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ASP.NET Mobile Web Development     
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Developing ASP.NET pages for mobile device browsers does not differ substantially from developing pages for desktop browsers. To help you create applications for mobile devices, ASP.NET provides a System.Web.Mobile namespace devoted specifically to mobile Web development. You can create a Web page from the MobilePage base class and add controls from the System.Web.Mobile namespace. This namespace defines a suite of Web server controls and adapters that are especially useful when creating applica...

.NET Mobile Web SDK: Build and Test Wireless Web Applications for Phones and PDAs  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 349  |  Today: 0Author: Eric Griffin      Rating:  
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Cell phones, PDAs, and other wireless devices that connect with the Internet enjoy growing popularity, making wireless applications more important and especially useful to companies with remote employees. This article presents an overview of the .NET Mobile Web SDK for building wireless apps. The technologies and design decisions that influence the development of mobile Web applications are discussed along with specific strategies for setting up a development environment using an emulator and bu...

Mobile Device Detection and Redirection Using ASP.NET/MVC  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
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This article explains approaches for ASP.NET mobile development to determine if an HTTP request is coming from a mobile phone and then redirecting the request to a page optimized for a mobile browser....

Animating View Transitions on Windows Mobile     
Total Hits: 514  |  Today: 0Author: Joao Paulo Figueira      Rating:  
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The idea for researching the code for this article came after reading Tim Brook's article on how to switch views in a WTL SDI application. This technique is quite useful for Windows Mobile applications because the platform does not support MDI (although you can use tabbed views). After testing Tim's idea, I thought about animating the child view transitions. This would be a bit better than just replacing the old view with the new one. Why not add a bit of FX and make it a bit more interesting to...

Building Basic Mobile Web Forms     
Total Hits: 2784  |  Today: 0Author: Doug Seven      Rating:  
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ASP.NET enables developers to do a lot of things with ease. Bind data to HTML Table output (DataGrid, DataList, Repeater), maintain state, and build Mobile Web Forms.

Mobile Web Forms are specialized versions of ASP.NET Web Forms, using a selective set of Mobile Controls. The Mobile Controls are devired from standard ASP.NET Server Controls - the Mobile Label control is derived from the ASP.NET Label control for example. This enables the developer to write code with a set of controls that...

Mobile Fun with XML     
Total Hits: 729  |  Today: 0Author: Shivani      Rating:  
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Here is something really wonderful in Mobile field .This example is for authenticating the Mobile Users against his settings stored in XML file. This is really good where all the ease of XML is applied. Function open the XML file and particular node data validate it against user inputs and do the specified....

Network Efficient ASP.NET and Mobile Controls - Part 1     
Total Hits: 577  |  Today: 0Author: John Chapman      Rating:  
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.NET has brought with it enhanced server-centric application management. While this is certainly good from the programming standpoint, it brings some disadvantages with it.
We will try to identify these, debate whether they are essential for every application’s circumstances, and try to optimize ASP.NET controls for network transmission efficiency. We will be focusing on Web Server and Mobile controls, using the Calendar control as an example, and supplying more byte-friendly versions of the ...

ASP.NET Mobile Controls Device Updates     
Total Hits: 227  |  Today: 0Author: Frank Beverdam      Rating:  
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The ASP.NET mobile controls, formerly known as the Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit (MMIT), extend the power of the Microsoft .NET Framework and Visual Studio .NET to build mobile Web applications by enabling ASP.NET to deliver markup to a wide variety of mobile devices.
Check out this list of device updates.
Get information on ASP.NET Mobile Controls, such as device updates and tested devices....

Mobile CoDe.NET: Exploring the .NET Compact Framework     
Total Hits: 513  |  Today: 0Author: Nickolas Landry      Rating:  
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Welcome to Mobile CoDe.NET, the regular CoDe Magazine column dedicated to the development of mobile business solutions using Microsoft .NET mobility technologies. In the last issue, we explored the various Microsoft technologies for mobile development and the field of mobility in general. If you haven't checked it out yet, I strongly suggest you dig out the July/August issue from under your two-month supply of empty pizza boxes and start reading....

Build Your Own Mobile Controls     
Total Hits: 1385  |  Today: 0Author: Sanjay Shetty      Rating:  
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What was once known as the Mobile Internet Toolkit is now ASP.NET mobile controls. It's the only Microsoft technology that enables you to target multiple devicesѿincluding Palm devices, Pocket PCs, WAP phones, etc. More than 200 devices and emulators are supported....

Connecting to a database using ASP & WAP     
Total Hits: 476  |  Today: 0Author: Ashish Marathe      Rating:  
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The Internet, as we know it, keeps changing and getting better every moment. Now, we can access the Internet using just a mobile phone. Thanks to WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)....

Mobile Software Development - Overview     
Total Hits: 382  |  Today: 0Author: Mark Dalgarno      Rating:  
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Mobile software developers face the challenge of delivering increasingly more products that are more complex, faster and at lower cost while maintaining high-levels of reliability and performance. With content being the main market differentiator in the mobile sector this pressure will only increase. Developers that recognise this trend know that they need to modify their engineering approach....

Understanding Pagination in ASP.NET 1.x Mobile Applications     
Total Hits: 332  |  Today: 0Author: Jason Salas      Rating:  
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Even for experienced ASP.NET developers, authoring mobile Web applications can be tricky. Many of the facilities and features that make ASP.NET 1.x such a great platform on which to develop great apps are available in the mobile venue through the Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit (MMIT). The MMIT includes built-in features for preserving data through view state and session state, caching, and centralized configuration. However, the means by which the MMIT accomplishes these ends is not always as...

Mobile Web Development in ASP.NET - Part 3     
Total Hits: 1628  |  Today: 0Author: Balamurali Balaji      Rating:  
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The Part3 of the series on Mobile Web Development deals with the SelectionList control that offers you variety of choices of selecting an item or items from a list and act accordingly. The SelectionList control provides the UI selection capability for a list control. Although they are both lists, a SelectionList control differs in capabilities and scope from a List control....

ASP+ Mobile Controls     
Total Hits: 1085  |  Today: 0Author: TopXML      Rating:  
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If all the media news and hype is to be believed, we'll all be using a cellular phone or other mobile device to access the Web in the near future. OK, so this is probably a little over-optimistic, but there's no doubt that the number of visitors to your Web site that are not using a traditional PC-based browser will continue to increase. To make coping with the various types of mobile devices easier, in particular cellular phones, ASP+ will ship with a selection of server controls that provide o...

.NET Mobile Example     
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Mobile Controls are the main building blocks of mobile applications. Mobile Controls are similar to Web Controls in ASP.NET. Here is the ASP.NET page displays "Hello W3Schools" as a WML card in a WML enabled cell phone...

Mobile ASP.NET Web Applications     
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The ASP.NET mobile controls (formerly known as the Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit (MMIT)) extend the power of the .NET Framework and Visual Studio .NET to build mobile Web applications by enabling ASP.NET to deliver markup to a wide variety of mobile devices. The ASP.NET mobile controls reduce the work required for developers to target a wide variety of browsers by eliminating the need to write and maintain numerous web-applications each targeted to a specific browser....

Mastering Internet Programming on Mobile Devices: First Steps     
Total Hits: 817  |  Today: 0Author: CodeGuru      Rating:  
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So, you need to develop an application that will be able to send and receive some data over the Internet or an intranet from/to remote Web servers. This article set will help you figure out how to do it using WinInet for many common cases. This article will review the initial steps. Let's say a couple of words regarding which language to use or mainly which environment to use: CF.NET or native C/C++ code. With all the enhancements that CF.NET SP2 has, it still experiences particular troubles wit...

Check Your Mobile Device Capabilities     
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This sample is a utility to determine the capabilities of a Mobile Device. The MobileCapabilities class available in the Mobile...

Personalizing Mobile Web Applications     
Total Hits: 696  |  Today: 0Author: vbdotnetheaven      Rating:  
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In this example, author will personalize the settings for a mobile web application based on the user logged into the site. Personalization is a very useful approach to provide a satisfying user experience. Particularly in Mobile applications where the small size of the device is often a hindrance in data input, the user can be more comfortable when the amount of data entry is reduced when some commonly used settings are persisted in a secure manner....

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