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Resizable control using jquery  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 18  |  Today: 0Author: Purushottam Rathore      Rating:  
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In this article I am going to discuss how to resize a control using jquery....

Building Your Own JavaScript Editor  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 17  |  Today: 0Author: RMostafa      Rating:  
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A few months ago, I had a situation in which I needed to build my own editor that will accept certain tags and attributes. I thought it would be very interesting to share how I built my editor in a browser independent way. To see a demo, click here....

Data Visualization with the Virtual Earth ASP.NET Controls  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 8  |  Today: 0Author: Colin Angus Mackay      Rating:  
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This article is very much an introduction to the new ASP.NET controls for Virtual Earth. Here, I will explain how to get a basic site up and running with a Virtual Earth map on it, and show you some of the basic visualization methods available. Virtual Earth is a very powerful mapping toolkit, and there are many aspects that I am not going to cover....

Building Editing Capabilities into the SqlDataNavigator ASP.NET Control  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 21  |  Today: 0Author: Microsoft Corporation      Rating:  
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In last month's column I began an ambitious project: building a SQL Server™-specific DataNavigator control that supports two-way data binding. The control I'll present in this column, SqlDataNavigator, is just an extension of last month's DataNavigator. The SqlDataNavigator ASP.NET control described here is meant to be the Microsoft® .NET counterpart of the Data control—an old Visual Basic® control that caused its share of headaches. The control moves from one record to the next according to a ...

Creating a Multicolumn Combo Box in ASP.NET     
Total Hits: 396  |  Today: 0Author: Tahir 111      Rating:  
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Previously I came across a requirement to provide a functionality of something similar to a traditional combo box (found in Windows Forms) and a sort of multicolumn combo box in ASP.NET. I searched a lot on the net but found nothing suitable for my requirements. So, I decided to write my own control from scratch and here is what I call a multicolumn combo box. It is a combo box but with multiple columns and a textbox. You can search a particular row by typing the key column value in the textbox....

DropDownCheckList ASP.NET Server Control     
Total Hits: 339  |  Today: 0Author: Mike Ellison      Rating:  
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For the end user, the DropDownCheckList resembles an HTML

Advanced ASP.NET Server-side Controls, Part 2     
Total Hits: 178  |  Today: 0Author: George Shepherd      Rating:  
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In January I looked at how to compose ASP.NET server-side controls from other standard controls. The example I offered was a Fahrenheit-to-Centigrade converter composed of two textboxes and two edit controls. However, rather than composing the server-side control from several standard controls as I did in the January issue, this month I'll render one on the fly. In this column I'll take a closer look at server-side controls, especially with respect to round-trips between the browser and the serv...

Adding a Context Menu to ASP.NET Controls     
Total Hits: 114  |  Today: 0Author: Dino Esposito      Rating:  
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Although the context menu is a common element of most desktop applications, it is still fairly uncommon in Web application names because it doesn't map well to a server-based technology like ASP.NET. To get context menu functionality, your browser needs strong DHTML support and a rich eventing model, both of which you get in Microsoft® Internet Explorer 5.0 and newer versions, as well as in Netscape 6.0 and others. However, the various browsers' object models, although nearly identical in functi...

ASP.NET Splitter Bar - Resize panels, table cells, and controls.     
Total Hits: 144  |  Today: 0Author: Jeff Bazinet      Rating:  
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The VwdCms.SplitterBar control is designed to give you column resizing in a 2 column page layout. Use the splitter bar to resize a panel, div, table cell, or just about any control.

This control is ideal for pages that have a tree or a list of data items that vary in width.

The screenshots at the top of this article are an example of the VwdCms.SplitterBar in use with a TreeView control in the left column of a table and a TextArea control in the right column. See the demo project (...

Creating Charts with WebChart Control     
Total Hits: 175  |  Today: 0Author: AzamSharp      Rating:  
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Charts and graphs always attract more users to the website. Displaying statistical data in the form of graphs gives more meaning to the data. There are tons of third party controls that can be used to create impressive charts but almost all of them come with a price. In this article I will introduce a very simple charting control, WebChart which allows the developer to create really cool looking graphs with only few lines of code. The best thing about this control is that it is totally free. The...

Customize Controls with AJAX Extenders     
Total Hits: 109  |  Today: 0Author: Dino Esposito      Rating:  
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Input controls are essential in any application, but they're especially critical when your Web application is the face of your organization. These controls can be the primary measure by which users judge your application and even your credibility.

In both Windows® and Web programming, user interfaces are built by composing controls. But the array of controls available is not particularly rich. Input controls for Windows Forms are still based on Win32® controls, and Web controls are little...

Upload multiple files using the HtmlInputFile control     
Total Hits: 123  |  Today: 0Author: Haissam Abdul Malak      Rating:  
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In this article, Haissam Abdul Malak will explain how to upload multiple files using several file upload controls. This article will demonstrates how to create a webform with three HtmlInputFile controls which will allow the user to upload three files at a time....

Load user data once with an HttpModule     
Total Hits: 104  |  Today: 0Author: Jeff      Rating:  
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A couple of years ago, when I was less focused, finished with my book and completely unmotivated to develop anything useful for my own non-day job projects, I struggled trying to shoehorn my apps into the ASP.NET Membership and Profile API's. Probably because of my lack of experience, I became very frustrated at the point where the objects started to relate to the data....

Online stock streaming using ASP.Net and AJAX controls     
Total Hits: 143  |  Today: 0Author: Shabdar Ghata.      Rating:  
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It always made me wonder how sites like and display stock quotes online so quickly and without refreshing entire page. So I decided to implement something similar. It looks very difficult to implement these kind of streaming, but ASP.Net and it's feature rich AJAX controls makes it really simple to implement this. This is my first attempt to build similar streaming web page. This sample may sound fairly easy to you and some of you might think th...

Custom Validator and Validation Summary     
Total Hits: 854  |  Today: 0Author: puchi007.      Rating:  
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This article shows how to build a custom validator and customize the error messages based on different conditions, as well as add a validation summary control and display error messages. This is very helpful if you have a lengthy form and you need to scroll down to hit a Submit button to validate the entire form. If the validation summary doesn't show the error message, the user could be confused. By default, the custom validator control doesn't render the error message to the validation summary...

Jello Molds & Width Control     
Total Hits: 71  |  Today: 0Author: Mike Purvis      Rating:  
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One of the keys to success in liquid layouts is a complete set of tools for precisely controlling a document's width, as viewed on the screen.

Non-support in IE has rendered the CSS2 min-width property useless for now. However, with a few devious styles and some innocuous IE-fixes, we can impose a natural minimum width on any element.

And as an added bonus, there's a new type of width governance-- a cross between a fixed width and a percentage width....

Creating Custom Hierarchical Recordsets     
Total Hits: 143  |  Today: 0Author: Scott Mitchell      Rating:  
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This article covers two advanced ADO topics: creating hierarchical Recordsets (via data shaping) and creating custom Recordsets. Specifically, this article looks at how to create custom hierarchical Recordsets. Therefore, it is essential that the reader have a fluid understanding of both data shaping and custom Recordsets, topics that this article doesn't aim at teaching....

Working with ASP.NET AJAX UpdateProgress Control- Part 2     
Total Hits: 171  |  Today: 0Author: Nidal Arabi      Rating:  
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This article is the second in the chain of introducing Microsoft AJAX Extensions to teach developers about this technology and will discuss the issue of refreshing the user web page and give them the progress feeling....

HttpModule Skeleton     
Total Hits: 161  |  Today: 0Author: Salman Ahmed      Rating:  
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Http Modules allow you to extend the existing ASP.NET pipeline. The most common use of HTTPModules is pre and/ore postprecessing of requests. Internally ASP.NET utilizes custom modules (httpmodules) for: output caching, authentication and authorization etc. Therefore, if you ever need to tap into the pipleline to alter the request in any way, look into HttpModules as they provide a relatively easy way for you to do just that (similiar to how ISAPI filters helped achieve pre/post processing ca...

Creating Custom Configurations     
Total Hits: 53  |  Today: 0Author: Karl Seguin      Rating:  
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ASP.Net's introduction of the web.config file went a long way to filling the configuration hole we had to deal with in classic ASP. We actually went from having very little (global.asa was the closest thing) to a well-structured, change on the fly XML file. For the most part, the web.config file does the trick fine. However there are some limitations and constraints with using it, which you are probably already aware of. What you might not know is how easy is it to surmount those issues by creat...

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