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Extended GridView With Insert Functionality     
Total Hits: 100  |  Today: 0Author: Alex Furmanski.      Rating:  
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This article describes an extended GridView ASP.NET control which adds insert functionality that can be used in a similar manner to the existing edit and delete functionality. It also looks at the internal working of the GridView control and identifies some useful methods for extension.

Updated: several bugs have been fixed in the code. See the history for more information....

Split Function that Supports Text Qualifiers     
Total Hits: 89  |  Today: 0Author: LSteinle.      Rating:  
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I have always appreciated the String.Split function (and the Split function provided with VB.Net). The Split function divides a text value into seperate parts based on a specified character, or delimiter. The Split function returns the parsed text value as a string array.

Unfortunately the Split function does not support text qualifiers. A text qualifier is a character used to mark the bounds of a block of text. Usually a quotation mark or apostraphe is used for the text qualifier althoug...

How to automate exporting .NET function to unmanaged     
Total Hits: 73  |  Today: 0Author: Selvin.      Rating:  
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Exporting function to unmanaged programs - why not.
... but i dont wana changing .il files by hand. I need to automate this. So here we go.
Few days ago i was writing program (Termial Services addin).
First problem was that i couln't write this in C# ... Ok. I started writing this in C++/CLI.
But there was another problem mstsc.exe don't like to load such library.
Ok. No problem. I started another project(in C++/CLI the first i change to pure C++) whitch export one function.

Full functional .NET Wrapper for the WNet API     
Total Hits: 73  |  Today: 0Author: DarkGraySerge.      Rating:  
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A simple project containing .NET function-wrappers of WNet API.

This is a full functional .Net-wrapper to allow easiest access to the WNet API....

Undocumented Fusion     
Total Hits: 61  |  Today: 0Author: John Renaud.      Rating:  
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In this article, we'll take a look at the undocumented and internal (but useful) class called Microsoft.CLRAdmin.Fusion that resides in the mscorcfg assembly (a core component in the .NET framework). Using this class, we'll be able to examine the contents of the three Fusion assembly caches as well as the managed application history. Sure - gacutil already provides some of this capability, but we'll access the functionality programmatically and (hopefully) learn some .NET spelunking techniques ...

An MD5 Function Compatible with PHP     
Total Hits: 79  |  Today: 0Author: ediazc.      Rating:  
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Recently I needed to integrate an ASP.NET application with SugarCRM, an Open Source CRM implementation (a very good one).

SugarCRM publishes a SOAP API, but I needed to send the password in MD5 format compatible with the MD5 function of PHP (SugarCRM is built on PHP). So I wrote a function that emulates the MD5 function of PHP....

MDX Essentials: Set Functions: The MeasureGroupMeasures() Function     
Total Hits: 110  |  Today: 0Author: William Pearson      Rating:  
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This article is a member of the series, MDX Essentials. The series is designed to provide hands-on application of the fundamentals of the Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) language, with each tutorial progressively adding features designed to meet specific real-world needs....

Formatting for Dummies...     
Total Hits: 40  |  Today: 0Author: Donny Mack      Rating:  
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This will be my first organic article and it happens to be on formatting. It is going to be organic because I see new formatting questions all the time and there is snow way I can cover them all at once. So, if you have a formatting question or see one I should add please email me and I'll add it stat! Email ME
There isn't much to speak about as far as formatting - essentially, you have a type and you want to format it, usually for presentation purposes. To illustrate how to do most of the st...

Explore Ways to Extend ASP.NET AJAX Client-Side Function     
Total Hits: 80  |  Today: 0Author: Xianzhong Zhu      Rating:  
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With the elegant integration with legacy ASP.NET applications and the introduction of fully object-oriented JavaScript, Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX has been attracting more and more web developers. In this article the author examines the typical ways to extend the ASP.NET AJAX framework from the client side....

Extremely useful ASP functions     
Total Hits: 75  |  Today: 0Author: Robert Collyer.      Rating:  
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Please report any problems found to me ASAP, so I may fix them and build another release. I get literally hundreds of emails asking how to use these functions, and questions relating to them, etc. If you have any enquiries regarding these scripts, email me, but please allow up to 36 Hours for a response....

ChopLastWord Function     
Total Hits: 26  |  Today: 0Author: Topher Jentoft      Rating:  
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Sometimes you need to limit the length of a string by truncating it, but you don't want to leave a fraction of a word behind. Using this VBScript function, you can limit the length of a string while retaining only complete words....

Use VB's Powerful Format Function through ASP     
Total Hits: 95  |  Today: 0Author: T. Bradley Dean      Rating:  
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When creating ASP pages you can choose to use a number of scripting languages, such as VBScript, JScript, PerlScript, and even Python. While this may seem all fine and good, realize that VBScript, the most popular server-side scripting languages, is a watered-down version of VisualBasic. Think of VBScript as VB-Lite - certain things are missing....

.NET Is The Future : Why?     
Total Hits: 53  |  Today: 0Author: Rahul Sharma      Rating:  
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This has been a long time in coming. I couldn't write any more article after "Shifting Software Industry: .NET" because of some problems but finally I thought I should talk about the future of .NET. The reason is very simple, I'm getting almost 50 mails a day in my inbox just asking about the future of .NET and the comparison with other technologies. So I'm presenting my own views about the future possibilities of this technology....

Using Tracing with Less Code USing Conditional Compilation and Worker Functions     
Total Hits: 34  |  Today: 0Author: Donny Mack      Rating:  
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I was going to make an article about this, but after deep reflection into the subject matter I decided to just write a how to instead. In this article I'll show you a tip to minimize the code you write when using tracing. If implemented, when you compile your release code you will have absolutly no tracing information what-so-ever included. This is achomplished by using Conditional Compilation. Additionally, I'll demonstrate how by making two Worker Functions you can write less code when writing...

Utility Belt:Email Capabilities     
Total Hits: 70  |  Today: 0Author: Charles Carroll      Rating:  
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The code below shows the email functionality "Utility Belt" functions. The MailMsg sub is the centerpiece of Utility Belt. This method is also used internally to email errors that occur at runtime to a designated email address. See our UtilityBelt.config basics @

Screen Scraping with C#     
Total Hits: 294  |  Today: 0Author: Juan Xavier Larrea      Rating:  
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Some days ago i needed to create a newsletter system wich, among other stuff, had to be able to screen scrap a given URL and use it as the mail message body....

HTML Scraping with Visual Basic and AsyncRead     
Total Hits: 308  |  Today: 0Author: Ken Spencer      Rating:  
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Exchanging information with anonymous parties on the Web is no easy task today. For example, your Web site may have to cull information from another site on a regular basis, like those stock Web sites that pull data from NASDAQ ( Or you may have to perform scheduled information updates to another Web site. Some Web sites make it easy for you to exchange information by supplying you with URLs that either allow you to query their data or that accept your data. Other sites pr...

HTML Screen Scraping using C# .Net WebClient     
Total Hits: 443  |  Today: 0Author: azamsharp      Rating:  
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Screen Scraping means reading the contents of a web page. Suppose you go to, what you see is the interface which includes buttons, links, images etc. What we don't see is the target url of the links, the name of the images, the method used by the button which can be POST or GET. In other words we don't see the HTML behind the pages. Screen Scraping pulls the HTML of the web page. This HTML includes every HTML tag that is used to make up the page. The question that comes to our mind is ...

Screen Scraping in ASP.NET     
Total Hits: 588  |  Today: 0Author: John Kilgo      Rating:  
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Screen Scraping is the process of reading, and optionally displaying the content of a web site. It can be a useful technique and is quite easy to do in .NET. Screen scraping is a lot easier in .NET than it was in classic ASP where you had to use the infamous INET.DLL. The System.Net namespace provides all the methods we need to perform screen scraping in .NET. I will show you the code without a great deal of explanation. In this first example program we are going to screen scrape www.dotnetjohn....

Downloading Web Pages in VB.NET     
Total Hits: 417  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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In this article, you'll see VB.NET version of how to use Web classes to download a file through HTTP....

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