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ASP.NET Developer's Cookbook - Chapter 3: Custom Controls     
Total Hits: 376  |  Today: 0Author: Steven A. Smith and Rob Howard      Rating:  
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One of the most powerful features of ASP.NET is its support for custom server controls and components. ASP.NET ships with dozens of built-in controls, and developers can easily extend these controls or write their own controls from scratch. Server controls can be used to encapsulate complex user interface logic or business rules, and can benefit from design-time support like drag-and-drop and toolbox support and property builders. Custom controls pick up where User Controls leave off, providing ...

Creating Web Services     
Total Hits: 404  |  Today: 0Author: Sam Series      Rating:  
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Sams Teach Yourself ASP.NET in 21 Days is the perfect book to introduce beginner and intermediate readers to the new technologies and frameworks presented by ASP.NET. By guiding readers through short but increasingly complex lessons, this book will give readers a strong foundation in ASP.NET, and the knowledge to develop their own creative solutions. Readers will delve into the new framework, the C# and Visual Basic programming languages, and techniques to approach difficult problems. This free ...

Data Manipulation with ADO.NET     
Total Hits: 656  |  Today: 0Author: Steve Walther      Rating:  
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This free sample chapter was written by Steve Walther, teacher, author, and speaker. The chapter examines ADO.NET and its role in ASP.NET development. Read on to learn more!...

Visual Studio .NET Debugging Environment     
Total Hits: 562  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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The typical web or software developer spends over 50% of his or her time debugging code, yet most development books spend little (if any) time on the subject. Debugging ASP.NET concentrates on debugging issues related to Microsoft’s new web development platform, ASP.NET. All of the new debugging tools introduced in ASP.NET are covered, and solutions are offered to many of the confusing error messages, pitfalls, and “gotchas” that developers will no doubt encounter while moving to this powerful n...

Separating Code From Presentation     
Total Hits: 391  |  Today: 0Author: Steven Walther      Rating:  
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A well-known expert in the ASP development community, best-selling Author Steven Walther brings his experience as an ASP.NET trainer to ASP.NET Unleashed. With this valuable guide, readers learn the advanced features of ASP.NET, and how to apply them in their own Internet applications....

User Controls and Custom Server Controls     
Total Hits: 419  |  Today: 0Author: Matthew MacDonald, G. Andrew Duthie      Rating:  
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ASP.NET provides a range of options for reuse. The first is the wide variety of built-in server controls that ship with ASP.NET. These server controls alone can eliminate hundreds, or even thousands, of lines of code that needed to be written to achieve the same effect in classic ASP. In addition, the .NET Framework Class Library (FCL) provides hundreds of classes to perform actions (such as sending SMTP email or making network calls) that in classic ASP would have required purchasing a third-pa...

Building Websites with the ASP.Net Community Starter Kit     
Total Hits: 491  |  Today: 0Author: Cristian Darie and K. Scott Allen      Rating:  
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This book, Building Websites with the ASP.Net Community Starter Kit, authored by Cristian Darie and K. Scott Allen, will take you inside the Community Starter Kit, allowing you to harness its power for easily creating your own websites. The book is structured to help you understand, implement and extend the Community Starter Kit....

A Fast-Track Guide to ASP.NET     
Total Hits: 1830  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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A Sample Chapter from Professional ASP.NET. Microsoft's .NET technology has attracted a great deal of press since Beta 1 was first released to the world. Since then, mailing lists, newsgroups, and web sites have sprung up containing a mixture of code samples, applications, and articles of various forms. Even if you're not a programmer using existing ASP technology, it's a good bet that you've at least heard of .NET, even if you aren't quite sure what it involves. After all, there's so much .....

Developing a Simple Custom Control      
Total Hits: 1572  |  Today: 0Author: Nikhil Kothari, Vandana Datye      Rating:  
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This sample chapter from ASP.NET Website Programming describe the essential steps for authoring a custom control and show you how to enable design-time features that give your control a professional look and feel when it is used in a designer such as Visual Studio .NET. We will also show you how to compile a custom control using command-line tools that ship with the .NET Framework SDK. In addition, we’ll describe how to debug a server control using command-line tools and using Visual studio.NET....

Web Forms     
Total Hits: 1051  |  Today: 0Author: Jeff Prosise      Rating:  
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This sample chapter from ASP.NET Website Programming introduces the Web Forms programming model by describing how to build Web forms both with and without Visual Studio .NET. First you’ll nail down the basics by building Web forms by hand. Then you’ll switch to Visual Studio .NET and experience rapid application development (RAD), Internet-style. Along the way, you’ll be introduced to important Web Forms programming techniques such as code-behind and dynamic control initialization....

Maintaining the Site     
Total Hits: 1096  |  Today: 0Author: Wrox Publication      Rating:  
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A Sample Chapter from ASP.NET Website Programming. In this chapter we'll explain why it's useful to have an online site management system, and we'll design and build one that allows us to easily maintain the site's files and directories. Any real website is generally made up of a lot of pages, images, XML/XSL files, stylesheets, databases, and other types of document....

Converting XML Web Service Test Clients to ASP.NET   Price: $49.99  
Total Hits: 1320  |  Today: 0Author: Roger Jennings      Rating:  
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This is an HTML preview version of Chapter 6 of "Visual Basic .NET XML Web Services Developer's Guide," which describes how to write ASP.NET Web service consuming applications. The chapter covers migrating from Windows to Web form consumers, state management, and tracing to determine application peformance. A printable (PDF) final version also is available....

Custom and User Controls     
Total Hits: 1551  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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Sample Chapter 14 of Programming ASP.NET
Chapter 14 includes a chart of the five types of controls supported in ASP.NET: HTML controls, HTML server controls, web server controls, validation controls, and controls created by the developer. This chapter will discuss this last type of control, known as custom controls, and a subset of them called user controls....

A Preview of Active Server Pages+     
Total Hits: 1001  |  Today: 0Author: Wrox Press      Rating:  
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A sample chapter from the Wrox book, 'A preview of Active Server Pages+'...

Chapter 1:The Evolution of ASP and the Benefits of ASP.NET     
Total Hits: 176  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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One of the best benefits of Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) is that it makes bringing data from a database to a web page relatively simple. Some of the earliest sample code of Active Server Pages included an HTML table populated with data from a database.Was it impressive? You bet it was impressive!...

ASP .Net for Developers - Chapter 21 - Configuring and Deploying Your ASP.NET Solutions     
Total Hits: 166  |  Today: 0Author: Michael Amudsen and Paul Litwin      Rating:  
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ASP.NET solutions are designed to use a standardized XML-based configuration file for all important runtime settings. In fact, the ASP.NET runtime uses this same kind of configuration file to control the runtime behavior of ASP.NET on the server.
This standardized XML file can be viewed and updated with any simple editor such as Microsoft Notepad or other tool. And, although the configuration file is a standard format, since it's in XML form, the configuration file is easily extended to suppo...

Chapter 6: Separating Code from Presentation     
Total Hits: 290  |  Today: 0Author: Stephen Walther      Rating:  
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Web developers are not necessarily good designers. Most companies divide the task of building Web sites between two teams. Normally, one team is responsible for the design content of a page, and the other team is responsible for the application logic.Maintaining this separation of tasks is difficult when both the design content and application logic are jumbled together on a single page. A carefully engineered ASP.NET page can be easily garbled after being loaded into a design program. Likewise,...

Build Your Own ASP.NET Website Using C# & VB.NET     
Total Hits: 294  |  Today: 0Author: Zak Ruvalcaba      Rating:  
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One of the building blocks of an ASP.NET page is the application logic: the actual programming code that allows the page to function. To get anywhere with this, you need to grasp the concept of events. All ASP.NET pages will contain controls, such as text boxes, check boxes, lists, and more, each of these controls allowing the user to interact with it in some way. Check boxes can be checked, lists can be scrolled, items on them selected, and so on. Now, whenever one of these actions is performed...

Build Your Own ASP.NET Website Using C# And VB.NET, Chapter 2 - ASP.NET Basics     
Total Hits: 661  |  Today: 0Author: Zak Ruvalcaba      Rating:  
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In Chapter 1, you learned what ASP.NET is, and what it can do—you even know how to create a simple ASP.NET page. Don't worry if it seems a little bewildering right now, because, as this book progresses, you'll learn how to use ASP.NET at more advanced levels. Note that you can download these chapters in PDF format if you'd rather print them out and read them offline. So far, you've installed the necessary software to get going and have been introduced to some very simple form processing techniqu...

User Controls and Custom Server Controls, Part 3     
Total Hits: 304  |  Today: 0Author: Matthew MacDonald and G. Andrew Duthie      Rating:  
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While using the Blog control in a Web Forms page is fairly simple, it's still not 100 percent intuitive. For example, without documentation, there's no way for someone using the Blog control to know what the appropriate values for the Mode property are. Without explicitly telling developers using the control about the Add mode, it would be difficult for them to discover and use this mode on their own....

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