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ASP.Net Document Management System     
Total Hits: 711  |  Today: 0Author: Chris Sully      Rating:  
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This article implements a simple ASP.NET based document management system using XML files as the data storage mechanism. The system illustrates the use of, the following ASP.NET and ADO.NET technologies:
File manipulation: principally uploading of files from client machine to web server via HTTP.DataGrids.Forms based authentication.ADO.NET, in particular datasets, XML, data tables and data columns.Sending E-Mails from the web server....

Web Site Development Process - The life-cycle steps     
Total Hits: 200  |  Today: 0Author: Benny A      Rating:  
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Like the traditional software development, the process of web site development can also be divided into different life cycle steps. This can help to format the team effectively, and the standards and procedures can be adopted to achieve maximum quality. This article explains the steps of development which can be possibly arranged as a process of web engineering. This is just a guideline to help you, to know, how a process can be done. The steps may vary from application to application....

SandCastle documentation cleaner.     
Total Hits: 282  |  Today: 0Author: C. Bess.      Rating:  
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It all started when I found out that the documentation generated by SandCastle was showing internal code (those members marked as 'internal' and 'internal protected'). Of course this was unwanted. So with my magic regular expression wand and an observant eye, I created some regex that would "clean" the comments. Then I went a step further and had it clean the MS stuff out also....

Printing an ASP.NET Web Form When It Is Submitted     
Total Hits: 494  |  Today: 0Author: aspalliance      Rating:  
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Why would you want to print a web form directly to a printer once the user submits it? Consider that not everyone in an organization has access to the same level of technology. Usually web form data is sent via email, saved as a text or xml file, or added to a database. For many applications the email option works well. But, in some organizations this email is then printed so that someone else can take the necessary action....

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