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Creating Dynamic DNS Host Names: the Application     
Total Hits: 435  |  Today: 0Author: Peter Holpar      Rating:  
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This is the second of two articles in which we present an application that creates DNS host names for web sites dynamically. The previous article, presented the required background material in DNS and WMI. In this article, we will develop an application that puts these ideas into practice. The application allows users to register at a site and have a message sent to a friend. It creates a domain name for the friend automatically, arranges for the message to be placed on a page at this domain nam...

Test Your DNS Response Times with DNS Tester     
Total Hits: 492  |  Today: 0Author: Charles Putney      Rating:  
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This article discusses a tool that can be used to analyse your DNS performance. It checks the timing of DNS requests between two DNS servers, and displays the results. Download the tool and enter your DNS. I suggest testing it against which I have found to be a very good public DNS. Enter your proxy if needed, and click Test. A few seconds later, you can compare your DNS with

Using DNS and WMI to Create Dynamic DNS Host Names     
Total Hits: 606  |  Today: 0Author: Simon Robinson      Rating:  
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Creating web site host names manually is easy using the DNS manager MMC snap-in. Creating host names dynamically from an application used to be more difficult, but has become a breeze with the DNS WMI provider. This is the first part of two articles with the ultimate goal of creating a sample ASP.NET application that creates DNS host names dynamically. The actual code will be presented in the follow-up article: In this article we will present the required background knowledge about DNS systems, ...

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