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Guerrilla .NET     
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Guerrilla VB.NET presents critical issues required to build distributed applications for Microsoft's .NET platform and the common language runtime (CLR) using the new VB.NET programming language. The course has been designed for programmers who already have experience with earlier versions of Visual Basic and who already have a background in object-oriented programming....

Lead Associates, Inc     
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We provide training for solution providers with courses in Microsoft Visual FoxPro, SQL Server, and Microsoft .NET with VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, XML and Web Services. ASP.NET classes are offered at our training center in Indianapolis and at customer sites upon request....

ASP.Net for ASP Developers     
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The focus of this hands on class is on introducing programmers who are already familiar with ASP to the .NET Framework and especially to ASP.NET in particular. The class includes an introduction to the C# language and coverage of some of its cooler features, such as XML comments....

Programming ASP.NET - Sept. 9 - 13th     
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Programming ASP.NET explores Web Forms, Web Services, ADO.NET, and other features of ASP.NET. The course, written by Wintellect co-founder Jeff Prosise, provides practical hands-on instruction on how to leverage these new technologies to build sophisticated Web applications. All code samples in the course are presented in C#, but the knowledge you'll gain from the course is applicable to any .NET programming language. Location: Redmond, WA...

Building .NET Web Services     
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This seminar covers the technologies and tools used in building .NET Web Services. You will learn the concepts of using ASP.NET to build Web services and will learn how to use the SOAP protocol to invoke a Web Service....     
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ASPSmith Ltd. offers quality .NET Training in a city near you! Click on the Classes tab to see our current schedule of classes. Currently our focus is on introductory level ASP.NET training for programmers with experience with Classic Active Server Pages. We teach primarily in C#, but can support VB.NET requests as well....

Web Development with ASP.NET     
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ILM Learning Center is offering classes on web develoment with ASP.NET. This class is geared towards providing details on programming with ASP.NET. This class will also cover .NET framework, C# or VB.NET, and ADO.NET....     
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Stai cercando un corso ASP o un corso ASP.NET che sia davvero di qualità? Vuoi imparare a sviluppare applicazioni per il web da chi lavora da anni nel settore, oppure affidarti a docenti sconosciut?...

ASP.Net: Meet the Future     
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Read Reviews | Write Review |  Your Rating: has been released in early 2001. It is part of a 4 billion dollar Microsoft project to improve the quality of their core development languages ten-fold. Improvements include... A rich, simpler but more powerful replacement for the Windows API and a new core set of objects that simplify web-app, desktop and NT/Win2k services etc.

Devxpert: Real World Web Services     
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This course teaches you VB .NET programming and shows you how to build real-world applications that leverage Web services for data access and interoperability. This course shows you how to build new types of applications that where not possible to build....

InterTech-Inc .NET Training     
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Since 1991, we’ve been delivering hands-on workshops to 100’s of Global 2000 corporations, government agencies, and leading organizations like NASA, the Mayo Clinic, and Microsoft. Led by best-selling .NET author, Andrew Troelsen, Intertech delivers 3-5 day hands-on workshops in ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Visual Basic .NET, Visual C# .NET, and advanced .NET topics....

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We have a unique product for the training market. Most training either comes in the form of self-paced and not very much information or Instructor-led and you forget about it after you leave. Technical video tutorials updated weekly. Its easy, we find great instructors, record them, then make the classes available to the world at cost. Viva la intellectual revolution....

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