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USEFUL T-SQL QUERIES  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 41  |  Today: 0Author: AzamSharp      Rating:  
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In this article we will look at some of the basic T-SQL Queries. These T-SQL Queries are very commonly used in most of the applications and I would like to point out that how easily some of these task can be performed....

Easier way to read your T-SQL code in SSMS with word wrap feature     
Total Hits: 201  |  Today: 0Author: Atif Shehzad      Rating:  
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While creating T-SQL scripts with lengthy T-SQL lines you have one of two options; either use the horizontal scroll bar or create line breaks at various points to make the line readable without having to use the scroll bar. Scrolling or having to break the lines of code takes time away from paying attention to coding. It would be nice if there was a word wrap option or something similar. Are there are any options in SQL Server Management Studio to handle word wrap?...

ROW_NUMBER (Transact-SQL)     
Total Hits: 109  |  Today: 0Author: Microsoft Corporation      Rating:  
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The ORDER BY clause determines the sequence in which the rows are assigned their unique ROW_NUMBER within a specified partition....

SQL Server 2000: New Features Provide Unmatched Ease of Use and Scalability to Admins and Users     
Total Hits: 252  |  Today: 0Author: Carl Nolan      Rating:  
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SQL Server 2000 includes many new features that extend its capabilities as a high performance relational database system with a rich development environment. This article presents an overview of new product features including AWE support, new data types, new user-defined and built-in functions as well as enhancements in trigger functionality, indexing, collation, and property definition. The article then concentrates on XML support, covering XML data retrieval and manipulation, queries, and HTTP...

Cursor Performance     
Total Hits: 366  |  Today: 0Author: graz      Rating:  
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My first step was to generate some test data. Fortunately one of the applications I work with has a 13 million row lookup table that I frequently use for this type of activity. I pulled a million rows out of this table. There is a unique index on RATE_PFX, RATE_ID, ZIP_AREA and EFF_DT. The index is non-clustered. My tests consisted of looping through a subset of approximately 1,000 rows in the middle of the table. Basically I was asking the table for all rates for a given RATE_PFX and RATE_ID. E...

String concatenation in Transact-SQL  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 14  |  Today: 0Author: Anton Burtsev      Rating:  
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Many articles show how to concatenate rowset in single string using FOR XML PATH('') as follows:...

Other Row Paging Technique Using T-SQL  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 4  |  Today: 0Author: bluechip_asia      Rating:  
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When we work with small data, our web page look so fine displaying Record. But when the data getting large, we will found Mr. Time Out Coming to say "Sorry Expired".

This method is different than other paging method. By using stored procedure we can get a table result that contain specific row rather than get the entire table....

SQL Server 2008 T-SQL Enhancements  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 9  |  Today: 0Author: Pandians      Rating:  
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There are many T-SQL Enhancemnets have been introduced in SQL Server 2008 to improve database performance and maintenance. Lets look at them one by one....

A T-SQL Regular Expression Library for SQL Server 2005  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 7  |  Today: 0Author: Steve Abraham      Rating:  
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With the advent of CLR integration into SQL Server 2005, it has become incredibly easy to extend the power of the T-SQL programming language. Two of the areas that can be improved upon by way of CLR integration are string matching and string manipulation....

SQLCLR vs. T-SQL - Performance Comparison  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 5  |  Today: 0Author: Manikavelu Velayutham      Rating:  
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Before comparing the performance of SQLCLR and TSQL, just have a quick look at the definition of SQLCLR.

SQLCLR is the Microsoft name for the integration of CLR as a hosted runtime within SQL SERVER. It enables the execution of managed code inside the database....

Generating Email List using SPROC  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 9  |  Today: 0Author: AzamSharp      Rating:  
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Every now and then we need to send emails to users. Sometimes we need to send the same email to multiple users and hence need some mechanism through which we can retrieve email addresses from the source, commonly database. In this article we will see how you can retrieve email addresses from the database using a simple Stored Procedure....

Median Calculation using TSQL (no cursors)  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 20  |  Today: 0Author: Raymund Macaalay      Rating:  
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The middle number which is the median as well is number 8 as you have 3 numbers before and after number 8, now what if there are two numbers in the middle and that will happen if there is an even amount of numbers, in that case we need to find the middle two numbers, then get their average or add them (the 2 middle numbers) together and divide them by 2 so on the example earlier let's try to add another number...

UNION ALL between Two CTEs  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 16  |  Today: 0Author: Hiren Solanki      Rating:  
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You may Have tried to Apply Union All betwenn two CTEs.

For Example,
If you Have two Tables Named TableA and TableB...

Build Apps that Provide Real-Time Information and Customized Content Using SQL Server Notification Services  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 10  |  Today: 0Author: Mark Brown      Rating:  
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The adoption of wireless devices continues to spread unabated, and organizations are looking for new ways to get in touch with customers through these new mobile devices. In the past, unsuccessful ideas such as push technology were used to send targeted information to customers. Now, SQL Server Notification Services uses the SQL Server 2000 database engine and the .NET Framework to promote a new breed of notification applications that will allow relevant, consensual communications to be sent to ...

Techniques in Filling ADO.NET DataTables: Performing Your Own Analysis  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 8  |  Today: 0Author: John Papa      Rating:  
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One of the most fundamental differences between ADO.NET and classic ADO is how the data is represented. In ADO.NET it's represented in related DataTable objects, whereas classic ADO represents data in Recordset objects. Using classic ADO, the typical app retrieves a single rowset and stores it in a single Recordset object. When using DataTable objects in ADO.NET, you can store several rowsets in several DataTable objects, all related to one another and contained within a single DataSet. For exam...

TSQL coding patterns  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 18  |  Today: 0Author: B. D. Jensen      Rating:  
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As a database developer you often have to develop batch jobs, so some of the most important points are:

* find out where errors happen
* how long queries take to execute

To get this information you will need batch logging and some form of debugging. It is also very useful to have test cases describing what you expect as output. (As you see there are not many test-procedures attached to this article because the code is for demonstration of principles. For an real applicat...

SQL Server Application and Transact-SQL Performance Checklist  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 5  |  Today: 0Author: Brad McGehee      Rating:  
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Of all the areas that can negatively affect the performance of SQL Server, the application code used to access SQL Server data, including Transact-SQL code, has the biggest potential of hurting performance. Unfortunately though, this is an area that a lot of DBAs don't directly control. And because of this, this area if often neglected when performance tuning SQL Server-based application....

Cloning rows in T-SQL with their foreign key constraints  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 12  |  Today: 0Author: Christopher Liu      Rating:  
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Copying a row in SQL is easy: select * into newTable from oldtable, and other variations.

But what if you want to copy tables that have foreign keys pointed to that row? For example, say you have a [users] table, and a [user_preferences] table with a foreign key pointing to [users]....

T-SQL Auto Increment  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 18  |  Today: 0Author: Ilka Guigova      Rating:  
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On Update[^]...

xp_pcre - Regular Expressions in T-SQL  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 35  |  Today: 0Author: Dan Farino      Rating:  
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xp_pcre is a follow-up to my extended stored procedure xp_regex. Both allow you to use regular expressions in T-SQL on Microsoft SQL Server 2000. This version was written because xp_regex uses the .NET Framework, which many people were reluctant to install on their SQL Servers. (It turns out they were the smart ones: although installing the .NET Framework on a SQL Server is no cause for concern, I've been informed by several people that hosting the CLR inside the SQL Server process is a Bad Idea...

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