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Bug Tracking from Red Gate     
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Bug tracking tools (also known as defect tracking tools, issue tracking tools or problem trackers) are used to track the bugs found in software applications. When a bug is found, a tester or quality analyst records the bug and the steps needed to reproduce it. A developer will then fix it and tell the tester it has been fixed. The tester will then check the bug has really been fixed, and close it. Project managers can then see which bugs have been fixed, which are outstanding and how long it is ...

Change Tracking in SQL Server Full Text Search     
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Creation and maintenance of full-text catalogs and indexes in SQL Server 2000 can be taxing on both the server and the administrator, as well as take a lot of time to populate. This can result in increased deployment times and potentially inaccurate search results. To ease the deployment process and increase the uptime of your application, you can use Change-Tracking population....

Trace and Replay Objects: A New API for SQL Server Tracing and Replay     
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This paper is written for users who deal with SQL Profiler or collect Microsoft SQL Server traces and want to automate trace collection, trace manipulation, and trace replay. Knowledge of the C# language and some experience with the SQL Profiler tool is required to fully take advantage of the information provided. SQL Server trace is a mechanism for monitoring and recording activity inside SQL Server. Essentially, when any activity occurs (a query is sent against the instance of SQL Server, for ...

Debug Tutorial Part 7: Locks and Synchronization Objects  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
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Welcome to part 7 of the Debug Tutorial series. In this section, we will learn about locks and synchronization objects in Windows. In this tutorial, we will do something a little different, we will be using both the Usermode debugger and the Kernel mode debugger since I have given the introduction to both debuggers already. This way, we get the best of both worlds....

Default Trace in SQL Server 2005     
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I have been running SQL Server 2005 server side traces to address some SQL Server 2005 performance issues. I have noticed an unusual trace session that is running. I know I have not been running this trace and know I have been diligent about running only a single trace to not impact performance. So where did this trace session coming from? SQL Server 2005 is running a default trace. You can think of this as a replacement to the black box mode trace that could have been run in SQL Server 2000...

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If database object bloat is the problem, SQLClean is the solution. Your database may have many stored procedures, tables and views that aren't being used anymore but unless you determine which of your objects fall into this category you will be stuck with them forever. SQLClean will analyze a client whether it be VB, ASP, Delphi etc to determine what sql objects are actually being used and what objects aren't. It will also analyze the database itself to see what internal references exist amon...

Simple Data Paging     
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I required the need for data paging when I started on a Grid Processing projecting using grid processing framework, each node (executer) will select a small frame of data from a table and process that data into a report. And it was not freezable to do one big select and divide the data among the executers as this will just spur up network traffic and cause a bottle neck at the remoting objects....

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