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Understanding Categories with CatView, Getting Toolbars in 256 Colors  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 72  |  Today: 0Author: Paul DiLascia      Rating:  
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I'm building an application framework that supports ActiveX® document plug-ins. At program startup I scan the registry for installed ActiveX components. I want to create a menu of all installed plug-ins. For each ActiveX component, I create an instance and query for a special interface called IMyAppPlugin. If this interface exists then it is reasonable to assume that the component is indeed a plug-in for my application. This seems like a bad way to do it, especially if there are a lot of ActiveX...

Finding a Win32 Handle, HTML in CHtmlCtrl  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 46  |  Today: 0Author: Paul DiLascia      Rating:  
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I encountered a problem using your suggested approach to find the Internet Explorer_Server window as described in your September 2001 column. When using GetLastChild with an HTML page containing comboboxes, sometimes it returns the combobox instead of the Microsoft® Internet Explorer window. You can see in Spy++ that comboboxes are child windows of the Internet Explorer window, but sometimes OnNavigateComplete2 was called before these windows were created, which my program didn't account for. I...

Sepia Tone, StringLogicalComparer, and More  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 49  |  Today: 0Author: Stephen Toub      Rating:  
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My digital camera allows me to take pictures using a "sepia" filter which results in photos that look like they were taken in the late 1800s. While this is cool, I'd rather take the pictures normally and then apply this change later on. I can probably do something like this in Digital Image Pro 10, but I'm working on my own photo utility library in .NET and was hoping to add this functionality. What's the best way to change the coloring of a bitmap?...

Bring The Simplicity of Windows Forms to Native Apps  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 34  |  Today: 0Author: John Torjo      Rating:  
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The problem with GUI programming in C++ is that most libraries are too low level, putting too much of the burden on the programmer. They rely on C-like structs, or their wrapper classes don't hide enough complexity. Also, they don't make event programming simple enough, instead forcing you to have to know about underlying WM_ messages....

Version-Dependent Registry Keys  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 66  |  Today: 0Author: Microsoft Corporation      Rating:  
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Most managed assemblies must be registered in the Windows registry for use by COM. Assemblies using registration-free COM interop are exempt from this requirement. You can register an assembly by using the Assembly Registration Tool (Regasm.exe) or methods exposed by the RegistrationServices class. Each mechanism creates version-dependent registry keys that allow multiple versions of the same assembly to run side-by-side on a computer....

"Protecting" Your Process with RtlSetProcessIsCritical     
Total Hits: 86  |  Today: 0Author: hxhl95      Rating:  
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RtlSetProcessIsCritical is yet another undocumented function hidden in the Windows kernel. It is one of the few which do not have a kernel32 equivalent. However, Microsoft has a good reason to not document this function - it should not be used in any application for any purpose whatsoever. I simply cannot imagine a circumstance where this function would actually come in useful. I am not responsible for any side-effects of calling this function on your computer. It may cause extreme system instab...

Using Design Time Attributes     
Total Hits: 143  |  Today: 0Author: Bipin Joshi      Rating:  
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Developing a nice custom control is just one part of the story. As a control author you should also pay attention about the experience of other developers who will be using your control. In most of the real world cases developers use Visual Studio as the IDE for developing .NET applications. You can enhance the experience of other developers using your control by providing proper designer support. For example, you can control how your control properties and events are displayed in property windo...

The Enterprise Library Data Access Application Block, Part 1     
Total Hits: 127  |  Today: 0Author: John Papa      Rating:  
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A solid data access later (DAL) can benefit an application by hiding redundant tasks, helping handle exceptions more gracefully, helping clean up resources more efficiently, and providing a layer of abstraction from the database. When you want to install a DAL in your architecture, you need to either find or build a data access component. Building one takes precious time away from a project's design, development, and testing timeline. What if you could find one that was already tested, follows b...

Code Your Applications To Deliver The World With Virtual Earth APIs     
Total Hits: 114  |  Today: 0Author: Chandu Thota      Rating:  
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Virtual Earth is the mapping technology that powers, the latest local search and mapping site from Microsoft. Virtual Earth™ technology was built by the same team that created MapPoint® 2006 and the MapPoint Web service. It is implemented using a mix of both server-side and client-side technologies that include ASP.NET, asynchronous JavaScript, and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). You can build your own application or Web site that uses Virtual Earth mapping technologies by usin...

IFileOperation in Windows Vista     
Total Hits: 101  |  Today: 0Author: Stephen Toub      Rating:  
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I have a bunch of file operations I'd like to execute as a batch, and I'd like to get the standard Windows® progress UI for my operations. I know I could use classes from the System.IO namespace to do all of the file operations one after the other, but then I would need to create my own progress UI, which is way more work than I wish to undertake. I noticed that Windows Vista® includes a new IFileOperations interface, but none of the samples I've seen demonstrate how to use this from managed cod...

Extend Windows PowerShell With Custom Commands     
Total Hits: 60  |  Today: 0Author: Jim Truher      Rating:  
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As you've probably already discovered, Windows PowerShellTM is a powerful and flexible tool. You may not know, however, that you can extend Windows PowerShell by writing your own cmdlets. In this article, I will show you how to create your own cmdlets by writing three custom cmdlets that allow you to interact with IsolatedStorage. I chose IsolatedStorage for these samples because I have not seen any other cmdlets related to IsolatedStorage and I thought its functionality would be useful, offerin...

Check-in Notes and Policies     
Total Hits: 52  |  Today: 0Author: Brian A. Randell      Rating:  
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Back in the January 2007 installment of this column, I started a discussion on using the Team Foundation Server (TFS) version control APIs from a Microsoft® Word 2003 add-in. Here I am, more than a year later, with the fifth and final part dedicated to the version control APIs and the Word add-in. (I really didn't think it would take this many installments.) You may recall from earlier columns that the add-in currently supports check-in, check-out, undo pending changes, and the ability to associ...

Change the GridView row color on click without postback     
Total Hits: 241  |  Today: 0Author: farazsk11      Rating:  
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This article is about changing the color of a GridView row on mouse click without having a postback on the page. In order to achieve this we will be using some javascript and off course the GridView Control itself. GridView is a server side control that contains Rows and Columns. In some cases we want to do something more than the straight forward functionality of the GridView control depending on the functional/UI requirements of the application....

Type Wrapper Classes and a PropertyGrid     
Total Hits: 162  |  Today: 0Author: Edmundas Kevisas      Rating:  
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PropertyGrid is a very nice control that allows you displaying and changing object information through its properties. Various attributes can be applied to properties of the implemented class in order to define how they would appear in the PropertyGrid. However you might find some tasks being difficult to accomplish at runtime, i.e.:
* Filtering properties in the property grid.
* Arranging properties under new categories.
* Changing display name and description information f...

Hashing Passwords, The AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers Attribute     
Total Hits: 81  |  Today: 0Author: Keith Brown      Rating:  
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There are several options. The simplest might leave you with cleartext passwords. After implementing something like this, you'll likely feel rather uncomfortable that all those passwords are sitting there in one file, in the clear. If you don't feel uncomfortable, you should! This makes it way too easy for an attacker who compromises your system to walk away with user passwords without even breaking a sweat. And, if this happens, it's not just your site that could feel the repercussions—most peo...

.NET Framework 1.1 Provides Expanded Namespace, Security, and Language Support for Your Projects     
Total Hits: 64  |  Today: 0Author: Chris Sells      Rating:  
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With the much-anticipated release of the .NET Framework 1.1, developers are eager to know what's been added to their programming bag of tricks. In this article, the author focuses on new developments in Windows Forms, such as namespace additions, support for hosting managed controls in unmanaged clients, and designer support for C++ and J#. Integrated access to the Compact Framework and new mobile code security settings also make this release noteworthy. Along with these features, the author rev...

The .NET File System Object Model     
Total Hits: 292  |  Today: 0Author: Leonardo Esposito      Rating:  
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The .NET Framework doesn't change the structure of the file system, nor does it build a new layer on top of it.More simply, but also more effectively for developers, it supplies a new object model for file system-related operations. A managed application can work with files and directories using high-level methods rather than low level understanding of the file system. This article provides an overview of methods and classes contained in the System.IO namespace....

What's New in .Net 2.0 - Configuring Applications the New Way with the ConfigurationManager Class     
Total Hits: 495  |  Today: 0Author: Michael G      Rating:  
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Microsoft now disapproves of the use of ConfigurationSettings (in the System.Configuration namespace) for the retrieval of application and machine configuration settings (from the application.exe.config and machine.config files respectively). The .Net Framework 2.0 now exposes a ConfigurationManager class that "replaces" ConfigurationSettings....

Trace Class     
Total Hits: 67  |  Today: 0Author: MSDN      Rating:  
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You can use the properties and methods in the Trace class to instrument release builds. Instrumentation allows you to monitor the health of your application running in real-life settings. Tracing helps you isolate problems and fix them without disturbing a running system....

Take Exception to Errors     
Total Hits: 187  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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Exceptions happen?especially if you've structured your C# code properly. If you haven't, you'll be stuck handling errors with simple error-return codes, where you have to mix the algorithms with repeated return value checks to ensure nothing fails.

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