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BUG: DBCC DBREINDEX on Indexed View May Cause Handled Access Violation (Q310624)     
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If you run the DBCC DBREINDEX command on a nonclustered index and the following conditions are true, it can cause a handled access violation exception in the CColumnGroupProperties::CColumnGroupProperties function of SQL Server 2000, which is reported in the SQL Server error log and terminates the client connection that ran the query.The conditions are as follows:
  • The nonclustered index is based on an indexed view.

  • The indexed view contains an aggregate function in the sel...

PRB: Behavior Change for SUBSTRING with Starting Position Less Than One (Q310421)     
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SQL Server 2000 returns a non-null value when it calls the Transact-SQL SUBSTRING function if the value of the second parameter, the starting position, is less than one. Prior versions of SQL Server consider such a starting position as an out-of-range condition and return a NULL....

Microsoft Network Security Hotfix Checker (Hfnetchk.exe) Tool Is Available (Q303215)     
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This article provides information about the Hfnetchk tool(Hfnetchk.exe), which is a command-line tool that administrators can use to centrally assess a computer or group of computers for the absence of security patches.

BUG: Dbcursoropen() Causes Access Violation When Selecting More than 254 Columns (Q244498)     
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A DB-Library application generates an access violation (AV) when opening a server-side cursor by means of the dbcursoropen function on a Transact-SQL statement that returns more than 254 columns. The text of the error message is:The instruction at "0x733299ce" referenced memory at "0x00080130". The memory could not be "written"....

FIX: Error Message 8624 "Internal SQL Server" Occurs with Cold Index Retrieval OLE DB Provider (Q309568)     
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When you perform a query against a linked server, this error message may occur:Server: Msg 8624, Level 16, State 25, Line 7 Internal SQL Server error....

PRB: Windows Collations Ignore Single Quote and Hyphen When Ordering (Q305704)     
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A single quote ('') or an apostrophe ('') and hyphen (-) are considered last when SQL Server 2000 sorts data stored with Microsoft Windows collations. To illustrate this behavior consider the following example:

INSERT INTO t1 VALUES (''car''''s'')
INSERT INTO t1 VALUES (''cars'')
INSERT INTO t1 VALUES (''carps'')
INSERT INTO t1 VALUES (''car-s'')

FIX: ITypeInfo Interface Leak Occurs When You Use SQL Server OLE Automation Stored Procedures (Q303115)     
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If you run a stored procedure in SQL Server that uses the SQL Server OLE Automation stored procedures sp_OACreate, sp_OAMethod, and sp_OASetProperty to manipulate COM objects, under certain circumstances, you may encounter an ITypeInfo COM interface leak each time that you run the stored procedure. In most cases, each leaked ITypeInfo COM interface will have an associated file handle, and a critical section handle that is leaked.


FIX: Snapshot Agent Reports "Must Declare the Variable" on Initial Snapshot for Merge Replication (Q304532)     
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The Snapshot Agent fails when it generates an initial snapshot for a merge publication, which occurs if you configure the merge publication with multiple articles, horizontal filters, and vertical filters. When the Snapshot Agent fails, the following error message is displayed:
Must declare the variable ''@pNN''.If detailed error information is captured for the Snapshot Agent, the following error footprint is recorded in the output file:
SourceTypeId = 5
SourceName =

FIX: Built-in String Functions Return Incorrect Results (Q308113)     
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The built-in string functions REPLACE, CHARINDEX, or PATINDEX may return incorrect results when used with Unicode characters. The following example demonstrates the problem on a server with code page 1252 and the SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS collation:

SELECT REPLACE(''001002003'', ''002'', N''asd'')
The correct result should be 001asd003; instead, it returns 00asd003....

FIX: Thesaurus Support is Not Available for Full-Text (Q309678)     
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One of the features considered for full-text searches in SQL Server 2000 was a thesaurus. The thesaurus feature was not completed. However, prior to SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 2, you can turn on the untested and unsupported thesaurus feature. Because the feature was not completed, it is not accurate and you should not use the feature. If you enable the unsupported and untested thesaurus feature, any part of your application that relies on this functionality no longer works after you upgrade to...

BUG: DBCC DBREINDEX Can Cause Error 8623 on Indexed View (Q310714)     
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The DBCC DBREINDEX statement can cause the following error: Error
8623, Level 16, State 5, Line 1
Internal Query Processor Error: The query processor could not produce a query plan. Contact your primary support provider for more information.This error can occur when all of the following conditions are met:

  • You run DBCC DBREINDEX on an indexed view without the optional index name parameter.

  • The indexed view also has a nonclustered index built on it.

  • The ...

FIX: Merge Agent Failure That Occurs with SQL Server Initial Snapshot Delivery Is Not Recognized in Subsequent Run of the Merge Agent (Q299539)     
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The Merge Agent of a Pull subscriber to a merge publication may report the following error message during the initial synchronization process:The remote procedure call failed and did not execute.
The step failed. SQL Server Agent could not access the replication agent.Use the DCOMCNFG utility to confirm that the SQL Server Agent Windows account has permissions to launch the replication agent.
The step failed. When you restart the Merge Agent, SQL Server may not recognize that the snapshot ...

FIX: RPC Clients Unable to Login to SQL Server with Windows Authentication (Q311111)     
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Under the following conditions, a client application cannot connect to SQL Server:
  • The client uses the client components of SQL Server 7.0 (MDAC 2.1), or later.

  • The client wants to connect through Multiprotocol (Remote Procedure Call [RPC]).

  • The server is configured to use "Windows only" authentication.

PRB: SQL Server Setup in a Cluster Environment Encounters an Access Violation If You Have a Long Computer Name (Q289828)     
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A SQL Server Setup in a cluster encounters an access violation after an account is assigned to perform a remote installation in a Microsoft Clustering Services (MSCS) environment if following are true:
  • With SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition, all the nodes in the cluster are configured as possible nodes of the virtual server.

  • The computer name of the primary domain controller (PDC) of the domain in which the cluster resides contains 14 or 15 characters.

BUG: Installation of SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine Fails on Computers That Already Have SQL Server 7.0 Tools Installed (Q275307)     
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If you install an instance of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine on a computer that already has the SQL Server 7.0 client tools installed, the installation fails during the SkuIt custom action and the following error message appears in the setup log file:Loading extended custom action library sqlcax.dll Starting custom action SkuIt
An internal error occurred during install (failed to load package id).
Contact Microsoft Technical Support.Action ended 15:35:19:
InstallFinalize. Ret...

BUG: SP1 Regression: Uninstalling SQL Server 2000 Does Not Remove the MSSQLServerADHelper Service (Q308853)     
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MSSQLServerADHelper is a service installed by the SQL Server Setup program that handles the Active Directory objects for all instances of the SQL Server relational database engine and all Analysis Manager applications that are running on the computer. There is only one MSSQLServerADHelper service on a computer for all of the instances of Microsoft SQL Server 2000.On computers that are running SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 1 (SP1), uninstalling all the instances of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 does n...

FIX: AV When Selecting from View Based on Multiple Other Views in Compatibility Mode 70 (Q308837)     
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When the database is set to compatibility level 70, a SELECT statement issued against a view that is built on multiple other views may result in the following error:
ODBC: Msg 0, Level 19, State 1
SqlDumpExceptionHandler: Process 51 generated fatal exception c0000005 EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION. SQL Server is terminating this process.
An access violation (AV) will also be recorded in the SQL Server error log.


FIX: SP1 Regression: Table Does Not Display in Taskpad View If the Table Name Contains a Special Character     
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SQL Enterprise Manager (SEM) does not display tables that have a special character in their name from the Taskpad view. You can see this problem when you display all the tables from a given database.

To navigate to the Taskpad view, click a database name in Enterprise Manager, and then click Taskpad view on the View menu....

FIX: Incorrect Results Return When You Query a Virtual Cube (Q309181)     
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There are two issues regarding virtual cubes and incorrect results returned from a Multidimensional Expression (MDX). The first issue is when you use the NON EMPTY keyword in a MDX query against a virtual cube and that virtual cube has fewer levels then one of the underlying cubes. The MDX query returns incorrect or empty values. The second issue is if you have a security role defined for a dimension with server side enforcement. If you then query a virtual cube that has the dimension as part of...

BUG: ATL OLE DB Provider Fails When Called from SQL 7.0 Query (Q198520)     
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SQL Server 7.0 and SQL Server 2000 provide a mechanism for performing distributed queries against an OLE DB provider. This can be done by using the new OpenQuery or OpenRowset function. For example,the following SQL statement performs a query against an OLE DB provider called MyProv by using the command...

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