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HOWTO: Determine Parameter Requirements for a Stored Procedure in ASP     
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This article provides the ASP code necessary to programmatically determine the parameter requirements for any stored procedure. The sample code provided determines the parameter name, data type, direction, and size of all parameters in a stored procedure. The developer can use this acquired information at design time in defining the stored procedure call. The method outlined in this article uses the "Parameters.Refresh" method and the "Parameters" collection and is useful for those developers wh...

Authentication Methods for Connections to SQL Server in Active Server Pages     
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Both SQL Server authentication (standard security) and Windows NT authentication (integrated security) are SQL Server authentication methods that are used to access a SQL Server database from Active Server Pages (ASP).

HOWTO: SQL Server with Integrated Security, IIS on Same Machine     
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This article describes how to set up Microsoft SQL Server using Integrated Security on the same physical machine as Microsoft Internet Information Server....

HOW TO: Connect to the Microsoft SQL Server Through the Use of Named Pipes (Q159976)     
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When you connect to Microsoft SQL Server from the Active Server Pages (ASP) using ActiveX Data Objects via named pipes, the client computer must be validated by SQL Server to use the named pipe. If SQL Server is on a different physical computer than the ASP files, the Active Server Pages might fail. By default, Internet Information Server (IIS) attempts to connect to the SQL Server anonymously. To do this, it uses the anonymous logon information provided in Internet Service Manager (Inetmgr.exe)...

HOWTO: Call SQL Server Stored Procedures from ASP     
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This article demonstrates three methods of calling a stored procedure from Active Server Pages using ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)....

INF: SQL Logs 17832 with Multiple TCP\IP Connection Requests(Q154628)     
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If SQL Server is hit with multiple and simultaneous TCP/IP connection requests, such as the case with World Wide Web servers, the requests are quickly rejected by responding with a TCP/IP Reset Frame....

Internet Information Server Performance Logging to Disk vs. ODBC     
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The impact of logging Internet Information Server (IIS) activity to disk is minimal compared to logging it to a SQL Server database. The performance impact of logging to SQL Server is greater and depends on the SQL Server implementation and the hardware you use. See your SQL Server documentation for more information on increasing performance....

PRB: SQL_DRIVER_NOPROMPT Error When Using DEconnection in VB COM Object (Q253114)     
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The following error may occur when you use DEConnection in a Visual Basic COM object running under ASP:

Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005)':

[Microsoft][ODBC DriverManager]

Only SQL_DRIVER_NOPROMPT is allowed when connection pooling is enabled...

INF: Execute a SQL Server DTS Package from Active Server Pages (Q252987)     
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The SQL Server Data Transformation Services (DTS) packages may need to be executed from remote locations. Using Active Server Pages (ASP), you can execute from remote locations over the intranet or Internet, because ASP is an automation client for the Component Object Model (COM) components and can be executed from the browser....

Q99321 : Tips for Optimizing Queries on Attached SQL Tables     
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Special considerations must be made for performance optimization of queries built on attached SQL database tables. An SQL database, for this article, is defined as any client/server database that supports some level of ANSI SQL as an intrinsic part of the database's programming language. Optimal query strategy for these queries is to ensure that all query operations are performed on the server. This article outlines tips on how to ensure that queries against attached SQL database tables are.....

Q193228 - PRB: Too Many Arguments Supplied for Procedure sp_MShelpcolumns     
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When adding Design-Time Controls (DTCs) such as the Grid Control, the following dialog box appears when selecting a table: ADO error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Too many arguments supplied for procedure sp_MShelpcolumns
CAUSE: Visual InterDev 6.0 controls use this stored procedure to populate the drop- down boxes of the control with data from the recordset, such as Table and field names from the database. Visual InterDev 6.0 controls use the newer version of this s...

HOWTO: SQL Server 7 Distributed Query with OLAP Server (Q218592)     
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This article demonstrates how to perform a SQL Server distributed query to retrieve data from an OLAP Services cube....

Q178295 - How to Obtain SQL Server 6.5 Service Pack 4     
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This article describes how to obtain Service Pack 4 for Microsoft SQL Server version 6.5. To see a complete list of bugs that are fixed by this update, see the Fixlist.txt file that accompanies the Service Pack....

Q203638 - HOWTO: Return Information About SQL Server Linked Servers     
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SQL Server 7.0 allows the addition of external data sources as linked servers. This feature provides access to distributed, heterogeneous queries against OLE DB data sources. When connecting to SQL Server, a cursor listing available tables can be returned with the SQLTables(file_handle) command. The SQLTables() command, however, does not return information about tables available in Linked Servers. Information regarding linked servers is returned by three different SQL Server 7.0 stored procedure...

Q224587 - INF: Troubleshooting Application Performance with SQL Server     
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Troubleshooting performance issues involves using a series of steps to isolate and determine the cause of an application slowdown. Possible causes include blocking, system resource contention, application design problems, or a particular set of queries or stored procedures with long execution times. This article walks you through the process of determining the source of a performance issue. It also references other articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base that cover the details of specific perfo...

Q243586 - INF: Troubleshooting Stored Procedure Recompilation     
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This article deals with one specific type of performance issue that applications may experience with Microsoft SQL Server: the run-time recompilation of stored procedures. If you are troubleshooting a performance issue, but you have not determined that this is the precise source of your problem, refer to the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base before proceeding.....

How to Collect and Analyze Performance Data in Microsoft SQL Server     
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During this session, we will discuss the tools used to collect performance data and how to use this data to analyze some common SQL Server performance issues. We will review how to set up these tools and analyze the data collected. In addition, we will talk about troubleshooting techniques used to identify SQL Server performance issues....

Q251004 How to Monitor SQL Server 2000 Blocking     
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This article documents the usage and design of a stored procedure that you can use to diagnose blocking and performance issues. For a description of how to understand and resolve blocking...

Q199037 - INF: Trapping Error Messages Sent to Clients from a SQL Server     
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The opportunity to trap error and warning messages sent to a client from the SQL Server can provide powerful information when you are tracking down a problem. This document explains, in detail, how to accomplish this from both SQL Server version 6.5 and 7.0....

Q237980 - INF: How to Convert an Access Database to SQL Server     
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The easiest way to convert an Access database to SQL Server is to use the Upsizing Wizard. The Upsizing Wizard: Preserves database structure including data, indexes, defaults, and so on. Automatically converts Access validation rules and defaults to the appropriate SQL Server equivalents. Maintains table relationships and referential integrity after upsizing....

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