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C# - An Introduction     
Total Hits: 299  |  Today: 0Author: Michael Youssef      Rating:  
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Learn the fundamentals of C# as Michael takes us on an introductory tour, including keywords, identifiers, and much more....

Unsafe programming in C#     
Total Hits: 322  |  Today: 0Author: Kumar Gaurav Khanna      Rating:  
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There's always one particular topic that catches the fancy of most C/C++ programmers, and is considered quite complicated and difficult to understand: pointers!
Albeit, whenever C# is discussed, most of the people I have come across are of the opinion (and pretty strong one, if I may add) that C# carries no concept of pointers. In fact, it's done away with it. However, unsafe code is that part of C# programming, which is all about programming with pointers. Unlike it's literal meaning, the...

Getting C#: An Intro to C#   Price: Free  
Total Hits: 266  |  Today: 0Author: The Macadamian C# Team      Rating:  
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This articles provides brief introduction about C-Sharp. No matter where you stand on the Java-C# controversy, if you want to develop applications for .NET, C# might just be your new best friend. At Macadamian, we’ve been working with C# since it was just a Beta. Recently, we sat down with some of our developers and let them sound off about all things C#....

Examining Your first C# program     
Total Hits: 1795  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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This article takes a detailed look at a simple "Hello World" program and describes various parts of a C# program....

C# For Beginners     
Total Hits: 913  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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Here is a beginners guide to C#. This article is divided into 3 sections. 1. About .Net. 2. Begin C# 3. Your First C# Program....

Marshaling with C# - Chapter 1: Introducing Marshaling  Version: 0.00     Price: $0.00  
Total Hits: 30  |  Today: 0Author: Mohammad Elsheimy      Rating:  
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Marshaling is the process of creating a bridge between managed code and unmanaged code; it is the homer that carries messages from the managed to the unmanaged environment and reverse. It is one of the core services offered by the CLR (Common Language Runtime.)...

Introduction to var datatype in C#     
Total Hits: 135  |  Today: 0Author: Rekha Singh      Rating:  
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C# 3.0 adds the interesting behavior of Declaring Local Variables Implicitly. This means that there is no need to mention the data type when declaring a variable. A local variable can be declared implicitly using the var keyword in C#.

*Declaring local variables implicitly has some restrictions; the variable must be initialized to some expression that can not be null....

Hello, C#     
Total Hits: 73  |  Today: 0Author: Stanley B. Lippman      Rating:  
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This chapter attempts to capture your interest while grounding you in the fundamentals of C#. Stan Lippman introduces the language elements as they become necessary to implement a small first program. For those more traditionally minded, the chapter ends with a summary listing of the predefined language elements. He also covers simple types, as well as the namespace and exception-handling mechanisms....

Introduction Zip Format     
Total Hits: 67  |  Today: 0Author: Joshy Geo      Rating:  
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This is SQL Server Backup and restore tool, the system will store the backup files in standard Zip format ,the user-friendly screen let you backup and restore SQL Server database to local harddisk or remote network driver easily and quickly.The program can restore database easily.
To do:
1) First Enter Your Sql Server username and password on corresponding Text Box
2) Click on Backup Button
3) it will take backup on folder ("application path"\Backup). if folder not found then program...

C# Introduction and Overview     
Total Hits: 58  |  Today: 0Author: csharphelp      Rating:  
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For the past two decades, C and C++ have been the most widely used languages for developing commercial and business software. While both languages provide the programmer with a tremendous amount of fine-grained control, this flexibility comes at a cost to productivity. Compared with a language such as Microsoft® Visual Basic®, equivalent C and C++ applications often take longer to develop. Due to the complexity and long cycle times associated with these languages, many C and C++ programmers have...

Introduction to Model Driven Development with Sculpture – Part 1     
Total Hits: 116  |  Today: 0Author: Ahmed Negm      Rating:  
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# Sculpture is a .NET open source Model-Driven Development code generation framework ideal for creating and managing .NET Enterprise Applications.
# With Sculpture you can model your application components, and then transform this model to deployable components for your favorite technology.
# Sculpture comes with a host of ready-made Molds (The word “Molds” come from Molding) like (DAAB, NHibernate, LINQ, WCF, ASMX, SQL Server, MYSQL …).
# Sculpture contains a Guidance Package for build...

Hello, C++/CLI     
Total Hits: 100  |  Today: 0Author: Stanley B. Lippman      Rating:  
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C++/CLI is a self-contained, component-based dynamic programming language that, like C# or Java, is derived from C++. Unlike those languages, however, we have worked hard to integrate C++/CLI into ISO-C++, using the historical model of evolving the C/C++ programming language to support modern programming paradigms. You can say that C++/CLI is to C++ as C++ is to C. More generally, you can view the evolution leading to C++/CLI in the following historical context:
* BCPL (Basic Computer Pr...

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