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DataGrid Template Columns creation in Runtime (using C#) and DataBinding     
Total Hits: 1028  |  Today: 0Author: R. Senthil Kumaran      Rating:  
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Creating Template Columns in runtime and data binding. Here is a code where you can create a DataGrid at runtime with Template Columns with all types of templates (ItemTemplate, EditItemTemplate, HeaderTemplate, FooterTemplate) and also bind the templates with data....

Q302902 - BETA-HOWTO: Binding for Office Automation Servers with Visual C# .NET     
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This article explains and compares early and late binding for Visual C# Automation clients and provides code samples that demonstrate both types of binding....

Building a simple Notepad Windows Application     
Total Hits: 241  |  Today: 0Author: mosessaur      Rating:  
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Notepad is a simple windows application that apply editing text files (.txt). This simple application learn us how to create new file and write some text to it, Open an existing file and editing it....

Data binding a ListView     
Total Hits: 1032  |  Today: 0Author: codeproject      Rating:  
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The ListView control provided by Microsoft does not allow design-time data binding. This article gives a basic overview to get you started in implementing this functionality. It will also show you how to hide the base class’s properties and to sort the currency manager when the list view is sorted....

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