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ASP.NET Tutorial: Upload Image Files using ASP.NET and Visual Basic.NET     
Total Hits: 351  |  Today: 0Author: easerve      Rating:  
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Uploading Images using ASP.NET is surprisingly simple. Lets get started. The below code will allow you to Upload Image Files to your web site....

Visual Basic .NET: Tracing, Logging, and Threading Made Easy with .NET     
Total Hits: 231  |  Today: 0Author: Yasser Shohoud      Rating:  
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Visual Basic has always been a language of innovation, but at the same time it's left its proponents wanting certain high-level features. With the upcoming version, Visual Basic .NET, the language takes advantage of the Microsoft .NET Framework to provide several new features that will be vital to developers....

Convert an Array of Objects to a Generics List     
Total Hits: 355  |  Today: 0Author: LazyAssCoder      Rating:  
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This article will show you how to convert an array of object to a generic list....

ImageMagick in VB.NET     
Total Hits: 588  |  Today: 0Author: bubble2k.      Rating:  
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ImageMagick is a powerful image manipulation tool that recognizes a wide range of image formats, including your usual JPG, GIF, PNG formats commonly used on the web. Among some of its manipulation capabilities are the ability to apply graphical effects such as charcoal, gaussian blur, solarization, (and some effects that you'd see in professional image manipulation software such as Adobe Photoshop)....

Image Batch Resizer     
Total Hits: 314  |  Today: 0Author: Alberto Venditti.      Rating:  
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I came back from my holidays, with tons of photos taken with my new digital camera. Normally, I prefer to take pictures using the best quality and resolution, and this - of course - implies having bigger files to manage.
Often, at a good resolution, a single photo in JPG format takes more than 1 Mb, and this is not so comfortable if you want to send your pictures to your friends via email, or to put them on a web site. You have to reduce the quality of your pictures, resampling them at a lowe...

How to rotate an image in Visual Basic.Net     
Total Hits: 3356  |  Today: 0Author: DevASP      Rating:  
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This article is about how you can rotate an image at your desire angle. In this article we will use the system.math namespace to rotate image on desired angle....

Creating Text Images On the Fly with GDI+     
Total Hits: 192  |  Today: 0Author: Ken Spencer      Rating:  
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Q I am building a Windows® Forms application and need to be able to create graphical text on the fly. Basically, I want to create an image, add text to it, then use the new image later in the app.

A The first step in solving this problem is pretty easy. I created a simple form that allows you to enter a string of text, then enter the starting point for the text in the resulting output. After you enter the string, the code will create an image from it that is then placed in one or both of ...

A custom control for image annotations and image processing     
Total Hits: 301  |  Today: 0Author: yvdh.      Rating:  
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This is a major update of my previous article on annotations. I preferred to leave the original in place and focus more on the evolution of the code here....

VB.Net GIF Transparency     
Total Hits: 441  |  Today: 0Author: Mythran.      Rating:  
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I have searched the web (via Google) for examples on how to convert a GIF image into a transparent GIF image without much success. What I wanted was there, just not in the way I wanted it.

Some of the methods I've seen on the web that converts a non-transparent GIF to a transparent GIF used unsafe code to perform the conversions. With luck, I stumbled across a couple of examples that performed the conversion without unsafe code, and I ran into Bob Powell's transparency page and voila, fo...

Applying a Color Wash to Images     
Total Hits: 488  |  Today: 0Author: Gavin Harriss      Rating:  
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Ever had a web site that needs branding for individual customers but found the presence of image elements complicates the process as you can't adjust their color from a simple style sheet? Wouldn't it be nice to use a base set of grayscale images and automatically apply a color wash to them to bring them in line with the customer's color scheme without fiddling with a graphics package?...

ImagesComboBox Control     
Total Hits: 459  |  Today: 0Author: CodeProject      Rating:  
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A combobox holding pictures as the items themselves and not just drawing them on run-time.
So the most logical thing was to have one that will hold pictures instead of values....

An ASP Image Browser (and Killer!)     
Total Hits: 241  |  Today: 0Author: John Peterson      Rating:  
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If you've been running your web site for more then a couple of months, you've probably noticed how quickly image files tend to accumulate. Even though we all try to give our files meaningful names, sometimes when you're looking through a directory full of image file names, it's not always easy to recall what a particular file is or what it was used for.

When that happens, I usually find myself repeatedly firing off a browser and requesting the image to see what it is. Well this little scr...

Read Barcodes from an Image     
Total Hits: 367  |  Today: 0Author: mackenb.      Rating:  
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The following article describes an algorithm in VB.NET to detect 2 of 5 interleaved barcodes, which are widely used in industrial applications like document management (DMS). The algorithm can easily be extended to detect every other two-width barcode like 2 of 5 standard and Code 39....

Setting Windows Desktop Wallpaper     
Total Hits: 313  |  Today: 0Author: devcity      Rating:  
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Here is some Visual Basic 2005 code for setting the Windows desktop wallpaper to an arbitrary image on the user's local drive. It illustrates use of VB2005 My classes, in this case to find the location of the user's My Pictures directory without a lot of coding....

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