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XML on a Chip     
Total Hits: 111  |  Today: 0Author: Jimmy Zhang      Rating:  
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When people talk about the overhead of XML, it is usually one of these two things: verbosity and performance. XML is designed to be the data exchange format for Web applications, and verbosity of XML is a cost that comes with many of its core benefits, such as platform independence and human readability. Fortunately, bandwidth and disk storage are both being commoditized rapidly. For example, many enterprise data centers are starting to see the deployment of 10Gbit Ethernet at the core of the ne...

Will Your Next Web Application Be a Google Gadget?     
Total Hits: 74  |  Today: 0Author: Alessandro Lacava      Rating:  
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Since AJAX first appeared, developer interest in JavaScript has increased exponentially—and toolsets for building functionality in JavaScript have burgeoned as well. One of the latest tools for JavaScript-related development is Google Gadgets. Many web sites already provide gadgets built with the Google tools, and you can, too. This article shows you how to develop a Google Gadget that fetches DevX RSS feeds and displays them to the user....

Java theory and practice: screen-scraping with XQuery     
Total Hits: 188  |  Today: 0Author: Brian Goetz      Rating:  
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While XQuery was designed for querying large document bases, it's a fine tool for transforming simple documents as well. XQuery is a W3C standard for extracting information from XML documents, currently spanning 14 working drafts. While the majority of interest in XQuery is centered around querying large bases of semi-structured document data, XQuery can be surprisingly effective for some much more mundane uses as well. XQuery was designed for extracting data from potentially very large XML data...

RPC/Literal and Freedom of Choice     
Total Hits: 61  |  Today: 0Author: Yasser Shohoud      Rating:  
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See why the SOAP messaging format you use for your Web service doesn't necessarily determine the programming model you use. Learn more about SOAP messaging formats and decoupling the message format from the programming model...

Secure, Reliable, Transacted Web Services: Architecture and Composition     
Total Hits: 71  |  Today: 0Author: Microsoft      Rating:  
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Today Web services—specifically distributed services that process XML-encoded SOAP messages, sent over HTTP, and described using Web Services Description Language (WSDL)—are being deployed broadly. (The terms XML, SOAP, and HTTP are in common use today and in many respects their use has moved beyond their original acronyms. For completeness these acronyms are listed here: XML—eXtensible Markup Language, SOAP—Simple Object Access Protocol, and HTTP—HyperText Transfer Protocol.) Web services are u...

Securing Web Services with WSE 2.0     
Total Hits: 51  |  Today: 0Author: Aaron Skonnard      Rating:  
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Beginning this month, The XML Files will run under the name Service Station. We have made this change so that the column can discuss broader topics such as Web services, service-oriented architecture, and the like.
In the August 2004 issue, I gave you an introductory tour of the various new and improved features in Web Services Enhancements for Microsoft® .NET (WSE) 2.0. This month I'll take you on a tour of the WSE 2.0 security features and show you how to automate security code with declara...

Extend the ASP.NET WebMethod Framework by Adding XML Schema Validation     
Total Hits: 70  |  Today: 0Author: Aaron Skonnard and Dan Sullivan      Rating:  
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WebMethods make the development of XML Web Services easier by encapsulating a good deal of functionality, but there is still a lot of underlying XML processing that you have to be responsible for. For example, WebMethods do not validate messages against the implied schema. Because they are not validated, the response that's returned can result in unintended consequences. To address this, the authors extend the WebMethod framework by adding XML Schema validation through a custom SoapExtension cla...

Merging XML Files, Schema Validation, and More     
Total Hits: 24  |  Today: 0Author: Aaron Skonnard      Rating:  
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Q How can I merge the contents of multiple XML files into one?
Q Is it possible to validate an XML document against an XML Schema definition embedded within a Web Services Description Language (WSDL) document?
Q What are the best techniques for managing Web Service references in client applications?...

Web Services Encoding and More     
Total Hits: 78  |  Today: 0Author: Aaron Skonnard      Rating:  
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Q What's the difference between document/literal and rpc/encoded Web Services? What's the history behind them?
Q In ASP.NET, how can I attach an image to a SOAP message using Direct Internet Message Encapsulation (DIME)?
Q How do you load a string of XML into the contents of a specific node using the System.Xml DOM of the Microsoft .NET Framework?...

XML Namespace Collisions, XmlNodeList and Deserialization, and More     
Total Hits: 26  |  Today: 0Author: Aaron Skonnard      Rating:  
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Q I am developing a public Web Service that will provide a single interface to all of my organization's internal systems. As a result, I have built several intermediary Web Services that, in turn, get wrapped by the public Web Service. If I use the same class name in any of these Web Services, I get an error when browsing to the WSDL file although it compiles just fine. How do I resolve this?
Q I'm working on a Web Service and want to return a nodeset from one of its methods. I had originally...

WS-Policy and WSE 2.0 Assertion Handlers     
Total Hits: 10  |  Today: 0Author: Aaron Skonnard      Rating:  
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Back in the July and August 2003 issues of MSDN® Magazine, Dan Sullivan and I covered various Web services validation techniques. We highlighted the fact that the ASP.NET Web services framework (ASMX) does not perform XML Schema validation on incoming messages and we illustrated the types of problems that can occur as a result. (Take a look at the end of this column for the URLs of these pieces.)

Even with XML Schema validation, however, there are a variety of business rules that cannot b...

XML Report from the Microsoft PDC 2003     
Total Hits: 8  |  Today: 0Author: Aaron Skonnard      Rating:  
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This issue marks three years of The XML Files. As I reminisce over my personal XML journey and how simply it all began, I'm astonished at how firmly rooted XML is in today's software development landscape. I always said "XML will change the world," but only after reflection did I realize that it has actually happened.
XML was everywhere at the November 2003 PDC. There weren't many sessions that didn't at least mention XML or some other new "X" technology. Although Microsoft has always been a ...

An XML Overview Towards Understanding SOAP     
Total Hits: 115  |  Today: 0Author: Scott Seely      Rating:  
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This article explains what you need to know about XML in order to understand SOAP. You will learn the basics about Uniform Resource Identifers, XML, XML Schema, and XML Namespaces...

XML, SOAP, and Binary Data     
Total Hits: 48  |  Today: 0Author: Microsoft      Rating:  
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This white paper discusses the architectural issues encountered when using opaque non-XML data in XML applications, including (but not limited to) Web services and SOAP....

Techniques for Contract-First Development     
Total Hits: 91  |  Today: 0Author: Aaron Skonnard      Rating:  
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In my May 2005 column, I discussed contract-first development and appropriate times to use it (see Service Station: Contract-First Service Development). In this second part, I'm going to focus on some techniques for contract-first development within the ASMX framework. I'll look at various tools that come with the Microsoft® .NET Framework and Visual Studio® .NET, as well as some useful third-party tools. I'll also discuss an interesting hybrid technique that offers a nice compromise between int...

What Is XML and Why Should I Care?     
Total Hits: 173  |  Today: 0Author: Tony Stewart      Rating:  
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In this presentation I walk through the key components, explaining each one and showing how they are relevant to us as developers and information application designers. By the end of the session, participants will have a basic understanding of the key standards - XML, XSL, XML-Schema, DOM, SAX, Namespaces, XLink - and their related technologies, and will know how these standards are used in the different categories of XML applications that are being developed today....

Using the .NET SoapFormatter     
Total Hits: 230  |  Today: 0Author: TopXML      Rating:  
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One of the hot, new technologies in the .NET Framework are is the support of the SOAP protocol. Contrary to a common perception, SOAP is not limited to WebServices or the internet. The protocol is designed to work over a number of different transport mechanisms, email or message queuing for example. Building applications communicating over the SOAP protocol with the .NET Framework is not limited to ASP.NET either. The .NET Framework offers another solution to create and process SOAP messages ind...

Programmatically using ADO.NET and XML     
Total Hits: 73  |  Today: 0      Rating:  
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With ADO.NET, a database can be regarded as a virtual XML document. XPath query and XSLT transformation are naturally available...

Insert XML Files into Databases Using Xml2OleDb     
Total Hits: 157  |  Today: 0Author: aspalliance      Rating:  
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Have you ever wanted to add your XML data files into a database? Xml2OleDb will demonstrate how easy ASP.NET makes it to add XML data to any OleDb database including SQL Server, Access, Excel, Visual FoxPro, FoxPro, and dBase....

Editing XML Files with Microsoft Excel     
Total Hits: 22  |  Today: 0Author: aspalliance      Rating:  
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With all the talk about integrating XML into business applications you would think that at least one of these programs would allow you to edit XML without coding the HTML tags. Well, you're right Microsoft Excel 2003 can do it for you....

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