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Using XML to Store States and Provinces     
Total Hits: 128  |  Today: 0Author: Rachael Schoenbaum      Rating:  
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With every single project I've ever worked on, I've had to deal with displaying U.S. States. Sometimes I needed to include territories like Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands; sometimes I needed to include Canadian provinces. It varied across projects so I wanted an easy way to store the information I needed and to be able to easily and quickly add, edit, and delete the information as necessary....

A Generic Xml Dropdown Menu ServerControl     
Total Hits: 179  |  Today: 0Author: Peter A. Bromberg      Rating:  
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To summarize, what I did with the original is take the "guts" of the old MSDN - style menubar with the drop-down menu lists, doctor it up to my liking, and port it to an ASP.NET ASCX User Control. The advantage of this is that you can have a different XML menu contents file for each instance of the User Control and therefore have a menu that is customized to the context of each individual page. The XSL, CSS and Javascript files that handle the transform, styling and menu actions will typically r...

Posting ASP.NET web form to another page     
Total Hits: 212  |  Today: 0Author: Wimdows .NET      Rating:  
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This is an interesting one. The reason I’m writing this article is because I have seen this question (“Why can’t I submit an ASP.NET web form to a different page?”) being asked a ‘zillion’ of times on ASP.NET news groups. I’d like to try and put an end to that. Almost all people asking this, have a very strong background in classic ASP, where posting form information to a different page is very common. In ASP.NET you are not able to do this anymore, and that’s not without a reason!...

Create Data-Aware Applications in "Avalon"—the Windows Presentation Foundation     
Total Hits: 275  |  Today: 0Author: Wei-Meng Lee      Rating:  
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In WPF you can bind UI elements to a wide variety of data sources, including XML data, Web services, as well as databases. Data binding is a big topic in WPF and it is beyond the scope of this article to discuss every nook and cranny of data binding. To keep things manageable, I will show you how you can data bind a typical WPF application to an XML data source and explain the nuts and bolts behind it. To make the example useful, I will build a simple RSS reader that accepts an RSS XML document ...

Working with XML in .NET – Part I     
Total Hits: 95  |  Today: 0Author: PerfectXML      Rating:  
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The XML support in .NET is provided via five namespaces, System.Xml, System.Xml.XPath, System.Xml.Xsl, System.Xml.Schema, and System.Xml.Serialization. These namespaces are part of the System.Xml.dll assembly. The classes in these namespaces are designed to support XML 1.0, XML Namespaces, XPath, XSLT, DOM, and XSD Schema W3C standards. The .NET Framework does not support SAX, instead supports a different, "pull" based streaming API.
In this article you'll learn about basics of XML processin...

.NET and XML: —XSD Schemas     
Total Hits: 45  |  Today: 0Author: CodeGuru      Rating:  
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This article evaluates how well .NET supports XML and its surrounding standards. This article provides a good overview of XSD schemas....

SOAP, .NET, and COM an Introduction     
Total Hits: 163  |  Today: 0Author: c-sharpcorner      Rating:  
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This article starts with the basics of SOAP, SOAP XML model and its data types followed by the integration of SOAP functionality in .NET class library and how .NET developers can take advantages of SOAP in their applications....

Total Hits: 252  |  Today: 0Author: developerfusion      Rating:  
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SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol – is the hottest thing in XML development right now. It has a major role to play in Microsoft’s next generation of Visual Studio, and it is the basis of their “.NET” strategy. If you’re looking to write a bullet-proof SOAP service now, in VB6, then look no further than Microsoft’s SOAP toolkit for VB; but if you really want to understand what SOAP is all about, then you need to get under the hood, and start building your own objects around the SOAP standard. ...

Create XML Files without using HTML Tags     
Total Hits: 262  |  Today: 0Author: aspalliance      Rating:  
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Some XML editors will automatically add the closing tag after you have finished typing the opening tag but, you still have to type the brackets around the opening tag. I kept thinking this process should be easier. So, I came up with a solution that allows you to create XML files without using HTML tags....

How to Encode XML Data     
Total Hits: 105  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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This article explains how character encoding works and specifically how it works in XML and the MSXML DOM....

Using XML classes in .Net     
Total Hits: 63  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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This article shows how to make the new .Net XML classes more intuitive and streamlined in a wrapper class....

XML transformations in .NET - Part I     
Total Hits: 331  |  Today: 0Author: JLogic      Rating:  
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An introduction to using XSL transformations on XML documents, and how to perform these in VB .NET using the XslTransform class....

Reading, Storing and Transforming XML Data in .NET     
Total Hits: 34  |  Today: 0Author: Dimitrios Markatos      Rating:  
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This article illustrates a mixture of common .NET methods for formatting and presenting in a readable fashion any XML document you may encounter. The latest hype with XML Web Services and even the .NET Framework itself relies on XML as its backbone, therefore this is no light matter....

Searching XML using a DataSet & DataView     
Total Hits: 59  |  Today: 0Author: Chris Scott      Rating:  
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Sometimes you need the basic features of a database but don't want the hassle, and possibly cost, of creating one for a small application. With the .NET DataSet object and a simple XML document we can emulate the basic features of a database....

Guest Book Using ASP+ And XML     
Total Hits: 524  |  Today: 0Author: Saurabh Nandu      Rating:  
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A free and fully customizable guest book coded in ASP+ using C#. It uses XML as its Database so people who do not have access to any database on their servers can use this guest book. Also the files are fully commented to explain the working of the guest book....

Edit and Save XML     
Total Hits: 1028  |  Today: 0Author: SuperDotNet      Rating:  
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This article focuses on editing, and saving a simple XML document using a DataGrid. Users should already be familiar working with DataGrids, and displaying XML within a DataGrid from previous articles....

BUG: Cached XML Files Generate Unnecessary GET Requests (Q293099)     
Total Hits: 186  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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After an Extensible Markup Language (XML) or Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) document has been cached on a client computer, subsequent requests to use the file may result in an unnecessary "If-Modified-Since" GET request to the server if the file has not expired. These extra requests slow down the performance of high-scaled servers and large applications....

INF: SQLXML Managed Classes (White Paper) (Q322328)     
Total Hits: 295  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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To read a white paper that discusses how to use SQLXML Managed Classes for .NET code to retrieve XML from a Microsoft SQL Server database or to generate XML on the client side, by using queries, stored procedures, annotated schemas with XPath, or XML templates....

HOW TO: Read and Write Objects Using XML Serialization (Q301223)     
Total Hits: 1114  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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This article demonstrates how to automatically map a particular Extensible Markup Language (XML) stream into a set of objects that are designed to hold the XML using the XML Serialization classes....

Writing XML Providers for Microsoft .NET     
Total Hits: 473  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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Roughly five years ago Microsoft introduced the Universal Data Access (UDA) architecture, which promised to simplify working with enterprise data. The UDA strategy promoted exposing data through a single suite of COM interfaces known collectively as OLE DB, the idea being that a single suite of interfaces lowers the bar for consumers and makes it easier for them to access a variety of supported data stores whether they are relational or nonrelational. In an OLE DB-centric world, consumers no lon...

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