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Accessing COM/COM+ Objects Within the ASP.NET Environment     
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If you've had a chance to review even a small part of the documentation that comes with Microsoft's new .NET initiative, you're aware of how different ASP.NET is from the original ASP server environment. Visual Basic programmers are still recovering from the fact that the Variant data type no longer exists and that C# is now the default language for ASP scripting blocks....

Building .NET Components and Controls for ASP+     
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ASP+ is a key element of the new Microsoft .NET platform. It provides developers with the scalable rich platform they need to build modern day web sites using strongly typed compiled web pages. Gone are the days of ASP spaghetti code that is interpreted and prone to runtime errors....

Using the AdRotator Control in ASP.NET     
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Advertisements in ASP.NET can be displayed on a fly by employing the AdRotator server Control that comes with the ASP.NET framework. In this article we will see two examples of using this control to display ads on a page....

Creating a HashTables in ASP+     
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A hashtable is a table containing key and value pairs. The code below creates a new hashtable named myHash, displays all of the entries of the hashtable, and returns a count of the items in the hashtable....

Presenting Many–to–Many data using ASP+ Data Grid and ADO+     
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One of the challenging aspects of data intensive web applications is to present many–to–many relationship data over the web browser. This article explains how to tackle that challenge with the help of the ASP+ Data Grid Control and ADO+. To better understand this article, the fundamentals of an Entity Relationship (ER) notation diagram are needed. For those who are beginners to relational database design I have provided a section on relational database design concepts. Advanced .....

Connecting to Databases the ASP+ Way     
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It seems with every new release of Visual Studio we get a new data access method. DAO, RDO, ADO...and now ADO+. Well, this version of Visual Studio not only introduces ADO+, but also the SQL Managed Provider. ADO+ and the SQL Managed provider introduce many new features that we cover in other tutorials. There are quite a few samples out there demonstrating how to connect your ASP+ application to a Microsoft SQL Server database...but lets face it, not everybody uses SQL....

Building a SQL Query Tool Using ASP+     
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In pursuit of true code/presentation separation and cross programming language interoperability, we now have ASP+ from Microsoft. I will show how you can build a database application with a user-friendly frontend using ASP+, ADO+ and C#. We will also examine how this compares to a similar application written with ASP, ADO and VB. To compile the code from this article you will need the Technology Preview of the .NET Framework SDK...

ASP+ Tips and Tricks     
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Covering ASP+ topics such as the management of Session state, the new debugging and tracing features, error handling, how running applications can be managed more effectively, and many other cool new features....

ASP+ Mobile Controls     
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To make coping with the various types of mobile devices easier, in particular cellular phones, ASP+ will ship with a selection of server controls that provide output in WML rather than HTML. In this session, we look at the controls that Microsoft is currently developing...

Working with Properties and Data Types in ASP.NET     
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Article highlights on some of the fundamentals of how the .NET Framework handles data types. In classic ASP a color name and a string didn't seem any different in that they were both string values. In .NET data types are much more important and much more strict....

Adding a "Totals" Field in a DataGrid     
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In this tutorial you will learn how to programmatically sum the values of a column in a DataGrid, and display that total in the footer of the DataGrid. The downloadable sample code for this tutorial is in both C# and Visual Basic.NET....

ADO.NET for the ADO Programmer     
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This article discusses the ADO.NET way of accomplishing basic database operations and when to use ADO.NET as opposed to ADO. ADO.NET is the latest in a long line of database access technologies that began with the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) application programming interface (API) several years ago. Along the way, a number of interesting things happened. For example, COM landed at the database territory and started a colonization process that culminated with OLE DB. Next, ActiveX®.....

ODBC .NET Data Provider Beta 1     
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The ODBC .NET Data Provider is an add-on component to the .NET Framework SDK Beta 2. It provides access to native ODBC drivers the same way the OLE DB .NET Data Provider provides access to native OLE DB providers. Although the ODBC .NET Data Provider is intended to work with all compliant ODBC drivers, it has been tested with only the following drivers: • Microsoft SQL ODBC Driver
• Microsoft ODBC Driver for Oracle • Microsoft Jet ODBC Driver...

WebPoll in C#     
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WebPoll in C# is implemented as a User Control in a Vs.Net Beta2 project. The database behind the control is SQL Server, but it could easily be moved to Access. I needed a WebPoll for my site, saw one done on AspToday in VBScript for regular ASP. I made a few modifications and converted the project to .Net and C#....

Changing ForeColor via FromName     
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Sometimes you will want to dynamically change the forecolor of a label or other control. You can do this by using the FromName method of the system.drawing namespace....

ADO.NET : Migrating from beta 1 to beta 2     
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In this article you will see how ADO.NET has changed from Beta 1 to Beta 2 to make migrating existing code an easier process. Specifically. If you didn't get a chance to work with ADO.NET in Beta 1 but have "classic" ADO experience, you'll be happy to know that many classes found in ADO are also found in ADO.NET. However, ADO.NET introduces several new classes that allow shortcomings found in "classic" ADO to be overcome such as referencing multiple data sources, managing hierarchical data.....

Sending Email via ASP.NET and CDONTS     
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A Simple example to learn the easy way of sending email from an ASP.Net Page....

ASP+ versus ASP     
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We''ve all heard about ASP+ now, Microsoft''s next generation of Active Server Pages. ASP+ is a complete rework of ASP from the ground up. This isn''t just an incremental release. (For a more complete description, check out this ASP 101 article.) ASP+ is part of Microsoft''s evolving new architecture, .NET, which promises some very interesting new technologies that will make life easier for everyone. With all this hype around the new technology though, there hasn''t been much talk.....

Handling Control Events     
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Both the ASP.NET HTML controls and Web controls raise events. You can write subroutines that handle these events. For example, you can write a subroutine that adds form data to a database table when a user clicks a button. Or, you can display detailed information for a particular book title when a user selects an item from a Dropdown list....

Displaying Data in a ListBox Web Control     
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This simple sample example shows you how to show a column dable in a ListBox control. I 've used norhtwind.mdb Access 2000 database comes with Office 2000. ListBox is generally used to display one or multiple columns. In this sample example, I'd show the contents of "FirstName" column of "Employees" table....

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