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BUG: Internal Error Occurs When You Run a MDX Query with a NON EMPTY Clause Against a Virtual Cube (Q311863)     
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The following error message may occur when you execute a multidimensional expressions (MDX) query that contains the NON EMPTY clause against a virtual cube. An unexpected internal error has occurred.The error message may occur if both of the following conditions are true:
  • TheNon Empty Behavior property of the "calculated member"
    equals the name of its parent measure dimension.

  • You execute a MDX query with a NON EMPTY clause and a calculated member on the virtual cube...

BUG: READPAST Locking Hint Returns an Incorrect Number of Rows (Q297466)     
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If the first row passed to the Bookmark Lookup operator is locked, a query that contains the READPAST locking hint returns an incorrect number of rows. Refer to the "More Information" section for an example....

BUG: Query Analyzer May Not Display All Results with Some Error Sequences (Q258234)     
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Certain sequences of errors may cause missing results in Query Analyzer (Isqlw.exe). This is only a display issue; the actual commands execute correctly.


Q193228 - PRB: Too Many Arguments Supplied for Procedure sp_MShelpcolumns     
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When adding Design-Time Controls (DTCs) such as the Grid Control, the following dialog box appears when selecting a table: ADO error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Too many arguments supplied for procedure sp_MShelpcolumns
CAUSE: Visual InterDev 6.0 controls use this stored procedure to populate the drop- down boxes of the control with data from the recordset, such as Table and field names from the database. Visual InterDev 6.0 controls use the newer version of this s...

BUG: SQLClient: SQLReader Doesn't Propagate Deadlock Exceptions (Q316667)     
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When you execute the SqlTransaction.ExecuteReader function within a repeatable read transaction, the transaction is blocked and then aborted due to a deadlock. When a repeatable read transaction is blocked by a deadlock, SqlTransaction.ExecuteReader may throw incorrect exceptions and, in some situations, may return with an empty reader....

INF: Using Extended Stored Procedures or SP_OA Stored Procedures to Load CLR in SQL Server Is Not Supported     
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Microsoft does not support the use of Microsoft Common Language Runtime (included with the .NET Framework 1.1) for any COM Callable Wrapper or Managed Extensions for C++ in either Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 or Microsoft SQL Server 2000. This limitation for support pertains directly to the use of extended stored procedures and the use of OLE Automation for any loading of the libraries that you must load to run in the SQL Server memory space....

PRB: SQL Server Desktop Engine 2000 Setup Fails When It Registers Performance Monitor Counters     
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When you install SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2.0), the installation may fail and roll back.

NOTE: To determine why the failure occurred, you can generate a verbose log file by using /L*v (e.g., setup.exe /L*v c:\msde_install.log). Look for "Return Value 3" to determine the cause for the failure. In the log file, you may see error messages similar to the following:

Starting custom action InstallPerfMon
Registering performance counters from sqlctr.ini
PerfmonLoad routine returned error code 1010
Action ended 21:39:40: InstallFinalize. Return value 3.

Read More..

FIX: Indexed Computed Column Based on Text/Image Column Causes AV When You Run DBCC CHECKDB     
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An access violation (AV) may be generated when you run a DBCC CHECKDB or DBCC CHECKTABLE statement on a table that has the following conditions:

An inrow text/image column.
A computed column based on the text/image column.
An index on the computed column.Resolution...

FIX: Updates Do Not Replicate to Subscriber After Drop or Add of Columns     
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Updates to columns may not replicate to subscribers, or may replicate incorrectly, under the following two conditions:
  • Columns are dropped and added from the article such that the column IDs in the syscolumns system table are not contiguous.
  • Transact-SQL commands, as opposed to stored procedures, are used to replicate changes to subscribers.

BUG: NOT FOR REPLICATION Clause Causes SQL Server CE Replication to Fail (Q300597)     
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A Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000 Windows® CE Edition Subscriber produces the following error messages when you invoke the merge process:
You may also receive the following additional native error messages:
"The database is in an unusable state. Delete it and recreate it.
"OLE DB Execute Method failed; bad or invalid SQL statement"...

FIX: User Defined Function Returns Incorrect Result for SELECT Statement with DEFAULT Keyword That References a View (Q308826)     
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SQL Server 2000 returns incorrect results if you use the DEFAULT keyword with a user defined function (UDF) in a SELECT statement that references a view.


FIX: Replication Agent Startup Step Name Shows "Log Reader Agent startup message"     
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When you set up a snapshot, transactional or merge publication and you click Agent properties, the first step reads Log Reader Agent startup message....

BUG: xp_sendmail With @query Leaves Temporary Files on Server (Q151545)     
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If xp_sendmail is run with a query and @attach_results is true, temporary files are left in the System32 directory where Microsoft Windows NT is installed....

FIX: Query Method Used to Access Data May Allow Rights that the Login Might Not Normally Have (Q299717)     
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Logins that use the SQL Server Authentication (Standard) security mode with a particular query method used to access data from an OLE-DB data source may allow rights that the login might not normally have....

FIX: SSCE:Temp File Directory Property Allows You to Change the Temp Database Location for SQL Server CE (Q305349)     
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Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Windows CE Edition version 1.1 (SQL Server CE) creates a temporary database that it uses for storing temporary data.Several SQL Server CE users have large databases that create large volumes of temporary data during synchronization. Large databases cause the SQL Server CE application to fail because of insufficient storage space on the default storage device for both the main database file and the temporary database file....

BUG: UPDATE Trigger May Have Long Parse and Compile Time (Q315967)     
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When you modify data in a table with a trigger, it may take longer to compile in SQL Server 2000 than in Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 under the following conditions:
  • The trigger contains an UPDATE statement.

  • The UPDATE statement contains a JOIN clause.

  • Three (3) or more tables are listed in the JOIN clause.

  • Either the INSERTED or DELETED tables are listed in the JOIN clause.

The compile time varies depending on:
  • The number of tables involved in the JOIN.

  • The number of columns in each table.

  • The number of..Read More..

FIX: Setup to Named Instance of SQL Server 2000 Fails with General Network Error (Q317261)     
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When you install SQL Server 2000 as a named instance and create an alias for that instance (which can be seen on the Alias tab in the SQL Server Client Network Utility), the installation of SP1 on that instance may sometimes fail with the following error message: Setup failed to configure the server. Refer to the server error logs and C:\WINNT\sqlstp.log for more information.The following error message is also seen:Error running script: sp1_serv_uni.sql (1)When the error occurs, the following error message is logged in the Sp1_serv_uni.out file for a SQL Server 2000 SP1 installation, and in Sq..Read More..

PRB: IIS Lock Down Tool May Break RDA or Replication That Uses Anonymous Authentication (Q310654)     
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If you install the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) Lock Down Tool with all the default options, it may break a working Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Windows CE (SQL Server CE) Remote Data Access (RDA) or Replication application that uses Anonymous authentication....

FIX: Join of Multiple Tables May Fail with E_OUTOFMEMORY Error Message (Q315109)     
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You may encounter the following error message when you execute a SELECT query that joins multiple tables:
Error: 0x8007000e E_OUTOFMEMORY Minor Error: (0)
Description: Interface defining error: IID_ICommand


FIX: ConnectionWrite Error When You Use Lightweight Pooling (Q303120)     
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When you get a long-running result set from a SQL Server 2000 instance configured to run with lightweight pooling (fiber mode), you may see one of the following errors:General network error. Net-Library error 10054: ConnectionWrite(send()).Possible network error: Error in sending out-of-band data to SQL Server. General network error. Check your documentation.Net-Library error 10054: ConnectionWrite (send())....

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