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Mobilized .NET Applications     
Total Hits: 103  |  Today: 0Author: Clayne B. Robison      Rating:  
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While much research has been done to determine the best native Windows APIs to use, little has been done to assist developers in adapting their distributed .NET Framework-based applications for mobile environments. In this paper, we present sample methods to obtain system network connection information using the classes found in the .NET Framework. The initial intention is to enable individual applications to get this information on their own—the laissez-faire approach. But the hope is that thes...

Microsoft Global Contact Access     
Total Hits: 104  |  Today: 0Author: Microsoft      Rating:  
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With Microsoft Global Contact Access, you can use Pocket Outlook on your Windows Mobile powered Smartphone or Pocket PC Phone Edition to look up contacts in the Global Address List (GAL) on your corporate Exchange server. You can also check your co-workers' schedules to see if they're free or busy, and add multiple recipients to a meeting request. Even if you're away from your office you'll have all the information you need to connect with any co-worker in your organization, and send them e-mail...

The Four Critical Issues for Mobile Apps Developers     
Total Hits: 89  |  Today: 0Author: Alan Zeichick      Rating:  
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As we design for mobility, we can no longer just "assume" the hardware, the power supply, or the availability and quality of connectivity. Instead, we must question every assumption, every aspect of the platform, from hardware to software to application architecture. Four key questions in particular should be top-of-mind during the early phases of your mobile application design....

How Mobility Will Impact Your Apps Development     
Total Hits: 76  |  Today: 0Author: Alan Zeichick      Rating:  
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Wireless means more than checking e-mail at Starbucks, or a using a PDA at a trade show. At home, my son's iMac is connected to the Internet via an Apple Airport card—that is, an 802.11b "WiFi" connection at 11Mbps. While my desktop is hooked to my network via Fast Ethernet, my trusty laptop has WiFi, but no wired Ethernet—and I'm assured of a connection nearly anyplace I go. Indeed, wireless is almost ubiquitous, and it will only get more so. Thanks to the introduction of the Intel Centrino mob...

Extending .NET Apps Across Multiple Devices     
Total Hits: 100  |  Today: 0Author: Justin Whitney      Rating:  
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As the market for handhelds explodes, so does your opportunity for riches and glory. But no one wants to diddle with porting old code when they could be writing something new. That's why it's time for a new approach. Forget porting. Write a single code base, then extend it for deployment across multiple devices. The key to your newfound glory is the widespread adoption of .NET Compact Framework (CF), a smaller-footprint version of .NET Framework and the foundation of Microsoft's latest gig, "Win...

Building a Better Mobile Mousetrap     
Total Hits: 62  |  Today: 0Author: Alan Zeichick      Rating:  
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I'm not a mobile user. My primary PC is a dual-processor desktop with a huge 23-inch display. I have a laptop, but mainly I use it while making a once-a-month business trip to the East Coast. My cell phone doesn't have Java or BREW, I don't have a Blackberry or pager, and my PDA gathers dust in a drawer. And I'm not in field sales, field service or field anything. So, like many of you, I've found the mantra "Build Mobilized Applications" a little, well, impractical. Mobility conjures up the imag...

Mobile Wireless Applications—Whats the Best Way to Write Them?     
Total Hits: 60  |  Today: 0Author: Mike Pini      Rating:  
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With the growing popularity of mobile computing devices, including Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and handsets, there is increasing demand by developers to be able to write an application once that can be run across a range of devices. This article provides an overview of the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework, as well as the Java alternative, Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME). It also looks at some of the Intel performance and tuning tools for mobile wireless applications. There are many sets of to...

Developing Orientation and dpi Aware Applications for the .NET Compact Framework     
Total Hits: 65  |  Today: 0Author: Microsoft Corporation      Rating:  
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Windows Mobile™ 2003 Second Edition software enables devices with landscape and square screen displays. This is an addition to the traditional portrait-only displays that have been on earlier Pocket PCs. When an application designed for portrait displays is run on a square or landscape display, the operating system will automatically add a vertical scroll bar to the form which enables the user to view the entire form. This happens only when there is a control which would be hidden from the user ...

Developing DPI-Aware Applications     
Total Hits: 51  |  Today: 0Author: Microsoft      Rating:  
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As display technology improves, it is becoming possible to fit more pixels into the same area. This additional resolution can be used to fit more items on the screen, or it can be used to draw the same items more sharply. In the latter case, the display is said to have increased in dots per inch (DPI), a logical value representing how densely packed with pixels a display area is. Print media has taken advantage of high-DPI technology for a long time. A document printed on a 1200-dpi printer prin...

Developing Screen Orientation-Aware Applications     
Total Hits: 71  |  Today: 0Author: Microsoft      Rating:  
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Windows Mobile™ 2003 Second Edition software for Pocket PC introduces the ability for a Windows Mobile-based device to display in both portrait and landscape modes. In some devices landscape may be the default viewing mode. Additionally, users will be able to rotate the screen between the two orientations, on the fly, without resetting the device. This topic provides background information about this new feature, provides you with the information you need to develop mobile applications for portr...

ActiveSync 4.1     
Total Hits: 67  |  Today: 0Author: Microsoft      Rating:  
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ActiveSync 4.1 is the latest sync software release for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices. Microsoft ActiveSync provides a great synchronization experience with Windows powered PCs and Microsoft Outlook right out of the box. ActiveSync acts as the gateway between your Windows powered PC and Windows Mobile powered device, enabling the transfer of Outlook information, Office documents, pictures, music, videos and applications from your desktop to your device. In addition to synchronizing with a desktop PC...

Windows Mobile-based Smartphone Applications Deployment Demystified     
Total Hits: 90  |  Today: 0Author: Microsoft      Rating:  
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Mobile operators are already introducing Windows Mobile™ 2003 software for Smartphones. This provides an exciting opportunity to build and deploy applications for a new form factor device. For Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET 2003 developers, this paper helps you understand how to support deployment to a Smartphone device. The focus will be on the process to create a cabinet file for distribution to Smartphone devices using CabWizSP.exe. Additionally, though it is possible to deploy custom-built a...

Installation with DPI-Specific Resources     
Total Hits: 64  |  Today: 0Author: Microsoft Corporation      Rating:  
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As you are developing applications for new high-resolution Pocket PCs or Smartphones with 192 DPI resolution displays, you may wonder where the new high-resolution bitmaps and resources should go. The simplest solution is to include them in the same EXE alongside the old, low-resolution resources. However, this approach wastes storage space. Device screens only have one resolution, which never changes for that device. Therefore, if the application is deployed to a 96 DPI device, it doesn't need ...

The Art of Reusable Code: An Overview of Version Control, Secure Components, Code Maintenance and Version Updating for Windows Mobile Applications     
Total Hits: 72  |  Today: 0Author: Jared Miniman      Rating:  
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Pocket PC and Smartphone devices provide interesting challenges for both software developers and IT administrators. Throughout this article, we provide best practices in code organization and overall style that borrow from desktop programming along with useful mechanisms to keep your devices' assemblies always up to date. What's stopping you from treating your mobile applications as serious, enterprise-grade solutions?...

Gaming with the .NET Compact Framework     
Total Hits: 58  |  Today: 0Author: Geoff Schwab      Rating:  
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The Ultimage GMan game demo is the culmination of my series of GAPI wrapper articles. I first started this series as a challenge to myself to develop a graphics library that ran under managed code and both outperformed GDI and implemented specific functionality (alpha blending, destination key transparency, etc.) not available through GDI. Having achieved this goal, I decided to take it even further by developing a level of a playable game demo. To do this, I elicited the help of two extremely t...

Best Practices for Creating Adaptive User Interfaces with the Mobile Internet Toolkit     
Total Hits: 72  |  Today: 0Author: Microsoft Corporation      Rating:  
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This article discusses the best practices for creating mobile Web applications and device filters with the Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit that adapt to multiple mobile device displays for Personal Digital Assistants such as the Pocket PC, Web-enabled cell phones, pagers, etc....

Best Practices for Deploying Your Mobile Application and Services     
Total Hits: 84  |  Today: 0Author: Microsoft Corporation      Rating:  
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This article discusses the best strategies for deploying your mobile applications and services that typically run on a server, yet render in a wide variety of mobile Web browsers.The Microsoft® Mobile Internet Toolkit provides the tools for creating new applications that target mobile devices. These applications typically run on the server, yet render in a wide variety of mobile Web browsers. How you deploy your application depends on your goals. In addition, you will want to create new device a...

.NET Mobile Utilities     
Total Hits: 262  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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Utility controls support complicated user interfaces with minimum of code. Here we have the AdRotator Control, calander control, utility control, phonecall control....

.NET Mobile Selections     
Total Hits: 302  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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The SelectionList Control supports drop down lists, check boxes and radio buttons. Here is an example that describes you the use selection list control....

ASP.NET Mobile Web Forms and ASP.NET Compatibility     
Total Hits: 173  |  Today: 0Author: MSDN      Rating:  
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When an ASP.NET application encounters an unhandled exception or other error while processing a request, it generates an error page. Exceptions can occur at any time during the processing of a request. For example, they might occur when reading a configuration file (Web.config), compiling a page, or running a page.You can configure your application to generate default or custom error pages. If you configure your application for default error pages, ASP.NET sets an error code in the response and ...

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