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Support Mobile Devices in ASP.NET (Advances Topics)     
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In the last article, I explained the basics of supporting mobile devices in ASP.NET. After reading that article, I hope you would have grasp the basics of writing mobile pages and using mobile controls for developing mobile specific web sites. After reading this article, the reader must be having knowledge of:
* How to customize pages by device type.
* How to support CSS (Cascaded Style Sheets) in mobile pages.
* How you can make user friendly mobile sites....

How to make ASP.NET Applications that support mobile devices     
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Mobile Devices such as cell phones with web access and Personal Digital Assistants (PDA's) are becoming more common. The infrastructure that supports "Wireless web " is becoming larger and more reliable with the advent of time. There is clear indication that mobile users would keep on growing at tremendous rate. In this scenario, there are good opportunities for developing web pages special to these mobile devices, so that they can make a good use of technology. However, this idea is not liked b...

HOW TO: Use Device Specific Property Values on Mobile Web Forms Pages     
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The MMIT enables information technology professionals to deploy Web sites for both desktop computers and wireless mobile devices. These devices can range from Web phones to handheld personal computers. The MMIT provides a set of mobile server controls that you can use in your Web pages. The mobile controls, also called mobile Web Forms controls, detect the type of device that is used to browse the application, and then emit markup language that is appropriate for the device. For example, if you ...

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