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How to host a color picker combobox in Windows Forms DataGridView Cells     
Total Hits: 174  |  Today: 0Author: Joe20033      Rating:  
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The .NET framework provides quite a rich collection of UI controls and components for WinFroms development. There is one particular control that has been missing. I am talking about color-picker control with drop down color selection capabilities, just like the one used within the Visual Studio .NET property browser for editing Color-typed properties. A color picker control was developed by Palo Mraz and was published in this website. I wanted to use this control in a DataGridView but I couldn’t...

FarPoint's Spread for Windows Forms v2   Price: $799.00  
Total Hits: 283  |  Today: 0Author: FarPoint      Rating:  
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On the surface, all grids/spreadsheets may look the same. However, like most things, it's the attention to details that separate the average from the best.We have focused on those details and have been building industrial strength grids/spreadsheets for over 10 years - longer than any other component vendor - and we've learned from professional developers like you what features you need and what features your customers expect....

Binary Search Tree(BST) Implementation     
Total Hits: 355  |  Today: 0Author: Jaijo      Rating:  
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The Above Java BST Implementation Implements the Basic Binary search Tree operations. In the Java Program, the program listens to a text file and it creates the Binary Search Tree using the input from the Text file and it also implements various operations like searching the key, deleting the key and finally printing the Binary search Tree....

DigitsyGrid ASP.NET Web Control     
Total Hits: 372  |  Today: 0Author: digitsy      Rating:  
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Try our DigitsyGrid web control for Microsoft ASP.NET. You will be amazed how simple, powerful and intelligent it is. It really understands your database query and recreates it on the fly to include native database-side paging and sorting. Only data needed to be displayed on the current page will be selected from the database and transmitted to the web server. No manual coding needed.
Did you ever try to display images taking them from a database and putting into a grid control? Unlike Window...

ComponentOne FlexGrid for .NET     
Total Hits: 474  |  Today: 0Author: ComponentOne      Rating:  
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ComponentOne FlexGrid for .NET is the .NET version of our ActiveX control, VSFlexGrid Pro. We've completely rewritten VSFlexGrid Pro to take advantage of the infrastructure provided by .NET so you can maximize your development productivity.
ComponentOne FlexGrid for .NET incorporates the latest in data-binding technology, ADO.NET, to integrate seamlessly with the Microsoft .NET Framework. As a result, you get an easy-to-use, robust grid control to create user-friendly interfaces that display...

Essential Grid     
Total Hits: 367  |  Today: 0Author: syncfusion      Rating:  
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Essential Grid offers Microsoft Excel like grid functionality and high performance grouping support for both flat and hierarchical data sources. It allows extremely detailed customization down to the cell level. Multi-level Undo/Redo, Shared Scrollbar support, Data/View separation, Floating cells, more than 15 cell types and unmatched extensibility are features that are unique to Essential Grid....

Extending the GridView Control     
Total Hits: 217  |  Today: 0Author: Dino Esposito      Rating:  
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Welcome to my100th consecutive installment of Cutting Edge. I've been writing this column since January 1998 in Microsoft Internet Developer. Looking back over the past eight years, I realize that I've touched on almost every subject in the Windows® SDK and the Microsoft® .NET Framework. In all that time, one topic has really stood out and kept you coming back for more: the DataGrid. So to celebrate my 100th column, I'm going to talk about the successor of the ASP.NET DataGrid control—the GridVi...

CheckBox Header Column For DataGridView     
Total Hits: 263  |  Today: 0Author: DLM@bypsoft      Rating:  
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It is very common to have a list of items in DataGridView with a check box in the first column where your later action will depend on user selection. This can be very easily done by having a first column defined as DataGridViewCheckBoxCell object. But, how can your customer select all items in the list (let's say you are working on an email client app and the user wants to delete all of his 100 spams). This was the main idea to generate a class which will have a check box item in the header wher...

DataTable   Price: $378.00  
Total Hits: 239  |  Today: 0Author: Infragistics, Inc.      Rating:  
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The DataTable grid component, with its cutting-edge OLE DB/ADO binding support, continues to be the leading choice for both VB and ASP developers alike. DataTable requires no coding to bind to hierarchical recordsets to produce the industry-standard Microsoft-style user interface for data display. Also included are Currency, Date Edit with drop-down calendar, Mask Edit Numeric and Time Edit components that may be used stand-alone or as in-cell editors for DataTable. Completing this feature-rich ...

DataGridEnhancer   Price: $32.00  
Total Hits: 271  |  Today: 0Author: Neo Components      Rating:  
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ActiveX control that adds Data Validation functionality and more to the MS DataGrid Control. DataGridEnhancer makes the DataGrid an ideal Data Entry/Update Grid, and eliminates the 'Multi-Step Operation Generated Error...' for good....

Real Grid   Price: $30.00  
Total Hits: 353  |  Today: 0Author: undergroundstudios      Rating:  
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RealGrid is a ASP.NET custom scrollable datagrid web server control and more. It behaves exactly like a standard datagrid control, however it scrolls the content of the datagrid based on user defined values. RealGrid allows Headers and Footers to remain stationary while only the data content scrolls. Real Grid includes custom features like auto sort custom icons,user defined headers and footers(including multiple rows and custom height!) and much much more. See the features below for a complete ...

XtraVerticalGrid   Price: $299.99  
Total Hits: 336  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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XtraVerticalGrid is our inverted grid control for Visual Studio® .NET, designed to help you build more efficient and flexible data entry forms for Windows® applications....

Total Hits: 201  |  Today: 0Author: Nancy Michell      Rating:  
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After receiving a late-breaking news bulletin at magazine headquarters early this month stating that the Web is just a fad that will never amount to anything, we have reluctantly decided to retire our venerable Web Q&A column and replace it with one we like to call Dev Q&A. Seriously, Web programming has grown far beyond HTML-formatted text to encompass just about any kind of programming you can imagine. Limiting the scope of this column to Web-only questions seems a little superficial. Dev Q&A ...

Printing a DataGridView on DotNet Framework     
Total Hits: 237  |  Today: 0Author: BlaiseBraye      Rating:  
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One month ago, I was reading a good article from Salan Al-Ani at the above adress
This class has good points, the author had understood how to print a gridview and gives in its article a first idea about it.
With its solution, I found several problems:
* It first prints each rows with first viewable columns and then make the job again with next viewable columns,... I wanted to print it with an other order, I mean: pr...

Nested Grids for Hierarchical Data     
Total Hits: 158  |  Today: 0Author: Dino Esposito      Rating:  
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In the August 2003 installment of Cutting Edge, I discussed how to extend the ASP.NET DataGrid server control to use a multi-table data container such as a DataSet object as its data source. If the DataSet contains pairs of interrelated tables, the control adds a dynamically created button column whenever the displayed table is the parent of one of these relations. When the column button is clicked, a child DataGrid is displayed, listing the child rows of the selected record according to the rel...

Tailor Your DataGrid Apps Using Table Style and Custom Column Style Objects     
Total Hits: 145  |  Today: 0Author: Kristy Saunders      Rating:  
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One of the most enduring challenges in writing user interfaces is figuring out how to display large amounts of data efficiently and intuitively without bewildering the user. The problem becomes particularly thorny when the interface must reflect hierarchical relationships within the data that the user needs to modify. The Windows Forms DataGrid control gives developers a powerful and flexible tool to meet this challenge. This article explains its basic operations and shows how to extend the Data...

Edit MS Flex Grid in Two Ways     
Total Hits: 218  |  Today: 0Author: suresh suthar      Rating:  
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This is my second article on Code Project. This is about how to edit MS Flex Grid. I was using TextBox and ComboBox to edit flex grid at run time, for that I had to add reference of Microsoft.VisualBasic.Compatibility and some complex coding to move TextBox or ComboBox on grid. But this is good idea if some one wants to edit grid with some predefined itemsusing ComboBox....

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