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The Code Project Forum Analyzer : Find out how much of a life you don't have!  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 89  |  Today: 0Author: Nishant Sivakumar      Rating:  
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This is an unofficial Code Project application that can analyze forums over a range of posts to retrieve posting statistics for individual members. Like my other Code Project applications (and that of others like John and Luc), this app uses HTML scraping and parsing to extract the required information. So any change to the site layout/CSS can potentially break the functioning of this application. There's no workaround for that until the time that Code Project provides an official web-service th...

Unit testing StyleCop rules  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 29  |  Today: 0Author: Thomas Weller      Rating:  
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One of the single most influential cost factors for software projects is code readability and understandability - and the most important factor for readability in turn lies in the adherence to Coding Style Guidelines. To enforce such guidelines, Microsoft has provided a free tool which checks a given set of source code files against a given set of style and consistency rules: MS StyleCop. The tool comes with quite a lot of predefined rules - however, they mirror the coding practice at MS and not...

Troubleshoot Connection Issues with Windows Home Server Toolkit  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 54  |  Today: 0Author: Mysticgeek      Rating:  
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If you’re experiencing slow connections or none at all to your Windows Home Server, a good way to help diagnose issues is with the Windows Home Server Toolkit. Today we take a look at the toolkit and see how it can help you get your connections back....

FlatMenusForm - a class, which makes the default 3D menus look flat  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 89  |  Today: 0Author: Georgi Atanasov      Rating:  
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I wanted to learn how to change the default 3D look of the menus in Windows XP classic appearance, because when implementing owner-draw menus windows gives you only the client area of the menu window for drawing. And when I have Windows XP appearance it is just fine with its flat menus, but when switching to classic - it is awful, the 3D border isn't fitting the menu items at all. Then I started looping through the .NET Framework SDK searching solution of my problem and finally I gave up - there...

The Ultimate Toolbox File Management     
Total Hits: 67  |  Today: 0Author: The Ultimate Toolbox      Rating:  
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The COXBinDiffCalculator, COXDiffFileHeader, and COXDiffProgress classes combine to encapsulate binary differences and are able to compute the differences between two versions of a file. Imagine that you have an original file and an updated file. Using the COXBinDiffCalculator, you can see what has changed between the original and the updated version. This difference can then be written to a third file. Later on you can reproduce the updated version using the original and the difference file....

The Ultimate Toolbox HyperBar     
Total Hits: 99  |  Today: 0Author: The Ultimate Toolbox      Rating:  
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The hyperbar control is an MFC control, derived principally from CToolbar, which can be added to any project and which will give the floating toolbar look seen in the Microsoft Expression 'Hyperbar' sample. The control has been designed to be easy to add to any existing project. Simply change the type of your existing toolbar to COXHyperbar, and add the 3 required classes to your project. The degree of zoom effect is exposed as a parameter, and the framework has been designed to allow any desire...

The Ultimate Toolbox Graphic Format Classes     
Total Hits: 78  |  Today: 0Author: The Ultimate Toolbox      Rating:  
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The Ultimate Toolbox Graphic Formats classes are primarily concerned with facilitating the display of bitmap and JPEG files.

The Ultimate Toolbox source code download contains source code for the building of the JPEG libraries. These files are copyright (c) 1991-1995, Thomas G. Lane, and form part of the Independent JPEG Group's software....

The Ultimate Toolbox Application Customization     
Total Hits: 86  |  Today: 0Author: The Ultimate Toolbox      Rating:  
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COXCustomizeManager is a derived class that serves as a control center that provides customization functionality for different aspects of your application. COXCustomizeManager is a container of customize page(s). Each customize page is responsible for customization of a particular area of your application functionality (e.g. customizing menus and toolbars). Refer to the COXCustomizePage class overview and overviews for the standard customize page classes (like COXCustomizeCommandsPage).CDialog...

Resources for Your Developer Toolbox     
Total Hits: 155  |  Today: 0Author: Marnie Hutcheson      Rating:  
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ActiveReports for .NET 2.0 by Data Dynamics is written in C# and integrates with the Visual Studio® .NET development environment to let you create dynamic reports and charts. Drop the Report Viewer control on your Windows® Form or Web Form, specify the data source and authentication information for the data connection wizard, and it builds the connection string for you. You just complete the query with the name of table you want to work with, selecting the appropriate fields as listed in the Rep...

Networking, Rich UIs, and More     
Total Hits: 51  |  Today: 0Author: Scott Mitchell      Rating:  
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End users today expect a level of interconnectivity between applications that was unheard of a mere five years ago. Many applications periodically determine if a new version is available and, if so, offer to download and install it. Financial applications will connect to the Internet for the latest stock quotes. Games seamlessly integrate with online services to keep track of a user’s high scores and how she ranks among her peers. These operations can be performed using a variety of technologies...

Find Bottlenecks, Code Similarities, and More     
Total Hits: 72  |  Today: 0Author: Scott Mitchell      Rating:  
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This summer my wife and I are embarking on a three-week, 215-mile backpacking trip. After formulating the initial pack list, we spent several days evaluating equipment and paring down the list to reduce our pack weights. To maximize our efforts, we focused primarily on the heaviest items—the tent, sleeping bags, bear canister, and so on—and virtually ignored the lighter items. It’s a classic case of the old 80/20 rule, that 20 percent of the supplies constitute 80 percent of the overall weight. ...

Live Chat, Code Conversion, Multiple Monitors, and More     
Total Hits: 91  |  Today: 0Author: Scott Mitchell      Rating:  
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I was recently visiting a hiking supply Web site searching for a particular piece of equipment. After searching in vain for several minutes, I noticed a link to chat with a sales associate. Clicking it opened a new window, allowing me to chat with a gentleman named Chad. I explained what I was looking for and, just a few moments later, got a link to the item. Such live chat functionality is becoming increasingly common on the Internet. Chat is a more responsive customer service mechanism than e-...

Mini-Tools Adds VB.NET Support and Integrated Help  Version: 2.1     Price: $99.00 / Free Trial  
Total Hits: 89  |  Today: 0Author: Mini-Tools      Rating:  
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CINCINNATI, Ohio March 28, 2006 --- Mini-Tools™ announces upgrades to its line of .NET software components to offer full Visual Basic .NET support and help files integrated into the Microsoft® Visual Studio® development environment. All Mini-Tools .NET components are on sale through April 30, 2006.

"Many of our customers use Visual Basic and find it easier when sample code is in their native language,” said Timm Martin, Mini-Tools President and CTO. “We felt it was important to shore up...

MobileForms Toolkit   Price: $299.95 / Free Trial  
Total Hits: 166  |  Today: 0Author: Resco      Rating:  
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Resco MobileForms Toolkit is not just a set of powerful UI components designed specifically for mobile devices. Advanced designers, support of quick data loading, standardized mobile user interface and many other features provide you with a unique development environment fully integrated with the Visual Studio .NET....

Quick Tip – Disable/Enable Button by Textbox using jQuery  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 30  |  Today: 0Author: Gil Fink      Rating:  
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Quick Tip – Disable/Enable Button by Textbox using jQuery I find myself often with a need to disable/enable a button according to client events that occur on web pages. Today I helped to implement this behavior again so I thought it will be nice to share the code I used. In this example I’m disabli...

A smart MenuItem  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 69  |  Today: 0Author: Jan Wiggers      Rating:  
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For a project I work on, I decided I needed the possibility to open recent files. (Also called a MRU or Most Recently Used.) I first searched for it on CodeProject but I seemed to be the first ;). So I thought of the following requirements. I needed a menu item (called Recent) with the recently opened files as sub menu-items. Persistence is not needed in my case because I use my own setting manager. (Perhaps a later article.) My menu-item should signal the change in the MRU list so I could persi...

MozBar  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 44  |  Today: 0Author: Patrik Bohman      Rating:  
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I started this project when I needed something like the toolbar in FireFox's Options dialog in one of my other projects. This is where the name came from. I looked around but couldn't find any control that had what I needed so I decided to write my own. Another benefit of writing this control was that it gave me the opportunity to play around with some of the techniques used in control creation, i.e., Designers, TypeConverters and TypeEditors. I will not go into code details (that's what the sou...

The Ultimate Toolbox System Information Class     
Total Hits: 67  |  Today: 0Author: The Ultimate Toolbox      Rating:  
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The COXSysInfo class is an easy way to have an application query a computer for system information. Various system parameters can be examined using this utility class.

This sample program shows most of the functionality of the COXSysInfo class.

Several system parameters are listed, showing the abilities of the class....

The Ultimate Toolbox Task Bar Icon     
Total Hits: 94  |  Today: 0Author: The Ultimate Toolbox      Rating:  
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The COXTaskbarIcon class encapsulates the Win32 API's Shell_NotifyIcon() function to let you easily show, hide, or change icons in Window 95's or Windows NT's taskbar notification area. It is derived from the MFC class CWnd, therefore you can derive a class from it to handle mouse messages (thus hiding codes for taskbar icons from those in your main program). Yet, it doesn't abolish the convenience of handling mouse messages within your CWnd classes, because you can always tell it to route those...

The Ultimate Toolbox Resource File     
Total Hits: 80  |  Today: 0Author: The Ultimate Toolbox      Rating:  
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The COXResourceFile provides a resource with a CSharedFile (thus CFile) interface. One can read or write any type (e.g. a GIF-picture, a movie etc. as in RT_RCDATA) of resources directly through the familiar methods Read(), Write(), Seek(), Flush(), Close(), etc.. The resource will be loaded into memory and wrapped by a COXResourceFile. All changes will be applied to the resource in memory and will be committed when the file is flushed....

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