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Microsoft .NET Architecture     
Total Hits: 194  |  Today: 0Author: Joydip Kanjilal      Rating:  
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In this article, Joydip discusses about the essential aspects of Microsoft .NET such as CLR, MSIL, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, and Web Services. He wraps up the dicussion with a short note about the security aspects involved with the .NET Framework....

Eight Reasons Windows Administrators Should Learn JScript Instead of VBScript     
Total Hits: 174  |  Today: 0Author: Bill Stewart      Rating:  
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When Windows NT was first released, Microsoft did not provide much in the way of automation except for the Cmd.exe shell. You could always install third-party tools such as Perl (and this is still the case), but the operating system didn't provide much built-in scripting functionality. This changed, though, with the release of the Windows Script Host (WSH) and HTAs (HTML applications). One nice advantage of both WSH scripts and HTAs is that they're both built into the OS on Windows 2000 and late...

Delving Deeper into Constructing ASP.NET AJAX-based Applications     
Total Hits: 198  |  Today: 0Author: Xianzhong Zhu      Rating:  
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In the previous article we started our examination of three patterns for constructing ASP.NET AJAX-based applications. We were just starting to "ajaxify" JSSK. In this article we continue our exploration of these three patterns....

Remote Database Administer via XMLHTTP     
Total Hits: 107  |  Today: 0Author: Lu Lianbo.      Rating:  
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Several years ago, CGI-BIN modules were used to administer remote databases. But recently, CGI-BIN is used rarely due to the fact that it runs slowly and is hard for maintenance.
These few years, Component Object Model (COM) was widely used and worked well. Unfortunately it is not easy to register COM components on virtual hosting.
Yes, on .NET or on J2EE platform, we can make very well n-Tier Web applications. But for a web site, we have other easy ways to administer remote databases, for...

Precompiliation für ASP.NET-Seiten     
Total Hits: 144  |  Today: 0Author:      Rating:  
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Der ASP.NET-Compiler ist ein Kommandozeilenwerkzeug, das ab ASP.NET Version 2.0 mit dem .NET Framework Redistributable ausgeliefert wird. Das Werkzeug ist realisiert in aspnet_compiler.exe.
Der Compiler kompiliert die komplette Webanwendung einschließlich des des Inhalts der ASPX-Seiten in mehrere .dlls. Diesen Vorgang nennt man Precompiliation.
Webanwendungen können einschließlich des HTML-Codes mit dem Werkzeug aspnet_compiler.exe komplett kompiliert werden...

ASP.NET Tip: Encrypting a Configuration File Section     
Total Hits: 228  |  Today: 0Author: Eric Smith      Rating:  
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Leaving passwords unencrypted in a configuration file is generally considered a bad idea. Although some level of access is required to get to the file, encrypting the passwords—especially database passwords—adds a layer of security. However, implementing this type of encryption has been a bit difficult until ASP.NET 2.0. Microsoft provided the Data Protection API prior to 2.0, but did not provide a .NET interface to these methods.
With ASP.NET 2.0, you now have the ability to encrypt portions...

How to debug ASP.Net program without the privilege of administrator     
Total Hits: 384  |  Today: 0Author: koffer      Rating:  
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If we don’t have the administrator privilege, we can’t debug or even create a web application. And we can’t manage the IIS also. It is really a problem for all the developers. You may encounter the errors just like that "Can't dubug,.....Access Denied."...

HOW TO: Analyze ASP.NET Web Application Performance by Using the Performance Administration Tool     
Total Hits: 842  |  Today: 0Author: MSDN      Rating:  
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This step-by-step article describes how to analyze ASP.NET Web application performance by using the Performance Administration tool. ASP.NET provides a lot of information through standard performance counters. The standard performance counters can be monitored by using the Performance snap-in. This information is useful for system administrators who must understand the performance characteristics of an ASP.NET application. The performance counters can reveal the time it takes to render pages, th...

Devise secure ASP.NET applications     
Total Hits: 540  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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Web applications are subject to several types of attacks, whose damage and impact can vary quite a bit depending on the characteristics of the application itself. As a result, security is strictly related to the application’s usage and how the users interact with its features. But how do you design and code secure ASP.NET applications?...

Web Site Administration Tool Overview  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 20  |  Today: 0Author: miicrosoft      Rating:  
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Web site configuration settings are stored in an XML file named Web.config, which is located in the root folder of the Web site. The Web Site Administration Tool lets you change your site configuration without having to manually edit the Web.config file. The first time that you use the Web Site Administration Tool to administer a specific Web site, if no Web.config file exists, the Web Site Administration Tool creates one. By default, the Web Site Administration Tool also creates a database in t...

Create Your Own Web Site Administration Tool in ASP.NET     
Total Hits: 139  |  Today: 0Author: Bean Software      Rating:  
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The objective of this tutorial is to show the steps you have to follow to create your own WAT (Web site Administration tool) in ASP.NET. In order to follow this tutorial, you have to meet the below conditions:
- IIS 5.0/6.0 web server installed on your PC;
- .NET 2.0 framework or above installed on your PC;
- An ASP.NET site (authentication is done via forms);
- A SQL server database (aspnetdb.mdf in our case) in the App_data folder of the application; This db must have the sql schem...

Test Automation for ASP.NET Web Apps with SSL     
Total Hits: 126  |  Today: 0Author: James McCaffrey      Rating:  
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If you're encrypting user data with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) over HTTP and you want to test your Web applications programmatically you'll find that the techniques are not widely known. In this month's column I'll show you how to set up a test SSL server and write test automation that verifies the functionality of a simple but representative Web application....

Introducing ZAP: a Tool for Generating ASP.NET Websites Automatically     
Total Hits: 87  |  Today: 0Author: Stephen      Rating:  
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After you write hundreds of ASP.NET applications, certain patterns emerge. You discover that you are writing the exact same code over and over again. I've reached that point with ASP.NET. In order to avoid the insanity that results from writing the same tedious code, I wrote a tool named ZAP that automatically generates ASP.NET websites....

Forms Auth: Membership, Roles and Profile with no Providers and no Session     
Total Hits: 247  |  Today: 0Author: Peter Bromberg      Rating:  
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Shows how to use plain-old Forms Authentication with a single database table and compressed userData in the forms ticket to handle simplified Membership, Roles and Profile with no providers and no need for Session state....

Q&A with Database Administrators     
Total Hits: 171  |  Today: 0Author: Pinal Dave      Rating:  
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Pinal Dave shares his notes about Q&A with Database Administrators.

I have been in India for more than a month now, as I am leading a very large outsourcing project. We have conducted few interviews since the project required more Database Administrators and Senior Developers. I am listing few of the questions discussed during all the interviews. The whole event of interviews was very interesting. I met some very good programmers from all over the country. Many interesting questions were ...

Performing Web Authentication and Administration with LDAP     
Total Hits: 122  |  Today: 0Author: Lance Robinson      Rating:  
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In this article, I will cover how to authenticate a user/password pair in ASP.NET with an LDAP server, how to determine which directory a user is located in (if the Directory Server contains more than one directory), how to add new users, as well as how to handle general maintenance of the users (additions, deletions, and modifications)....

ASP.NET Orcas: Quiet Revolution     
Total Hits: 179  |  Today: 0Author: EPS Software      Rating:  
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A few months ago, Microsoft released Beta 1 .NET Framework 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008 codename Orcas ( Microsoft made the version a bit whacky for this release cycle and if you haven’t been paying close attention you wonder whether you somehow missed ASP.NET 3.0 along the way. You didn’t. Microsoft didn’t make an ASP.NET 3.0 update. The .NET 3.0 release cycle focused on add-on libraries that run on top the .NET runtime 2.0. The 3.0 updates brought Windows Presentat...

Getting Started with ASP.NET     
Total Hits: 221  |  Today: 0Author: Jim Duffy      Rating:  
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ASP.NET represents a significant leap forward from traditional Active Server Pages (ASP) development.In this article, I'll show you what it takes to begin building ASP.NET Websites with Visual Studio .NET. This article will provide you with the knowledge you need to jumpstart your foray into the world of ASP.NET development....

The IIS4 Administration Objects     
Total Hits: 81  |  Today: 0Author: Christoph Wille      Rating:  
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Administrating a web site can be time consuming - setting up access permissions, creating applications, defining script mappings and more - and sometimes also a frustrating experience when, for example, you would like to define different read/execute permissions for directories below a common root, which isn't possible. With Internet Information Server 3, all settings were stored in the Registry, either to be modified via the ISM (Internet Service Manager) or some settings even had to be added/c...

ASP-DHTML MDI Framework for Site Administration     
Total Hits: 299  |  Today: 0Author: Davy Mitchell.      Rating:  
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Almost every site I build has some sort of administration site built onto it and I wanted something to make the task of using these much easier by improving the interface. It was also required to be:
1. Quick to reuse
2. ASP centered and
3. Easy to add to existing sites....

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