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Service Manager .NET  Version: 2.1     Price: $999.00  
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A complete description of features for Service Manager release v2.1 is currently being compiled. In short the list of features includes: (1)Employee Management.(2)Customer Management.(3)Support Ticket Center.(4)Messaging Center....

InstantKB.NET Knowledge Base  Version: 1.0     Price: $119.00  
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A complete ASP.NET knowledge base management solution. Features: Rich-text articles (WYSIWYG Editor), Article attachments, Related Links, Powerful search capabilities, Rate & comment articles, Easily print or email articles, Comprehensive secure administration area. VB.NET & SQL Server using 100% stored procs....

ASP Banners  Version: 7.3       
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To call Banners on your existing pages you simply paste some JavaScript into your source code. Don't worry as ASPBanner generates the code for you. Please beware some JavaScript banner code such as code from doubleclick or valueclick will not work with the JavaScript method of calling banners due to issues using JavaScript to call JavaScript.


AliaWeb Power ad manager     
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AliaWeb Power ad manager is a hi-performance advertise solution for Microsoft IIS server with a special client for Active Server Pages....

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AdMentor lets you weight your banners - that is you can make some banners appear more often than other.It supports multiple banner sizes/ad positions, by a construction we simply call ad positions. Typically you create one ad position per physical advertising position on your page(s)....

Suggest Like Page along with Arrow Buttons used for rendering and selecting recods suggested  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 153  |  Today: 0Author: Vishu Gurav      Rating:  
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As we have seen all applications are being transformed using AJAX now a days, its crucial to have insight in AJAX technologies and practical implementation of AJAX. This is my first try to write an article for Codeproject.
This article is mainly focused on how to manage rendering through the records used for Suggest like web pages using arrow (Up/Down) keys and mouse clicks along with how to fetch data stored in Databases as XML data from another page using AJAX and ASP....

Ad Server Solutions   Price: $299.00 / Free Trial  
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Provider of automated self serve ad management and affiliate solutions to serve, manage, sell and track all advertising....

RSS 2.0 With ASP.NET     
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Ok, there are a lot of interfaces now circulating TrackBack, Ping-Back, Post-It. All of these are a way of commenting on an item. The only thing missing from the mix is a way to do 'comments' themselves. That is where this specification enters. It is intended to be a roll-up of all the above specifications and to cover comments as well....

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