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What Is XSLT     
Total Hits: 113  |  Today: 0Author: John Patrick Philip      Rating:  
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XSLT is a very big topic that can't possibly be covered in a single chapter, you have been exposed to some of the more important aspects of the language that will get you started transforming XML documents in ASP.NET applications. XSLT provides a cross-platform, language-independent solution that can used to transform XML documents into a variety of structures.The .NET platform provides several classes developed specifically for doing XSLT transformations, including the XslTransform and XPathDoc...

Performance Comparison of XslTransform Inputs     
Total Hits: 194  |  Today: 0Author: Daniel Stefanescu      Rating:  
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To transform XML into HTML for use on a Web site or to transform it into a document that contains only the fields required you could use the XSLTransform class (found in the System.Xml.Xsl namespace). The XSL transformation uses as input document an XML document through three classes which implements XPathNavigator and IXPathNavigable interface: XmlDocument, XmlDataDocument and XPathDocument....

XQuery 1.0: An XML Query Language     
Total Hits: 131  |  Today: 0Author: W3C      Rating:  
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XML is an extremely versatile markup language, capable of labeling the information content of diverse data sources including structured and semi-structured documents, relational databases, and object repositories. A query language that uses the structure of XML intelligently can express queries across all these kinds of data, whether physically stored in XML or viewed as XML via middleware. Because query languages have traditionally been designed for specific kinds of data, most existing proposa...

Getting the Most Out of XML with XPath     
Total Hits: 187  |  Today: 0Author: Jack D. Herrington      Rating:  
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If you struggle sometimes with XML's complex tree structure and syntax, you'll want to get your hands on (and your head around) XPath. XPath makes it as easy to view and query XML data as it is to work with a basic file structure. Find out what this simple tool can do for you....

XML Syntax     
Total Hits: 47  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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The syntax rules of XML are very simple and very strict. The rules are very easy to learn, and very easy to use.Because of this, creating software that can read and manipulate XML is very easy....

XML Parser     
Total Hits: 28  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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This article explains about the XML Parser.To read and manipulate XML documents, you need an XML parser....

How can XML be Used?     
Total Hits: 105  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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It is important to understand that XML was designed to store, carry, and exchange data. XML was not designed to display data....

Code Documentation in .NET     
Total Hits: 24  |  Today: 0Author: Steven Swafford      Rating:  
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Documenting your code in .NET is much easier than you might expect. In this article, Steven Swafford discusses the XML documentation tags recommended by Microsoft, and shows how to put these tags to use. By taking the time to document your code, not only will you and others be able to clearly understand the code and utilize features such as IntelliSense, you will also be able to employ third-party tools such as NDoc to generate professional-looking MSDN-style documentation. This article also loo...

Programmatically using ADO.NET and XML     
Total Hits: 78  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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With ADO.NET, a database can be regarded as a virtual XML document. XPath query and XSLT transformation are naturally available...

Simply SOAP     
Total Hits: 65  |  Today: 0Author: Microsoft Corporation      Rating:  
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When SOAP is described as a communications protocol, most people think of Component Object Model (COM) or Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) and start asking questions like, "How does SOAP do object activation?" or "What naming service does SOAP use?". While a SOAP implementation will probably include these things, the SOAP standard doesn't specify them. SOAP is a specification that defines the XML format for messages, and that's about it for the required parts of the spec. If you...

What is SOAP     
Total Hits: 159  |  Today: 0Author: Bob Tabor      Rating:  
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Wondering what SOAP is and what it does? SOAP stands for "Simple Object Access Protocol." Our exclusive SOAP Flash movie provides you with an overview to help you to understand how this technology works. So grab a bag of popcorn and get comfortable -- because the movie is about to start....

A closer look at SOAP     
Total Hits: 119  |  Today: 0Author: Brett McLaughlin      Rating:  
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In this Soapbox opinion piece, Brett McLaughlin casts a critical eye on the Simple Object Access Protocol, assessing the value this much-discussed new technology can provide developers and demonstrating its foundation in a mixture of the old RPC (remote procedure calls) technology and in XML. Brett examines RPC, XML-RPC, RMI, and SOAP in detail, comparing and contrasting the use of each, and discusses whether SOAP makes sense. This article also includes sample code for a SOAP envelope....

XSLT Stylesheets on Client Side     
Total Hits: 115  |  Today: 0Author: perfectxml      Rating:  
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This article shows how to use XSLT on the client side to transform XML into HTML. More specifically, we'll look at the following examples:
1-Associating Stylesheets with XML documents
2-Simplified Syntax for XSLT Stylesheet
3-Using JScript to Apply the Transformation
4-XML Data Islands and XSLT
5-Visual Basic .NET Client Application and XSLT...

Using XSLT to produce SVG     
Total Hits: 181  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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Using XSLT to produce a simple graph from XML data....

XML Best Practices for SQL Server Yukon     
Total Hits: 27  |  Today: 0Author: Microsoft      Rating:  
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This document provides guidelines for XML data modeling and usage in SQL Server? "Yukon." Some examples are provided to illustrate the ideas. To get the most from this paper, readers should have a......

Insert XML Files into Databases Using Xml2OleDb     
Total Hits: 161  |  Today: 0Author: aspalliance      Rating:  
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Have you ever wanted to add your XML data files into a database? Xml2OleDb will demonstrate how easy ASP.NET makes it to add XML data to any OleDb database including SQL Server, Access, Excel, Visual FoxPro, FoxPro, and dBase....

Editing XML Files with Microsoft Excel     
Total Hits: 26  |  Today: 0Author: aspalliance      Rating:  
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With all the talk about integrating XML into business applications you would think that at least one of these programs would allow you to edit XML without coding the HTML tags. Well, you're right Microsoft Excel 2003 can do it for you....

A Calendar, using the XSelerator's datetime library     
Total Hits: 159  |  Today: 0Author: Dimitre Novatchev      Rating:  
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This is a full-blown Calendar XSLT application, demonstrating the ways to use the datetime library, distributed with XSelerator....

What is XML and how to write XML?     
Total Hits: 57  |  Today: 0Author: Irfan Mansha      Rating:  
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In this article we will learn XML technology applying XML Patterns. These patterns represent best design techniques to write XML documents. The major emphasis of the article is to understand and grasp the concept of structure because I think; concept of the structure is the backbone of XML technology. We will also see Object-Oriented approach to write XML structure....

An XSL Calculator using the FXSL Functional Programming Library     
Total Hits: 74  |  Today: 0Author: Dimitre Novatchev      Rating:  
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Described is the implementation of a simple calculator, an interactive XSLT application controlled by a single XSLT transformation. This snippet shows two techniques...

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