobile phones and many handset browsers can now handle sites designed for viewing on computers. Indeed 20% of UK mobile phone users now use the Internet on their mobile devices (source: If you design websites for PC viewing, then you need to consider how your sites will look and work on mobiles. The bar for mobile specific sites has been raised by ...

Shake and Skip to Interact with Your Music     
Total Hits: 81  |  Today: 0Author: Chris Mitchell      Rating:  
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The G-Sensor, or accelerometer, is fast becoming a staple in the mobile development arsenal. Windows Mobile devices have joined the array of gadgets offering capabilities that let developers do everything from determining how often someone drops his phone to allowing users to control applications and games by tilting, shaking, hitting, or throwing their phones about—the last action perhaps needs a healthy disclaimer attached. This article looks at how to access and use accelerometer data with an...

Sending mail using the Microsoft Windows CE Mail API     
Total Hits: 133  |  Today: 0Author: Ray Kinsella      Rating:  
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Windows CE provides support for Email Storage as part of the core operating system (ie. its comes on the ROM chip). Microsoft provides a series of API's in the library 'msgstore.lib' which its calls Microsoft Mail API or MAPI. These API's allow the developer to manipulate the Systems Email Folders . Although these API's provide functionality to manipulate the Systems Email Folders and the Emails within those folders, no support has yet been provided for the sending and receiving of Email Message...

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