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Full Text Search Querying Alternatives in SQL Server     
Total Hits: 246  |  Today: 0Author: Edgewood Solutions Engineers      Rating:  
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In one of your recent tips, you outlined setting up a SQL Server 2005 Full Text Catalog and some basic queries. Can you outline some of the Full Text Search querying alternatives? I thought your first tip (Making the case for Full Text Search) was beneficial to get started, now I think I want to take the next step with Full Text Search to see if it can functionally meet some application needs that we have been struggling with for some time....

Finding SQL Server Code Errors using Query Analyzer and a Double Click     
Total Hits: 240  |  Today: 0Author: Edgewood Solutions Engineers      Rating:  
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When dealing with large scripts it is sometimes difficult to find all errors in your code prior to executing the code. You can review the code and look for syntax issues as well as do searches to make sure the code is intact, but when dealing with a large amount of code some problems are sure to surface. By using Query Analyzer or a query window in SQL Server Management Studio to parse your query to determine if there are any syntax errors is a great step to ensure your code will work when exec...

Creating a Dynamic Bar Chart using a Database Query     
Total Hits: 376  |  Today: 0Author: Scott Mitchell      Rating:  
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The real power of charts come when the chart can be created dynamically from a database query. This isn't difficult to do with the BarChart routine provided in the previous article....

Reproducing SQL Server Query Execution Plan Performance Problems     
Total Hits: 246  |  Today: 0Author: Enrique Garcia      Rating:  
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You get a call from tech support that users are complaining about a report being particularly slow. Tech support says they think the problem occurs when retrieving data from the database. After using SQL Profiler to find out what is happening, you find out that the stored procedure that pulls the data for the report is having very high reads and it is taking several seconds to complete. However, when you execute this procedure on the same database to analyze the query plan and start solving the ...

SQL Server 2005 Management Studio Query Designer     
Total Hits: 271  |  Today: 0Author: Edgewood Solutions Engineers      Rating:  
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When writing queries I either need to reference an existing data model or visualize the tables in my head in order to complete my query. Does a visual query tool exist in the SQL Server 2005 tool set? If so, how can I access it and use it to streamline my development process? The SQL Server 2005 Management Studio ships with Query Designer which in a nutshell is a visual querying tool to build SELECT statements. (*** NOTE *** - This tool was available in SQL Server 2000 from Enterprise Manager...

ActiveX : Active Query     
Total Hits: 1366  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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Active Query allows you to include end user oriented SQL query builder into your application. Your users receive the ultimate ability to build their own queries and it is not necessary for them to understand your database design or table relationships. They do not see real tables and real field names and see only the table names and field descriptions you want them to see. Operators can be spelled out (e.g. "is equal to" instead of mathematical symbols), field values can be replaced with de.....

Capturing Graphical Query Plans with SQL Server Profiler     
Total Hits: 226  |  Today: 0Author: Edgewood Solutions Engineers      Rating:  
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One of the primary things that any DBA or developer will do when tuning their SQL statements is to look at the query plan or execution plan. This can be done in both a graphical tree format as well as a text based format. For most people this information is confusing at best and does not explicitly tell you what the issue is and how to fix the problem. For this reason, people have probably become more use to using the graphical plan output versus the text based output....

SQL Query Analyzer Shortcuts     
Total Hits: 235  |  Today: 0Author: Edgewood Solutions Engineers      Rating:  
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Using Query Analyzer is a great tool for testing queries, running ad hoc queries, troubleshooting queries etc... There is a lot of functionality as well as a lot of shortcuts built into the tool, but finding the shortcuts or remembering them is sometimes not that easy. Following are two tables of the shortcuts that you can use in Query Analyzer. The first chart is listed in Shortcut order and the second is listed in Function order. Once you are familiar with the shortcuts, they can save a lot ...

Microsoft SQL Server Query Processor Internals and Architecture     
Total Hits: 83  |  Today: 0Author: Hal Berenson and Kalen Delaney      Rating:  
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Microsoft® SQL Server™ internals and architecture make up a huge topic, so we'll limit this article to areas of interest to developers, focusing on topics that are not thoroughly discussed in other sources. In discussing the architecture of SQL Server, we'll look primarily at how things are processed on the client, how the various clients interact with SQL Server, and what SQL Server does to process clients' requests. There are other sources of information available that discuss other aspects of...

EMS Query Builder 2005  Version: 3.0     Price: $135.00 / Free Trial  
Total Hits: 800  |  Today: 0Author: EMS Software Development      Rating:  
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EMS Query Builder is a powerful component suite for Borland Delphi and C++ Builder intended for visual building SQL statements for the SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE clauses. It allows you to build new queries visually and/or graphically represent the existing queries in your own applications. The suite includes components for working with standard SQL, MS SQL, InterBase/FireBird, MySQL, PostgreSQL and many more dialects. Using Query Builder you can let your users to make up large and complic...

EMS SQL Query for SQL Server  Version: 2.1     Price: $65.00 / Free Trial  
Total Hits: 735  |  Today: 0Author: EMS Software Development      Rating:  
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EMS SQL Query for SQL Server is an utility that lets you quickly and simply build SQL queries to Microsoft SQL databases. Visual building as well as direct editing of a query text is available. User-friendly graphical interface allows you to connect to databases, select tables and fields for a query, set the selection criteria and many more. You can work with several queries at once, edit queries and view the execution results in several modes and perform any other operations you may need in you...

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