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How to enable SMTP Authentication using System.Web.Mail     
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Exchange Server requires, by default, authenticated users to send mail messages via SMTP. If you are developing a .NET application you will find that System.Web.Mail does not contain an API that allows you to provide credentials for connecting to an SMTP server. System.Web.Mail internally calls Microsoft® Collaboration Data Objects CDOSYS. SMTP Authentication is possible by defining configuration settings using the Configuration object associated to the Message CDO object....

HOW TO: Restrict ASP.NET to Specific Processors in a Multiprocessor System     
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This step-by-step article describes how you can restrict ASP.NET to use specific processors in a multiprocessor system. You can configure ASP.NET applications to use specified processors in a multiprocessor system. This is useful to control the overall performance effect that Web applications may have on a server. When you restrict multiple ASP.NET applications to certain processors on a single server, you limit the opportunity for an application to affect the performance of another application....

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